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Luxe Weavers 5950 Modern Geometric Wave Area Rug
From $21.89
AnthraciteBeigeBlueCreamGrayTaupe+ 3 more
2โ€™0โ€ x 3โ€™1โ€2โ€™0โ€ x 8โ€™0โ€4โ€™0โ€ x 5โ€™11.5โ€5โ€™3.5โ€ x 7โ€™2โ€6โ€™7โ€ x 9โ€™2โ€7โ€™9โ€ x 9โ€™11.5โ€8โ€™11โ€ x 12โ€™5.5โ€
Luxe Weavers Modern Geometric Dot Area Rug
From $21.89
AnthraciteBlueCreamTaupe+ 1 more
2โ€™0โ€ x 3โ€™1โ€2โ€™0โ€ x 8โ€™0โ€4โ€™0โ€ x 5โ€™11.5โ€5โ€™3.5โ€ x 7โ€™2โ€6โ€™7โ€ x 9โ€™2โ€7โ€™9โ€ x 9โ€™11.5โ€8โ€™11โ€ x 12โ€™5.5โ€
Luxe Weavers Tribal Geometric Area Rug
From $21.89
2โ€™0โ€ x 3โ€™0โ€2โ€™2.5โ€ x 7โ€™11โ€4โ€™0โ€ x 6โ€™0โ€5โ€™3.5โ€ x 7โ€™1.5โ€6โ€™7โ€ x 9โ€™1โ€7โ€™8โ€ x 9โ€™9โ€8โ€™8.5โ€ x 12โ€™6โ€
Modern Farmhouse Plaid 184 Area Rug
From $90.00
5โ€™2.4โ€ x 7โ€™2โ€7โ€™6โ€ x 10โ€™0โ€8โ€™9.6โ€ x 12โ€™6โ€
Hampstead 5623 Moroccan Area Rug
From $90.00
AnthraciteBeigeDenimGrayLilacYellow+ 3 more
Modern Farmhouse 9895 Wood Geometric Area Rug
From $20.00
1โ€™11.5โ€ x 3โ€™3.5โ€2โ€™2โ€ x 7โ€™4.5โ€3โ€™11โ€ x 5โ€™3โ€5โ€™3โ€ x 7โ€™2.5โ€6โ€™7โ€ x 9โ€™2โ€7โ€™7โ€ x 10โ€™0โ€8โ€™11โ€ x 12โ€™7โ€
Luxe Weavers 9150 Modern Geometric Area Rug
From $21.89
2'0" x 3'1"2'0" x 8'0"4'0" x 5'11.5"5'3.5" x 7'2"6'7" x 9'2"7'9" x 9'11.5"8'11" x 12'5.5"
Luxe Weavers Bohemian Moroccan Area Rug
From $89.98
BrownBurgundyGrayIvoryNavy+ 2 more
5โ€™3.5โ€ x 7โ€™2โ€6โ€™7โ€ x 9โ€™2โ€7โ€™9โ€ x 9'11.5โ€
Modern Abstract Area Rug
From $90.00
5' x 7'8' x 10'9' x 12'
Modern Farmhouse Geometric Area Rug
From $90.00
5'2'' x 7 '4''6'6'' x 9'1''7'6'' x 10'0''8'7.2'' x 12'5''
Luxe Weavers Moroccan Southwestern Geometric Area Rug
From $20.00
1'11.5 x 3'3.52'2 x 7'4.53'11 x 5'35'3 x 7'2.56'7 x 9'27'7 x 10'08'11 x 12'7
Luxe Weavers Bohemian Moroccan Blue Area Rug
From $89.98
5โ€™2.5โ€ x 7โ€™2โ€6โ€™6โ€ x 9โ€™2โ€7โ€™6โ€ x 10โ€™0โ€
Oriental Floral Area Rug
From $40.00
2' x 7'5' x 7'6' x 9'8' x 10'9' x 12'

Experience the Rustic Elegance: Luxe Weavers' Modern Farmhouse Rugs - Where Tradition Meets Modernity!

How do I choose the right modern farmhouse rug for my space? When selecting a modern farmhouse rug, consider the size of your room, the existing color scheme, and the level of foot traffic. Opt for an area rug that complements your decor, whether it's a geometric pattern, shabby chic plaid rug, or a more intricate design. Additionally, ensure the rug's size allows for balanced placement, allowing furniture legs to sit comfortably on the rug.

Can modern farmhouse rugs be used in high-traffic areas? Yes, our modern farmhouse rugs are made from durable materials like polypropylene and jute, which can withstand high foot traffic.
Luxe Weavers is where the past meets the present. Our contemporary farmhouse rugs perfectly embody this as we skillfully blend traditional designs with modern aesthetics. These 5x7 area rugs not only enhance your space but also make a statement about your unique taste and style.

What sizes are available for modern farmhouse rugs? Our modern farmhouse rugs come in various sizes to accommodate different room dimensions and purposes. You can find them in standard sizes like 4'x6', 5'x7', 8'x10' rugs, and larger sizes like 9'x12' rugs. Additionally, you can also find runner rugs or smaller 2โ€™x3โ€™ accent rugs to complement specific areas of your home. If you love the classic, cozy allure of farmhouse decor, our rugs are the ideal accessory. These farmhouse decor rugs are created with the utmost attention to detail, ensuring they add a touch of class and sophistication to your home.

Luxe Weavers' modern farmhouse rugs, a fusion of rustic allure and modern sophistication, show your love for timeless elegance. Our modern farmhouse rugs 8x10 come in neutral colors such as shades of white, beige, gray, and taupe. They create a calming and understated aesthetic. You may also find them in subtle hints of pastel or muted colors to add depth and visual interest to the design. Add classic patterned rugs with rich colors to make a bolder statement. Bring one home today to transform your space into a cozy haven full of charm.

Frequently Asked Questions on Modern Farmhouse Rugs
What are modern farmhouserugs?

Modern farmhouse rugs are a
blend of traditional and contemporary styles. They incorporate the rustic charm
of traditional farmhouse designs with a modern twist, using up-to-date color schemes and patterns.

How do vintage farmhouse rugs differ from contemporary farmhouse rugs?

Vintage farmhouse rugs incorporate age-old motifs and patterns, exuding a nostalgic feel. Contemporary farmhouse rugs, on the other hand, blend these traditional elements with modern aesthetics to create a unique fusion of styles. This could include rugs with woodgrain patterns or a plaid design with distressed effects for added interest.

How do I clean and maintain modern farmhouse rugs?

Regular maintenance is essential to keep your modern farmhouse rug looking its best. Vacuuming on a weekly basis helps to remove dirt and debris. For spills or stains, blot the affected area immediately with a clean cloth and mild carpet cleaner solution. Professional rug cleaning may be necessary for deep cleaning or stubborn stains.

Are modern farmhouse rugs suitable for any interior style besides farmhouse decor?

Absolutely! While modern farmhouse rugs naturally complement farmhouse or rustic decor, their neutral colors and versatile designs can seamlessly blend with a variety of interior styles. They can enhance transitional, Scandinavian, coastal, or even modern minimalist aesthetics, adding texture and warmth to the space.