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Lagos Abstract Area Rug 7681
From $21.89
GrayMultiPassionBlueBeigeIvoryBrown+ 4 more
Towerhill 7501 Modern Abstract Area Rug
From $20.00 $40.00 Sale
BlueBeigeGrayPassionYellowBrown+ 3 more
Euston 7680 Abstract Area Rug
From $25.00 $45.00 Sale
GrayBlueBeigeMultiBrownRed+ 3 more
Beverly 6490 Abstract Area Rug
From $30.00 $50.00 Sale
GrayTurquoiseMultiBlue+ 1 more
Victoria 9086 Abstract Area Rug
From $25.00
2' x 3'2' x 7'4' x 5'5' x 7'6' x 9'8' x 10'9' x 12'
Olimpia 5956 Modern Abstract Area Rug
From $90.00
MultiAnthraciteGreenBlue+ 1 more

Luxe Weavers' Stunning Collection of Abstract Area Rugs

Discover the beauty of abstract area rugs in 5x7, 8x10, and 9x12 sizes. The versatile 8x10 size suits living rooms and bedrooms, adding an artistic flair. For larger spaces, a 9x12 rug creates a stunning focal point, harmonizing furniture and dรฉcor elements. Energize smaller spaces with a 5x7 rug, offering a pop of color and excitement.

Experience the elegance of modern abstract area rugs in blue, black, green, and multicolor options. Luxe Weavers' collection features sleek lines, unique shapes, and bold colors for those who appreciate contemporary design. These polypropylene rugs blend seamlessly with existing dรฉcor, providing a sophisticated touch.

Choose a blue rug for a calming ambiance, evoking tranquility and relaxation. A black rug adds depth and drama, with intriguing patterns suitable for high-traffic areas. Create eye-catching contrast with a black and white rug, perfect for minimalist designs. For a statement piece, opt for one of our colorful abstract rugs that provides a visually stunning impact.

Shop Luxe Weaversโ€™ exquisite collection of abstract area rugs today and transform your home into an extraordinary living space.