It takes a lot of work and energy to transform the appearance of your home. But guess what? It’s totally worth it.  The truth is, if you are willing to pay attention on how to style your home with modern area rugs, there are tons of ideas and inspirations to draw from various sources. Image stock sites such as Getty Images, Pinterest, and Unsplash or offline sources such as visiting homes with beautiful interior aesthetic design are ideal places to start from. In many cases however, all you need to create an outstanding space outstanding is changing your area rugs.

Nonetheless, choosing the best area rugs to buy for your room without going above your budget is very possible. Below are some easy ways to get good rug deals.

Check and Compare Prices

First, to avoid paying too much for an area rug, it is advisable to get multiple estimates and prices before proceeding to buy. This will help you in: 

  • Budgeting for cheap area rugs for sale.
  • Choosing the right kind and quality of the rug.
  • Knowing if it’s the right time to buy the rug.
  • Knowing if you need to raise more funds or not.
  • Deciding if the deal is fair or not.

You may want to read reviews from past buyers to be sure that you are not getting a rug of poor quality with same or a little different price from that of other rugs in the store.

Rug Material

A rug's material usually determines its price and how long it will take before its colors begin to fade and fibers begin to pull off. Nonetheless, all materials have their pros and cons.

If you are looking for cheap area rugs for sale, check for medium pile height, short, less fluffy fibers, and synthetic materials like polypropylene.

A nylon-made rug is also a good choice when it comes to durability, while polyester or olefin is more affordable with resistance to stain.

Wool, on the other hand, is very durable but quite pricey. So, since you are on a budget, it may not be the best choice.

You can also consider buying area rugs made of combined materials. For instance, you'll find rugs that are made of 70% polyester 70% and 30% wool.

Where to Buy

Home decor is quite competitive and becoming more fierce, with many stores available for you to choose from. That combined with retailers offering lots of attractive deals and improved user experience to customers is an advantage for you as a buyer. What does this mean?

  • Big stores are always available to fix any issues with the rugs.
  • Local stores are more likely to offer affordable prices since they need  more patronage.
  • The lowest price offers can come from online retailers.
  • Shop-at-home retailers save you the stress of bringing the rugs to your home and installing them in your rooms.
  • Installers can sell leftover rugs for sale at very affordable costs.

 On the flip side:

  • Big stores often offer mouth-watering irresistible deals that are too good to be true. On some occasions, they provide rugs based on their interests rather than your needs as a customer.
  • Local stores and Shop-at-home retailers sometimes inflate prices just before introducing a discount sales campaign. 

When to Buy Affordable Rugs

If you'll get the best deal on area rugs, then you may have to save ahead. Wait for sales periods and times when prices become more affordable.

Buying the Rug

A good store prioritises your needs. To be sure you are buying from the ideal store, look out for questions such as:

  • Are you buying a rug for your own home, rented apartment or just a residence for vacation?
  • What kind of rooms do you want to install the rug in?
  • How long do you plan to live in your current apartment?
  • Do you have pets? What kind of animals are they?

So, before hitting that buy button, consider some or all the tips we've just shared. You are sure to have made the best decision in the end.

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May 28, 2024 — Ademola Ademiluyi