Questions? We have answers!

How are our rugs packaged?

We cover the ends of our rugs and shrink wrap them to prevent damages during shipping. After being tightly rolled in protective plastic, your new rug may have a slight odor when unwrapped. If possible, open a nearby window to allow fresh air flow.

How do I flatten my new rug?

Our rugs are rolled, and vacuum packed for protection and may have some waves or ripples when it’s first unrolled. One technique to quickly flatten your rug is to reverse roll it. Spread the rug out and roll in the opposite direction. Tie it to keep it in place, and check after a day to see if it lays flat.

If you still see some creases and bunching in the pile, try placing the rug flat and face down, with heavy, flat objects on the affected areas. Books and clean boxes can be useful for this technique. After 2 to 3 days, waves or ripples should relax. Place heavy objects on corners that stick up until they lay flat on their own.

How do I prevent future dents and creases?

Even the most durable rugs can use a helping hand. Occasionally shift heavy furniture so they are not left in the same position for a long time. Rotating the rug helps evenly distribute everyday use.

How do I clean my rug?

Routine vacuuming will extend the life of your rug. Vacuum without a beater bar attachment on a low pile setting. The colors and look of the rug vary depending on the way you vacuum. Vacuuming in the direction of the pile is best. For spills or stains, use a clean cloth to blot and absorb as much liquid as possible. Use a small amount of gentle carpet cleaner solution to spot clean. If stains persist, we recommend professional cleaning.

Should I use a rug pad?

Adding a rug pad will keep your new rug in place, especially on hardwood floors. It also provides an extra layer of cushion.

Why do the rugs look different in some online photos?

Images displayed have the most accurate colors possible. We supply between 4 and 8 photos of each product with closeups, and video when possible. Photos may look different from one to the next. Every home has unique lighting, and we show our products in different settings to show how it could look in your home.

Some of the rugs have one size listed as the size option and a different size listed under dimensions. Which is correct?

Rug manufacturers often list their products with standard sizes. A rug could measure 5’2” x 7’2” which is closest to the 5x7 size category. A rug measuring 7’7” x 10” would be put in the 8x10 size category. The first bullet point lists the exact dimensions in feet and inches. Please read these carefully if you have very specific needs for your space. Reach out to our customer service department if you have questions about a particular rug. We are happy to help!

Is my rug damaged or is it the design?

Some of our rugs have varying fiber heights that create a distressed effect. We show close-up photos so that customers can see these details. The rug is not defective or damaged, the lower fiber areas are part of the design. If you prefer a non-distressed look, we have plenty of other designs!