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Best Window Curtain Ideas for Your Living Room

Curtains are one of those accessories that barely get the praise they deserve for the impressive role they play in home decoration. It's incredible how much transformation a single piece of fabric – a curtain – can bring to a room. Either they’re setting the tone for the room or complementing other decorative pieces - curtains are limitless – they simply make everything click.

Due to the sheer variety of options available, picking a curtain with the ideal color, prints, texture, and quality for your living room can be quite confusing. For something so crucial to your home decoration, it is important to get it right on the first trial, because a single mistake can ruin everything. In this short guide, we'll be discussing curtains and how to pick the perfect one for your living room. 

How to Choose Curtains for Your Living Room

For your living room curtain, always have in mind that functionality comes first. Except they’re strictly for decoration, the primary purpose of every curtain is to provide privacy and control the amount of light coming into the room. So here are a few things to consider before choosing a drape for your home:

Fabric is Key for Privacy

Luxe Weavers Window Panels Curtain fabric

One of the main considerations for choosing a curtain fabric is privacy. Pretty sure you don't want neighbors peeping through the window, do you? Do you want a blackout curtain or one that let some natural light through? Once you've figured this out, you're halfway through choosing the perfect curtain.

Curtain fabrics provide varying degrees of opacity ranging from sheer, which block out direct sunlight but still let plenty of natural light through, to opaque, which provides more privacy with little natural light.

Color & Pattern are Equally Important

The color of your drape can either ruin or enhance your living room decoration. Ideally, the curtain colors should either match the walls and furniture or contrast them to create a focus. Another thing about the color of your curtain is that it can determine the amount of natural light that comes into the living room. curtains with lighter colors would let more light through, while those with darker shades will prevent light from coming in.

On Length & Width

Luxe Weavers Window Panels Curtain

Window length and width may vary, but to ensure they all have a cohesive look, the curtain size, length, and width must be uniform. Measure the window’s length from the top of the window to the tip of the floor. Then, measure the width and add about six inches to both sides to ensure the curtains covers the window frame when closed or sit outside it when opened.

On Ease of Maintenance

Curtains, like any other home accessories, need to be washed and given proper maintenance at intervals to ensure their longevity. Ideally, curtains should be washed every 3-6 months, but some fabrics are easier to maintain than others. That's not all, some fabrics can retain their shape, color, and texture better than others after washing.

5 Window Curtain Ideas

So after choosing fabric for your living room, here are five trendy window curtain ideas to transform your interior from shabby-looking to the envy of visitors.

  1. Sheer White Curtains

For rooms lacking windows, choose sheer white curtains for maximum illumination. Let them stretch from the floor up to the ceiling, and they will keep the room from feeling damp and lonely.

  1. Curtains as Decorative Backdrop

You can use a hero pattern curtain to introduce print, color, texture, and style to your living room. This can be used to make a design statement with this – such that it works as a backdrop to the rest of the theme and create a harmonious look.

  1. Floor to Ceiling

Floor-to-ceiling works well not only by creating height illusions but also by keeping the place clean, simple, and aesthetically pleasing. This is best served by using the curtain to complement the wall colors to create a cohesive look.

  1. The Fun Trim

If you don't want to go overboard with colors in a neutral space but still want a little pop of excitement, choose curtains with printed trim and a neutral base to soften things up. 

  1. Short Curtains

They may not be in vogue anymore, but hanging your curtain at the midpoint of the window will create a visually intriguing look in your living room. This will not only ensure privacy, but it will also help to keep things simple and stylish.

Window Curtains for Bedroom

Luxe Weavers Window Panels Curtain

Like in the sitting room, window curtains can make a major design statement in the bedroom. Not only do they provide privacy from neighbors, but they also add warmth and make your room look stylish and elegant. 

What Are Window Panel Curtain?

These curtain panels are four-sided fabrics, helmed at the bottom, and used to frame a window. They’re made of double layers of fabrics and placed over a cotton rod which may extend to the floor or windowsill. 


Curtains, as we now know are not only capable of beautifying your space, but can also ensure privacy and filter the amount of sunlight coming into your living room. Hence, the need to get it right or risk ruining your home decor. While you should choose according to your need and preference, make sure to consider the factors we just shared. Thereafter, go ahead to choose from our list of affordable top quality window panels from different areas of your home.

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Area rug in the laundry room

7 Uncommon Spots to Transform with an Area Rug at Home

Who doesn’t want the living room and other parts of their home transformed by the magical powers of area rugs? Besides being able to inject necessary color into an otherwise bland room and make a room either feel bigger or smaller, rugs also have the power to unify even the most disjointed environment.

When it comes to rug placement in homes, the living rooms and the bedrooms are usually the first on our minds. However, in this guide, we'll discuss seven other unusual spots you can brighten up with a rug.

The truth is, there's nothing like "too much rug."

  • Does your hallway feel empty? Install an area rug there.
  • Do you need extra warmth at your bedside? Add a rug!
  • Want to make your corridor feel more homely? Place a rug there.

Now, let's walk you through some of the commonly overlooked places to brighten up with a rug.

  1. The Closet
Area rug in a closet

This is one of the most unconventional spots to place a rug in the home. But there's no harm in trying, you know? You might be wondering "isn't there enough or too many items in the closet already”? Since rugs are known to add a calming and refreshing touch, you might as well consider placing one in your closet.

If you have a walk-in closet, consider throwing in a runner or area rug size like 3' x 5' or 4' x 6' to spice things up a little. Placing an area rug will add just the right amount of polish, plus an extra warm cushioning for your underfoot.

  1. The Bedside
Area Rug in a bedroom

It’s not unpopular to find rugs in the bedroom, and we believe that every foot that leaves the comfort of the bed in the morning should land on the warm, soft pile of an area rug. Whether your bedroom floor is bare or you already have a large area rug or wall-to-wall carpet placed there, you should consider having a small rug on your bedside. A small or accent rug of medium pile height with fluffy texture will add an extra layer of warmth and comfort to your underfoot after getting out of bed.

  1. Laundry Room
Area rug in a laundry room

Because laundry rooms are dedicated to washing clothes does not mean they don’t deserve to look great, too. At least if you're going to be doing the somewhat tedious task of sorting, washing, and folding laundry, you should do it in a comfortable place. Placing an area rug next to your utilitarian machines will make your laundry room more stylish and comfortable.

  1. The stairs
Area rug on a staircase

The extra comfort and elegance provided by a runner will instantly make your stair and home, in general, seem like a royal abode. Luckily, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get one for your home. Runners come in various sizes, colors, and design such that you can find one that fit your stairs and match the décor theme in your home.

Also, you don’t need a pro designer to pull off this chic move, it’s a DIY project you can do with your family on a less busy day.

  1. On the Deck

Outdoor spaces like balconies, decks, and porches are part of the home and deserve to look good, too. And how best do you make an outdoor space look beautiful and at the same time feel homely? Simply add a rug – and boom – your deck is no longer the boring outdoor space no one wants to visit.

We recommend going specifically for rugs that are built for outdoor use, which are mold – stain -and moisture-resistant.

  1. Under the Kitchen Island

We consider the kitchen island an essential component of small kitchens. If you happen to have one, you should consider placing an accent rug beneath it to give your kitchen that finished and stylish look. An additional accent rug may not be necessary if you already have a runner in your kitchen, but if not a small rectangular low-pile rug would be a good fit.

Since kitchens are notorious for food and drink spills, ensure the rug you're buying is one that's easy to clean. One you can easily throw in the washing machine to clean.

  1. Framing the Coffee Table

f you ever feel like your living room needs an extra touch of beauty, add an extra layer of rugs. Place a small rug on top of your existing carpet to frame and highlight the coffee table. It's a quick way to spice things up in your living room without disrupting your existing style.

And that's it!. Now, you can confidently install beautiful area rugs in other uncommon parts of your home to add more life and glam to your home. While you are here, shop form our rich collections of modern area rugs today.




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Luxe Weavers Shag Rug

5 Simple Ways to Clean Your Shag Rug and Keep It Sparkling New

Shag rugs are more popular now than when they were newly introduced due to their ability to introduce plush and retro ambiance into a space. They offer both comfort and aesthetics whenever they're deployed in a place. Shag rugs have long piles with a fluffy and shaggy appearance, which makes them seem ideal for areas with heavy foot traffic and a high risk of spills.

While shag rugs are generally loved for their fascinating appearance, cleaning and maintaining them have proven to be a challenge for many owners. Due to their unique nature, you must be intentional about your shag rugs because cleaning them like other regular carpets can damage them.

But here’s the good news – cleaning your shag rugs isn’t as difficult as it seems, you just need to know how to go about it. That’s why we have highlighted below - 5 simple ways to clean your precious shag rug and keep it sparkling new always.

What You’ll Need
To get your shag rug in that clean and sparkling state you desire, you need some equipment or tools as well as a few materials.

Tools / Equipment

  1. Shaggy rug brush
  2. Vacuum cleaner
  3. Carpet rake
  4. Broom
  5. Sponge mop
  6. Microfiber towel
  7. Plastic tarp
  8. Small bowl
  9. Materials
  10. Baking Soda
  11. Dry carpet shampoo
  12. Mild dishwashing liquid
Luxe Weavers Shag Rug

5 Simple Ways to Wash a Fluffy Rug

There are several ways or methods to get your shag rug in top shape depending on dirty it is. Below are a few recommended methods:

1. Shake or Beat It Up
Beating or shaking up your shag rug is a great way to clean it. This method is great for getting rid of dust, sand, hairs, and other particles from your rug. This method is ideal for small and medium-sized rugs that are not stained or require thorough cleaning.
For a small rug

  • carefully pack it, take it outdoor, and shake or beat it against the wall to remove dirt.

For larger rugs

  • lay the shag rug over a rail to support its weight.
  • Beat the rug repeatedly with a broom to get rid of dirt
  • Sundry for a few hours to kill an existing germ.

2. Spot Clean
This method is effective for quickly getting rid of spills and stains before they set or dry so you don’t have to wash the entire rug.

  • Use a towel to soak the spill before it goes deep into the carpet.
  • Mix water and some detergent to a concentration fair enough to get rid of the stain.
  • Dip a shaggy rug brush into the soapy solution and scrub the affected area gently in a circular motion.
  • Rinse with clean water and allow it to air dry.

3. Dry Bath
Sometimes, vacuuming may not be enough to get rid of all dirt on your shag rug. Take your effort a notch higher by cleaning it with dry carpet shampoo and watch your fluffy rug spring back to life.

  • Vacuum the dirty rug.
  • Sprinkle some dry shampoo on the rug.
  • Use the shaggy rug brush to carefully work the dry shampoo into the fibers.
  • Leave the shampoo on the rug for the period recommended by the manufacturer, usually about 10 minutes or more.
  • Vacuum or shake off the dry shampoo.

4. Steam Clean
Steam cleaning is a great way to give your rug a thorough wash. It is very effective for removing all sorts of odor, dust, dirt, and other particles deeply settled in your shag rug.

  • Vacuum the rug thoroughly.
  • Put some water and mild detergent in the steam cleaner.
  • Run the steam cleaner over the rug, and move it from one end to another until all stains and dirt are removed.
  • Allow the rug to air dry.

5. Hand Wash
You can wash your rug by hand if it’s not dry clean only and you don’t have a steam cleaner. Never use a washing machine as it may damage your precious carpet.

  • Vacuum the rug thoroughly
  • Fill the tub with water and add detergent as appropriate.
  • Deep the rug in the tub and allow to soak for some minutes.
  • Scrub the rug gently with the brush to remove stains and dirt.
  • Drain the bathtub and rinse the rug with clean water.
  • Wring out as much water as possible.
  • Place the rug outside or in a well-ventilated area to air dry.
Luxe Weavers Shag Rug

How to Vacuum Shag Rug

Although rug vacuuming is a common practice, most people don't know how to do it properly, especially when it comes to shag rugs. Below are the steps to follow to properly vacuum your shag rug
1. Start by shaking out your rug for a fuller clean.
2. Use a recommended vacuuming machine for your shag rug.
3. Set the vacuum to the highest setting so that the high rug pile doesn’t get stuck in the machine.
4. Vacuum the rug thorough until all dirt is removed.
5. Turn the rug over and vacuum it as well.

How to Deep Clean a Shag Rug

If your shag rug is too dirty or stained to be cleaned by regular methods, it may be the perfect time to give it a deep clean. We'll recommended you hire a professional carpet cleaning agency to help bring your shag rug back to life.

You may end up ruining your shag rug by attempting to carry out a deep clean it without proper knowledge. You will have to pay a few bucks for the service, but it would be worth it. 

Need a shag rug? Shop our stain-resistant top quality polypropylene shag rugs today.

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Why Moroccan Rugs Are Trendy in 2022

Why Moroccan Rugs Are Trendy in 2022

In 2022, rugs  are enjoying a renaissance like never before. And guess what's leading the pack? Moroccan rugs and other carpets with ethnic designs.

In recent times, lots of rug lovers and enthusiasts have been using furniture and rugs to enhance their spaces and put a touch of ethnicity in their homes. And more recent, modern Moroccan rugs boast beautiful colors, intricate patterns, and wear an aura of elegance making them a must-have for every ethnic rug lover.

Although more pricey, Moroccan rugs have become increasingly available and popular than ever before with demands surging for both the hand-made and machine-made versions of the traditional rug.

You want to know why Moroccan rugs are trendy in 2022? Read on to find out why you should purchase one for your home.

What Is a Moroccan Style Rug?

A Moroccan rug, like the name implies, is a high-pile fabric floor covering that originates from Morocco and is woven by the indigenous traditional people. It is made primarily from wool which is responsible for its super soft and comfy texture.

The lush feel, relaxing colors, and unique intricate patterns are what make the Moroccan hand-knotted woolen rugs different from other traditional and modern carpets.

Initially, Moroccan wool area rugs were used to represent the highest level of luxury and so valued that they were only used in palaces and other sacred places.

Types of Moroccan rugs

Moroccan wool area rug features highly captivating designs which makes them both trendy and traditional at the same time. One of the biggest misconceptions about the Moroccan rug is that it lacks variety. However, there are dozens, if not hundreds of Moroccan rugs featuring various designs and a wide array of colors, thicknesses, patterns, sizes, and weaving styles. Here are some of the most common types of Moroccan rugs:

Azilal Rugs

The Azilal rugs originate from the high Atlas Mountains and are often considered as the modern version of the Moroccan rugs. They feature bright and playful colors that exude a certain type of mysterious beauty that endears them to everyone.

The Azilal type of Moroccan area rug appears simple with a thin and tangled weave created from the natural wool fiber. These rugs are soft, elegant, and comfortable with their theme or patterns symbolizing family histories.

Boucherouite Rugs

The Boucherouites are the most unique and intriguing type of Moroccan area rugs available. They are not the usual “wool knotted” Moroccan rugs but are made using old fabrics and scrap materials like cotton, lurex, and nylon.

The Boucherouites are quite heavy given all the materials that go into their products but are easy to wash and rarely get faded. Additionally, these rugs have a variety of patterns and are exceptionally soft, cozy, and beautiful.

Boujad Rugs

Boujad rugs are mostly available in deep red, pink, purple, and orange hues, but can also be found in blue tints at times. These hand-knotted low – medium piled Moroccan rugs are full of colors crafted from natural dyes of flowers, leaves, henna, and berries. Also, Boujad rugs feature various patterns ranging from geometric to symbols like a diamond, stars, squares, etc.

Beni Mguild Rugs

The Beni Mguild Moroccan rugs are soft and fluffy with thicker weaves, making them a great choice for use in winter and areas with predominantly cold climates. These rugs have two sides – the thick weave side for cold periods and the flat surface for summer and warm seasons.

The Beni Mguild Moroccan rugs are not only versatile but also come in a variety of shades like blue, red, brown, and purple.

Kilim Rugs

The kilim Moroccan rugs are always flat-weaved but often come in different styles to suit different home themes or arrangements. They don’t weigh much; hence, are easy to spread and also pack up.

And if we’re talking about styles, colors, and patterns, the kilims rugs are up there with the best of the Moroccan bunch. You should consider it if you want a rug that’s comfy, durable, and easy to clean without breaking the bank.

The Best Modern Moroccan Rugs

Modern Moroccan rugs are machine-made rather than handmade like their traditional counterparts. However, this has in no way made them less authentic because they tick every box of what a proper Moroccan rug looks like. They come in alluring colors, intriguing and intricate patterns, soft and lush pile texture, etc., Modern Moroccan rugs have not lost any charm or style.

Below are some of the trendiest Moroccan rugs in 2022:

  1. Trellis 3028 Moroccan Area Rug
Luxe Weavers Moroccan Rug

The Luxe Weaver Moroccan Trellis modern area rug features a gorgeous and widely-popular design with a classy neutral gray and white color pallet. This highly durable piece is perfect for every home.

  1. Ibiza 8066 Moroccan Geometric Area Rug
Luxe Weavers Moroccan Rug

This Boho-chic rug comes in various sizes and features a braided fringe and bold patterns with blue of black hues to give your home a stylish and adorable look. Resistant to stain, easy to clean, and kid-friendly - this machine-woven fabric rug is a must-have for your home.

     3. Incas 562 Moroccan Tribal Area Rug

Luxe Weavers Moroccan Rug

The Luxe Weaver Incas Moroccan Tribal area rug is everything you want in a floor cover and more. Its perfect blend of geometric and Southwestern design with neutral cream and blue hues will instantly transform anywhere you place it in your home.

     4. Ibiza 8067 Moroccan Geometric Area Rug

Luxe Weavers Moroccan Rug

Create a warm, welcoming feeling in your home with the Luxe Weaver Ibiza Moroccan geometric area rug. This tribal-inspired floor cover adds style and character to your home with its diamond patterns and neutral color scheme.

     5. Hampstead 5623 Moroccan Area Rug

Luxe Weavers Moroccan Rug

The Luxe Weaver Hampstead 5623 Moroccan Area Rug is an exquisite, elegant, and beautiful modern rug, capable of adding the perfect finishing touch to any part of your home. Affordable and refined, this new Moroccan rug can add genuine class and style to your home.

There you go! Join the trend. Discover why many new homeowners are choosing to stick with Moroccan rugs in 2022. We are positive you’d find it exciting.



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Luxe Weavers Rug

How to Create the Perfect Outdoor Seating Area with Rugs

As the temperature rises and summer draws closer, getting the perfect outdoor space slowly becomes the worry of many people. One way to lessen your worry and be one step closer to having a perfect outdoor space is to introduce outdoor area rugs.

In recent times, the outdoor rug market has experienced a boom due to its exceptional qualities and ability to withstand the elements. Besides being able to transform your space into a beauty haven, outdoor rugs can also bring unity to outdoor spaces like a patio, screen porch, or balcony.

In this guide you'll learn all about outdoor rugs and how you can use them to create the perfect outdoor seating and entertainment area this summer.

Luxe weavers rug

Know Your Outdoor Rug

Outdoor rugs not only make your outdoor spaces more visually appealing, but they also help define spaces and make them feel just as livable and comfortable as the ones inside.

Although outdoor rugs are crafted from several excellent materials, polypropylene is often considered the best fit for this job. Polypropylene outdoor rugs have a similar appearance as natural fibers, but unlike natural fibers, they can absorb water. However, polypropylene will not grow mold or mildew when exposed to water nor fade in direct sunlight. This makes them well-suited for the outdoors like balcony, poolside, patio, etc.

Furthermore, most outdoor rugs are easy to clean and maintain, thereby, increasing their durability.

Stylish Ways to Highlight Your Space with an Outdoor Rug

Here are some stylish ways to spice up your space with an outdoor floor covering.

  1. Place A Rug Under the Table Freshen up your outdoor eating area with a bold, colorful, and waterproof outdoor rug. One of the benefits of this is that you can easily pull out the hose and wash your rug in case of a spill.
  2. Add Pattern and Color to Spaces – The color, theme, and pattern of an outdoor rug can bring instant beauty to space however big or small. You can use the rug to set the theme or tone of a space or use it to compliment the already existing ones.
  3. Define or Designate Spaces – You can use an outdoor rug to define your outdoor spaces and designate zones to different activities. Create a conversation area by placing furniture around your outdoor area rug.
  4. Make It Comfier by Going Big – If you have enough space, consider using a large area rug to add more comfort to your outdoor. Take advantage of the scale and warmth of the outdoor rug to make your patio or balcony feel more like an indoor living area.
  5. Use Outdoor Rugs on Walkways – one rule of thumb used by design professionals to warm up supposedly neglected spaces is to place runners on hallways. This can also be applied to your patios or balcony. You can bring warmth and interest to a narrow walkway connecting two areas of your deck or patio by adding an outdoor rug,
  6. Less is More – If your space or budget won’t allow for a large outdoor rug, choosing a smaller floor covering with a great design is better than having nothing at all. A smaller piece like the outdoor rugs 5x7 can be the difference-maker in your outdoor space.

5 Areas You Need an Outdoor Rug

  1. The Porch

The porch is an extension of the inside of your home. Although pouches are covered, the driving rain, humidity, sunlight, and other elements could still manage to get inside them. That’s why it is necessary to get an outdoor rug that’s resistant to mold, mildew, and moisture.


Adding a waterproof outdoor rug will keep your porch looking as sleek and stylish as possible. We particularly love this idea because it will add a layer of comfort and create a living room feel to your space and make your outdoor experience more enjoyable.

  1. The Balcony

Small spaces like the balcony can make an apartment look or feel bigger. A small or medium-sized outdoor rug can bring much-needed style and comfort to the limited space of a balcony.

Most balconies have a concrete floor that collects lots of dust and makes walking barefooted uncomfortable. Placing an outdoor on such balconies helps create a clean and comfortable surface to walk on.

  1. The Outdoor Living Room

Nothing makes a room as cozy as a rug – so you better go and get yourself an outdoor rug if you don't want your outdoor living room to feel any less. With a sofa, accent chairs, throw pillows and a coffee table; an outdoor rug is the final piece of the puzzle to create that perfect outdoor space.

Put all these in place, and you have a replica of your indoor living room, just that this time, you will be sitting under the sun and fresh air.

  1. The Pool Deck

Having a swimming pool in your backyard is cool, but you know what's cooler? Placing an outdoor rug right beside it in the lounge. Placing an outdoor rug underneath your lounge furniture right beside your swimming pool will give your space that classy and elegant feel.

Additionally, a rug will provide comfort and protection for your feet after sunbathing the day away with loved ones. Just ensure it can completely dry off after every pool time.

  1. The Outdoor Dining Room

One way to make your outdoor dining room feel more welcoming and lived in is to ground it with an outdoor rug. Just make sure the rug is large enough for all your chairs to fit comfortably on it, even when pulled out.

Talk about warming your feet and making your outdoor dining room more inviting and visually appealing, a rug can do it all.


Now, youNow that you’ve learned how to create the perfect summer outdoor sitting area with an outdoor rug, you’d begin to see how they define your space, provide warmth and comfort for your feet, and make your outdoor space look stylish and colorful. Shop from Luxe Weavers' affordable collection of modern rugs to start decorating.


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2022 Area Rug Trends You Should Know

2022 Area Rug Trends You Should Know

It’s a New Year and we know the so many overwhelming factors that come with it. From executing long over-due plans, working on a new resolution, to mapping out a new goal and how to achieve them.

What you should not skip though, is giving your space a facelift. Without letting other things slip, upgrading your home décor with a simple but colorful area rug this 2022 will do a lot of magic. With a rug swap, your room quickly becomes the cynosure of all eyes while enlivening those tired aesthetics.

Thankfully, there’s a rug for everyone – your budget works; and for every home – no matter the size. Here’s what’s rather important: pay attention to every detail. You don't want to sabotage achieving that picture-perfect look you have imagined for your room.

To be right on track, we have discussed some of the latest (2022) area rug trends to adopt. Read on to find out.

  1. Choose a Trendy Rug Material

Ever heard of the saying “foresight is the gateway to maximize wealth”? Well, this applies to choosing the right area rug for your space too. It is important to know the material that’s ideal for your space and environment. For instance, if you are looking for a sustainable and durable area rug for a high traffic area such as a living room, entryway, and hallway, a wool rug or natural fiber rug is the perfect match for you as they are durable and can resist stain perfectly. On the other hand, jute, cotton rugs, or polyester will work well in a low-traffic environment. They are beautiful, soft, and attractive. However, they are not as durable as wool rugs and natural fiber rugs.

  1. Explore Geometric Patterns

Luxe weavers geometric rug 2022

Make a loud and proud statement in your room with geometric patterned area rugs. Geometric patterns are so in right now, they add energy and the right amount of chic to a modern home. Try this rug trend in your living room, bedroom, dining room, and entryways, and watch it introduce a work of art into your space while setting a strong design tone. Geometric area rugs are trendy and modern. You’d find them in different spaces. Although they can be a bit pricey, they are worth the investment.

  1. Make a Bold Statement with a Neutral Option

Decorating with neutrals is very much here to stay. Neutral colors depict versatility, elegance, and longevity that add value to your room. For instance, animal hides blend into your space, delivering the right amount of luxury and personality, while maintaining a neutral palette that helps you combine plain and subtle patterns. Neutral rugs help to keep a consistent flow throughout your home.

  1. Moroccan Area Rugs

Luxe Weavers Moroccan Rug 2022

Moroccan area rugs are made from high-quality pure wool with beautiful designs and vibrant colors to beautify and brighten your space. They introduce class, comfort, and coziness. Their unique appearance commands a sophisticated, luxurious, and matchless outlook in your home. Handmade Moroccan rugs are quite expensive but are worth having.

  1. Vintage Rugs Back in Style

Luxe Weavers Vintage Rug 2022

Vintage rugs will be everywhere this year, no surprises at all. They feature artistic designs, they are durable, provide warmth and enliven your room décor.  Feel free to use vintage rugs from multiple interior décor projects. Their color scheme is endless, so you are sure to find the right color fit for your space.

  1. Rugs in Unlikely Places

The idea of an area rug in your kitchen might seem unnecessary at first thought, but it can be a wonderful way to add color and a bit of pattern to a bland kitchen area. Though you'll want to be careful of stains, an anti-fatigue rug helps to provide cushion for your feet during those long Sunday meal prep hours. You can try a mid-size runner or a distressed vintage piece to ease into the look.

  1. Lay Down Smart Stripes

Striped floor covering, from broad to tick, and pencil stripes make a design statement in any room. Besides its dirt-defying nature that makes it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas, a smart stripe will visually elongate and widen a room. More homeowners are now exploring stripes with different breadths and scales throughout their houses.  Wall-to-wall broad stripes work well for living room rugs. You can layer it or add objects on top to soften the look, while still maintaining a bright and colorful feel to your space.

Installing Your Area Rug

Installing an area rug the wrong way could throw your room off balance, or worse, produce the opposite of what you had earlier imagined.

When installing an area rug for your living room, choose a rug that’s big enough to accommodate all your furniture. If your couch touches the wall on the back, place your rug under it making sure the edges are equal on both sides. This creates an amazing area and helps to avoid scratches that can damage your floor tiles.

If you are installing an area rug under your dining table, make sure to center the rug under the table. The chairs should be inside the rug area making sure they are easy to pull and push when you are using them.

As for bedrooms, place your rug so that some parts of the rug stick out of the bed, or try placing two smaller rugs on both sides of the bed.

There you go! This year, take your home décor game to a whole new level with these latest trends. Start by shopping our new range of geometric area rugs.

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3 Best Ways to Use 9x12 Area Rugs

3 Best Ways to Use 9x12 Area Rugs

Sometimes, getting the perfect area rug for your space might just be the easiest way to go if you truly desire a comfortable zone.

With a 9x12 area rug, you’d introduce life, taste, color, texture, and harmony to your space. 9x12 area rugs undoubtedly give your home a distinct palatial effect – creating an environment you’d always want to come back home to.

However, choosing to buy a premium quality rug with this dimension is as important as understanding how to install it the right way.

In this guide, we’ll discuss where and how to use 9x12 rugs to redesign your home.

9x12 Area Rugs in Living Room

9x12 rug in a living room

Just maybe you have been on a long search for accessories, but you can’t seem to figure out what to fill up the space in your living room, try a 9x12 area rug. You would quickly realize how much elegance large rugs for living rooms can introduce.

A 9x12 area rug is never a wrong call. It helps you to re-fit your living room to your desired taste without having to add to or take out any of your stuff, most especially your furniture. It gives you the liberty to be dynamic when setting up your living room. If you want your living room to appear bigger and spacious, choosing an area rug 9x12 works. Placing an area rug 9x12 partially under your furniture, spread across your room will give your living room a broad, attractive appearance.

On the other hand, placing a 9x12 area rug at the center of your living room with your coffee table nicely placed on it gives your living room a compact but unique look.

9x12 Area Rugs in Dining Room

9x12 rug in a dining room

An area rug in the dining room may not be necessary. But if you’re looking for something to complement your furniture and make the dining area more appealing, then go for an area rug 9x12.

Apart from its aesthetic qualities, 9x12 area rugs in the dining room help to muffle sounds especially since lots of movements happen in the dining room. (moving and adjusting chairs, clattering, and clanging of cutleries and other sounds that could cause distractions). A 9x12 area rug will be just perfect for your dining room as it is large enough to cover the dining area for a sizeable dining room.

To get this right, ensure to add about 60cm on each side of your dining area when measuring your dining room. This allows all four legs of each chair to sit and balance on the rug properly without having to worry about the rugs folding or the chairs staying off balance. Other things that must be put into consideration include the furniture, floor type, rug color, and the possibility of spilling food on the floor in the dining area.

9x12 Area Rugs in Bedroom

9x12 area rug in a bedroom

You may never know what you are missing out on until you have a 9x12 area rug in your bedroom. Area rugs 9x12 go beyond adding color, pattern, or texture to your bedroom. They generally help to increase the receptive outlook of the area. They make the area less boring and make you want to explore your bedroom more. Awesome right?

With a 9x12 area rug in your bedroom, you realize there’s more you can shape your bedroom into rather than just getting in and out of your bed.  

Another plus about having a 9x12 area rug in your bedroom is that it takes your bedroom’s privacy to a whole new level as it muffles sound, footsteps, and allows you to keep movements and activities in the bedroom private.

While creating a warm environment in your bedroom, 9x12 area rugs also create a more inviting space and provide a soft surface for your feet and your body, making it easier to get out of bed when you want to.

When installing a 9x12 area rug for your bedroom, you can either slip it underneath your bed and any furniture around it or give some space between the edge of the rug and the piece of furniture.

Some other Ways to Use Your 9x12 Area Rug

  • Your office space - beautifies your work environment and makes it comfier.
  • Studio apartment - it gives your studio a larger outlook and helps you maintain a functional space.
  • Hallway
  • Foyer - it gives it an inviting and relaxing look.
  • Outdoor events décor.

Put these ideas into practice and watch as you become more dynamic in shaping your space to your desired taste. Start by exploring the Luxe Weavers' beautiful collection of 9x12 area rugs right away.


January 21, 2022 — Ademola Ademiluyi
How to Expertly Decorate with 8x10 Rugs

How to Expertly Decorate with 8x10 Rugs

The 8x10 rug is undoubtedly the most popular rug with its famous versatile designs. It's almost perfect for any room you place it in. No matter the space, it always stands out. It's oftentimes the perfect size, not too large to exaggerate the decoration of your space. It’s also not too small to look bizarre. Little wonder many homeowners prefer going for this size of rug.

It comfortably fits into any space, and it’s fairly affordable, depending on where you are ordering it from. You can also get lucky and buy at a discounted price.

Truth is, In a room, most visitors always pick out the beauty of the rug first, before anything. It anchors the space in the room and creates the right mood. You can place an 8x10 rug in the living room, dining room, bedroom and can also place it in your home office, entryway (if you have a large one), and kitchen, depending on the size. Combining an 8x10 rug with a bench and table in any space would certainly make the area polished and more appealing.

Indeed, installing this size of rug in different strategic places, especially where there’s enough room to fit the rug size creates interior décor magic. Everyone loves 8x10 Rugs.

But how exactly does the magic happen? You’ll find out in the next lines.

luxe weavers 8x10 bedroom rug

Decorating with an 8x10 Rug

Use An 8x10 Rug To Define A Room Space

While most homeowners understand the elementary features such as warmth and cushion that rugs give to the feet and protection from the hard surface floor in your place, rugs do much more than that. Area rugs also help build a sense of intimacy, aura, or division in your room. You should not only consider the shape and size of your rug, you need to factor in the size and shape of the room also, for a perfect fit.

Use Different but Complementary Colors

luxe weavers 8x10 abstract area rug

If you’d like to make use of two area rugs because of your large space or just want to uniquely beautify your room. Select two colors of 8x10 rugs that are quite different but complementary. Examples of these types of colors are dark blue coupled with a bright yellow rug. You can already picture that the outcome would be magical and would also brighten the mood of your room.

Use A Rug Pad with Your New 8x10 Rug

To shield your floor from dirt, and keep your rug in shape, it's important to make use of a good quality rug pad. This rug pad will safeguard your floor from spills, dirt, and any other damages that come from the placement of rugs. The rug pad also stabilizes your 8x10 rug from sliding out of its position, keeping the rug in place, even when people walk on them.

Use two Rugs to Beautify a Larger Space

Got a large space but have no idea of what to do or thinking of getting a larger size rug? Box that idea. Instead, use two 8x10 rugs to fill the large space. It will expressly make your room feel inviting. When installing the two rugs in the room, put them a foot apart. This instantly makes the room seem bigger, enhances the view, and makes it feel cozier.

 Hang an 8x10 Rug on the Wall

Sounds weird to many designers but it's quite artistic. Decorating your wall by hanging an area rug is an easy way to build a focus point in your room. You can hang it almost anywhere, starting from the back of a sofa. You can even lean it against the furniture or lay across the middle of two chairs just like a tablecloth. Depending on what you imagined your room to look like, you can design it with the area rug to make your room feel more intimate.

luxe weavers rug on a wall

...Beautifying Rooms with an 8x10 Rug

For the bedroom, your bed should be centered on the rug. An 8x10 rug is capable of housing a king or a queen-size bed and leaves enough space on the sides of the bed. And if you have a twin bed, put them together side by side, leave some pace in between them, and place the beds on the rug. That would fit in properly.

For additional furniture, like an ottoman or chair anchored to the foot of your bed, make sure to place them on the rug without exceeding its length. You may want to learn more from our guide on Area Rugs Dos and Don'ts . Also, have your 8x10 rug house all your chairs and leave space to make your living room feel cozier. You don't have to place accessories on the rug. Fix them in other areas of the room to avoid littering your rug with items that do not necessarily beautify your space.

There you go! Use one, some, or all these ideas, and watch how an 8x10 rug will help transform your space into an exciting one.


January 14, 2022 — Ademola Ademiluyi
How to Pair a Rug with your Couch

How to Pair a Rug with your Couch

Have you ever heard of the phrase; "You can never go wrong with a rug?" Probably not, and that's because we invented it, but we can prove that it is true. Rugs can be used to beautify any space, literally.

You need to change the setting of your room? Get a rug. You want your visitors to always feel welcomed? Get a foot rug. You want to add a little spice to your rug? Get a rug. You want to beautify your space? You know what to do. It is safe to say that putting a rug in a room can never be overestimated.
Now, putting a rug in your living room means that you get to pair your rug with other pieces of furniture, especially the ones that take a lot of space in the room, like the sofa, couch, and tables.
With many years of experience in interior decor, We've learned that when it comes to creating a cohesive living room look, it's important to get the rug and the couch just right. They are, after all, the two largest pieces in the space! But how to find the perfect combination for your lifestyle and home? We've got you! Below, we'll guide you through the process of how to pair a rug with your couch.

1. Measure the Space

As much as you want your room to look as good as ever, you want to be able to move around without knocking over something or even hurting your little toe. One of the smartest ways to achieve beauty and safety in a room is to measure it. You need to know the size of the room before you know the size of the rug and couch to buy. Yes, the couch, it's not only your rug that needs measurement. So, get a measuring tape, and get ready for the perfect sitting room decor.
The trick to perfect spacing between your rug and your couch is to space them. You don't want your couch overlapping on your rug, it damages it. So, leave at least 6-8" between the rug and the floor on all sides. This will ensure the rug looks intentional in the space. If at all you need to place your furniture on your rug, At least two legs of all main furniture pieces should rest on the rug. rug under couch rules but be careful.

2. Get a Large Rug

Whatever you do to your room, never get a rug that is too small. It goes against the rule of interior decor. As much as you don't want to damage your rug with your furniture, you don't want a small rug. It dampens the magic that the rug adds to the room. To know how to position a rug in the living room, keep reading.
In a standard but fun setting, below are the recommended rug and sofa size pairings:
1. A 6x9' rug pairs best with our 60-80" wide sofas
2. An 8x10' rug pairs best with our 85" or 90" wide sofas or a nice 98" x 98-127" couches
3. A 9x12' rug pairs best with our 90-115" wide couch, 101-119", or a nice 98-105" x 98-136" sofa
4. A 10x14' rug pairs best with our 98-105" x 98-136" sofa.

3. Understand Space Layout

There is nothing as important as space layout when you are trying to pair your rug and your couch. This is very important, especially when you want to place a rug in a small living room. It will help you know the right rug, color, and even texture to buy. Rugs are known to command respect. Your rugs complement your couch and speak of how sophisticated you are. Pairing the rug and the couch is not much of an issue once you understand the measurement and the layout.

4. Find Common Colors

Also, we can't talk about pairing without talking about colors. In cases like this, finding colors for your rug and couch is the easiest way. Simply identify a common color on your rug that's also on your couch, and voilà—you've got the perfect pair! This part can be as fun as you want it to be. Just pick the furniture that you think would match your rug.

January 07, 2022 — Luxe Weavers
Bedroom Rugs - Common Questions Asked

Bedroom Rugs - Common Questions Asked

Bedrooms are known for how comfortable they look and feel. Besides other decors, area rugs contribute massively to the overall appearance of a bedroom. It doesn't matter the size of the rug - large or small, an area rug can bring beauty to the aesthetics of your bedroom.

However, the hurdles of sketching out the Internet, searching for the perfect bedroom rug to place in your home can be quite draining.  So, here are some common questions that a lot of home owners have asked about bedroom rugs, as well as the answers to help you make even better decisions. 

1 Where should I place my bedroom rugs?

The biggest question every individual planning to buy a new bedroom rug has is the location to place the rug. Several factors determine where to place to add a new rug in the bedroom. Factors like Bedroom size, the furniture contained in the room, and the space you want to compliment with the rug. In instances where you would want to gain access to a chair beside the bed or the bedside table, it is best to get a small rug, with a circular shape. Place it under the furniture without rough rumbles. And to have a perfect fit, try not to place the rug at the center of your bedroom. This will mostly discredit the overall aesthetics of the room.

Placement of bedroom rugs solely depends on what you want the bedroom to look like. Most people decide to have it at the center of their rooms, while others simply put it under the furniture in the room.

If you'd like to place your rug under the bed, it's always better to remove the bed, so you can set the rug properly before placing the bed back to its spot. It is okay if the rug is a little bit longer than the bed. But it must not extend beyond the bed too much, as it would then cover a lot of space.

2. How can I layer my bedroom rugs?

A not-so-common way to beautify your room is by layering at least two area rugs. But when layering your area rugs, there are some styles to follow through to make the decor stand out nicely. First, the bedroom must be large. Rugs layering only works best in a large bedroom, preferably a master bedroom. But when used in a smaller room, the room becomes too busy. To make a layered rug work for your bedroom, your furniture and the decorations have to be minimal, it has to be simple. If possible, the room should only have a bed and a nightstand. Where there are more decors and furniture in a room with layered rugs, it becomes too disorganized. Lastly, the colors of the layered rugs must be complementary. Buy only soft, medium pile bedroom rugs, not those with thick piles nor shaggy rugs.

  1. How do I pick the best rug for my bedroom?

To avoid having a bedroom that looks clustered and messy, you need to consider the size and shape of your bedroom rug. Make sure it doesn't extend to the door of the room, or a point where it begins to fight for a space with other furniture and accessories. 

The best bedroom rugs are those used in a large room with just a bed and very little furniture. You also want to pick a color that suits the theme in your room. And to select a complementary color, you need to consider patterns on your curtains, the bedding, the walls, and other accessories. 

If your bedroom has a lot going with colors and design, it is best to pick a bedroom rug that is simple and has minimal designs to avoid a busy and messy room. But make sure it still adds glamour to the bedroom. And if your room design isn't noisy, you can go for a rug with nice designs to compliment.

  1. What rug size rug should I choose for my bedroom?

The size of the rug depends on the size of your bedroom. It's important to consider this when getting a rug. You also have to consider where to place the rug in your room. Areas where you have pieces of furniture will also determine the size of your rug, especially if you plan to place the rug under your furniture.

In a master bedroom, the best size of rugs to use would be a 6ft × 9ft large rug. This would occupy the end of the bed and also come out to the middle of the room, covering the center of the room. But if you would prefer to place the rug under the bed and also cover the nightstand, then 9ft x 12ft is perfect. When buying a large rug to place underneath your bed, be sure it is large enough to have 3 inches out at each side of your bed.

  1. How should I style my bedroom with rugs?

There are various factors to consider when styling your bedroom with rugs. For example, a master bedroom would require a large rug to fit perfectly at the center of the bedroom. But you can still have smaller rugs to occupy some other corners of the room. Layered rugs would also work out well when the bedroom is large enough without any furniture or decors. You can layer a medium or small rug over a large one at the center of the room. Bedrooms with smaller space should only have small or medium size rugs.

  1. How do I clean my bedroom rugs?

Cleaning bedroom rugs depends on the material used to make the rug. You should know this before getting to wash your unit. That way, you'll avoid making fade and tear easily. Washable rugs are mostly manufactured using materials like polypropylene, wool, cotton, and polyester. Most of these rugs will need to be hand-washed, as some of them can't be washed in a machine, cause of size and delicacies. Materials like wool especially need to be hand washed.

On some occasions, personal cleaning might not be ideal when looking for good results. You would most definitely have to call for professionals to clean the rug, especially if it's a large rug. Some certain types of rugs, which are made with different materials may need more attention and professionalism while cleaning - examples are hard rugs. Again, remember to always check your rugs for tags. You'd find useful information on caring for your rug on these tags.

Also, to spot clean your bedroom rug, you will need to start the cleaning with warm water and soap in it. Then, get a brush to help with scrubbing out the stains on the rug. After that, rinse the spot with clean water before it dries. Only apply water and soap on the area affected with stains so as not to risk the fiber of the rug.

There you go! With these important questions answered, you can never get it wrong with bedroom rugs. Buy one for our rich collection of bedroom rugs today!

December 17, 2021 — Ademola Ademiluyi
How to Clean and Care for Your Rug in Winter

How to Clean and Care for Your Rug in Winter

Winter comes with a lot of fun and festivity. When it starts to snow or get extremely cold at the end of the year, you know Christmas is coming. However, as much as it comes with the goodies, things could get messy during the winter season.
December 10, 2021 — Luxe Weavers
8 Affordable Luxe Weavers Rugs to Buy this Season

8 Affordable Luxe Weavers Rugs to Buy this Season

“What’s so great about a rug anyway?”

If you ask this question, then you either don’t understand interior décor or you don’t know how much a simple rug can completely transform your home. Believe it or not, everyone needs a fashionable rug at home. Why? Rugs are multi-purpose additions to every space. If you’ve ever stepped into a room and felt like burying your foot in its floors, that’s one of the magic of area rugs.

Thankfully, Luxe Weavers rugs are one of the most fashionable rugs with unmatched quality you’d find out there and that’s not even a brag. They are designed to provide extra warmth for your space as well as add color and texture to any room. They are proven to effortlessly transform living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen, and dining areas. Think of a Luxe Weavers rug as more than a floor décor. It works for noise reduction and serves as a playground for kids and pet. And guess what? They are very affordable!

If you are looking to decorate your space with an area rug, or replace old ones with fresh durable ones, here are 8 affordable Luxe weavers rugs you can buy without breaking the bank.

  1. Luxe Weavers Victoria Collection 3895 Area Rug

Luxe weavers victoria collection area rug 3895


This is an area rug that speaks to the class. The Luxe weavers Victoria Collection 3895 Area Rug is a quality but very affordable floor décor piece. Besides its bright colors,100% polypropylene fibers, precise rectangular cuts, regular pile height, and carefully loomed stylish abstract patterns. This area rug is the definitions of top quality. It has rich vibrant colors, and has an impressive life span. It is resistant to stains and dirt which makes cleaning and maintenance easier. Even with continuous cleaning, its colors remain intact, and it doesn't shed.

  1. Luxe Weavers Lagos Collection 7501 Area Rug

Luxe Weavers Lagos Collection 7501 Area Rug

The Luxe Weavers’ Lagos collection 7501 area rug is a unique collection that offers a high standard experience at prices affordable. This rug is specifically designed using beautiful abstract patterns and comes in sizes such as 5x7 and 8x10. It makes a major statement on your floor area, giving a modern outlook to the space it occupies. It has a soft texture that gives a soothing experience to any foot that steps on it. It is known for its unification features of art pieces in the floor area. This area rug is more than just a beauty, but also shields hardwood floors and can bear the weight of any furniture. It’s made of 100% polypropylene fiber, a material that makes the rug soft enough against the effect of dropped items. It has a medium pile that allows for easy movement of items around the floor. Cleaning and maintaining the rug is stress-free, as one can use a dry cloth to clean out stained spots or use a vacuum that has no beater bar. The rug doesn’t inhabit dust and resists stains, even with regular cleaning, the color of the rug remains without Fade and without shedding.

  1. Luxe Weavers Hampstead Collection 49 Area Rug

Luxe Weavers Hampstead Collection Area Rug

This particular piece of art synchronizes with every piece of furniture and art in your room. In any color you might prefer, it shows perfection and is worth your penny, be it the blue, beige, or ivory color options. It also has a unique abstract pattern that gives life to every piece in your room. Its preaches calmness to any room that’s decorated brightly, blending smoothly with the room decorations. The Hampstead collection is made from the best polypropylene fibers and lacks no quality.

The Hampstead rug has a medium height pile which gives aid to your furniture’s weight. It also helps prevent the hardwood from damaging. It provides a safe playground for children and helps protect the feet from landing hard on the wood. This rug also aids easy cleaning and maintenance, as dirt and stains don’t stick to the rug. It is easily cleaned and a rotating brush vacuum can be used also. Its color doesn’t fade even amidst regular cleaning.

  1. Luxe Weavers Beverly Collection 8432 Area Rug

Luxe Weavers Beverly collection 8432 Area Rug

The Luxe Weavers Beverly collection 8432 area rug is one of a kind. It turns any room into a lively area with its bright abstract pattern. It beautifies floors and spaces, adding a brilliant set of colors to your living room, bedroom, and dining room. It is perfect for areas with high foot traffic. It is pets and kids friendly and resists stains. This modern rug is made of 100% polypropylene fibers that don’t shed and is easy to clean.

It possesses a soft texture that keeps the feet warm with every step taken on it. It has a medium pile height which offers protection against damages to your hardwood floor. It also helps to take the weight of your room's furniture, and is durable. It's easy to clean. Dust, stains, and dirt are never permanent on the rug, and you can quickly get it to a pristine condition by vacuuming with a no-beater bar.

  1. Luxe Weavers Incas Collection 186 Area Rug

Luxe Weavers Incas Collection 186 Area Rug

This area rug features elegance and quality in its unique creation. It has a bright red swatch color and has a soft texture with an oriental pattern that’s neatly crafted. It creates a premium experience anywhere it is placed; it adds class to a particular place. Its soft lush texture gives a soothing feeling to every foot that steps on it. It's available in colors such as red, beige, and blue, which can aid unify pieces of art in your room

This rug supports the weight of your furniture with its medium pile height, protecting your hardwood floor from damages. It is made from 100% polypropylene fiber which makes it firm, sturdy, and prevents major damages to dropped items. It's resistant to dust and dirt and requires a few minutes to clean. Its colors don’t fade even with regular cleaning, and it's durable. It does not shed, and also gives supreme comfort to the feet of step-ins.

  1. Luxe Weavers Patricia Collection 125 Area Rug

Luxe Weavers Patricia Collection Area Rug

This oriental rug transforms a room with its special oriental style. It has a floral pattern that helps beautify the decoration of a room. It gives life to a room by adding the correct splash of colors.  It’s made from a fiber that’s resistant to stain, a low maintenance polypropylene fiber that’s durable, that’s friendly to pets and kids. It fits perfectly in different areas of your home. It is designed to be durable for a long period without color fade and shedding.

This oriental rug has a soft texture that gives a soothing feeling to the feet. It is also of a medium pile height that shields the hardwood floor from damages and takes on the weight of your furniture without causing wear or tear to the rug.  It requires minimum effort to clean and maintain. It's resistant to dirt, dust, and stains and can be cleaned using mild soap and water. Its color doesn’t fade even amidst regular cleaning. 

  1. Luxe Weavers Howell Collection 2527 Area Rug

Luxe Weavers Howell Collection 2527 Area Rug

This oriental area rug features a unique oriental style that brings out the beauty in a room. It is designed to be durable, produced with a low-maintenance polypropylene fiber that stays soft and lush for many years. It also has a sturdy texture that helps to keep the feet warm. This oriental rug has a medium pile height that supports the weight of furniture in the room and protects the hardwood floor against damages. It doesn’t wear out nor get torn. It's durable and built for heavy foot traffic. To clean it, you need only a bar of mild soap and water. It also doesn’t retain dust, dirt, and stains making it easy to clean and maintain.

  1. Luxe Weaver Victoria Collection 2817 Area Rug

Victoria Oriental Area Rug 2817 Area Rug

This area rug is an oriental classic, designed to exceed your expectations. It comes in luxurious colors such as ivory, burgundy, and beige. This rug fits into any floor area perfectly and transforms a room into a beautiful work of art, unifying every single item. It has a medium pile height that provides warmth and supreme comfort to any feet that step on.  It’s a safe playground for children and protects the hardwood floor against damages. Maintaining and cleaning it is not cost-intensive. It is resistant to dirt and stains. And even with regular cleaning, it doesn’t shed nor fade in color.

So, there you go! With one or some of these area rugs on your floor, your home will get that facelift it’s been begging for. Happy Shopping!




November 26, 2021 — Luxe Weavers