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Experience the ultimate in comfort and elegance with Luxe Weaversโ€™ shag rugs

But Luxe Weavers' offerings are not just about comfort. The fluffy shag rugs are a visual treat too. With their thick pile and fuzzy texture, they instantly add a layer of plush luxury to any room. They make your floor come alive, adding an inviting element to your interiors.

Luxe Weavers ensures these rugs fit perfectly with your decor, offering a contemporary twist to this classic style. Our modern shag rugs 8x10 come in an array of chic colors and trendy designs, including stripes, geometric circle designs, and solid color shag rugs, blending seamlessly with different aesthetics, whether it's minimalist, rustic, or bohemian.

Luxe Weavers' shag rugs promise unparalleled quality, supreme comfort, and a touch of modern elegance. Indulge your senses and elevate your living spaces with our plush, soft, and fluffy shag rugs. When you experience the luxury and charm of these rugs, youโ€™ll see why Luxe Weavers is the choice of homeowners.

Frequently Asked Questions on Shag Rugs
What is a shag rug?

A shag rug is a type of carpet or area rug that has a deep, thick pile, which gives it a shaggy appearance. They are known for their plush and luxurious feel under your feet. The term "shag" refers to the long, loose threads or pile that give the rug its distinctive texture.

How do I clean a Luxe Weavers shag rug?

Cleaning a shag rug is like cleaning medium pile rugs, even with their longer fibers. Regular vacuuming on a high pile height setting, without using a beater bar or brush, is typically recommended. Spot clean with a clean cloth and mild carpet cleaner solution. For deep cleaning, it's often best to hire a professional, especially for large or particularly stained rugs. Refer to the manufacturer's instructions for specific cleaning guidelines.

Can I place furniture on a shag rug?

Yes, you can place furniture on a shag rug. However, heavy furniture can flatten the rug's pile over time. Using furniture coasters can help distribute weight and reduce the risk of damage.

Where can I use shag rugs? Are shag rugs pet-friendly?

Luxe Weaversโ€™ shag rugs 8x10 can be used in a variety of settings including living rooms, bedrooms, or even as a luxury touch to kitchens. While pets might love the comfort of a shag rug, these types of rugs may not be the best choice for pet owners. The long fibers can trap pet hair and dander, and it may be more difficult to clean if your pet has an accident.