Transform your child's space into a world of wonder and whimsy with Luxe Weavers' collection of kid's room rugs.

Whether you're decorating a nursery, playroom, or a tween's bedroom, our rugs add an extra touch of fun and softness. Our cute kid's room rugs inspire young imaginations, with themes that feature vibrant colors. These rugs brighten your child's space and spark their curiosity about the artistic world. From a lively nursery to a cheerful playroom, these area rugs are an invitation to adventure.

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Luxe Weavers Southwestern Medallion Area Rug
From $89.98
BlueBrownCreamGrayPinkYellow+ 3 more
5โ€™3โ€ x 7โ€™4.5โ€6โ€™6โ€ x 9โ€™3.5โ€7โ€™8.5โ€ x 10โ€™0โ€
Luxe Weavers Solid Plush Shag Area Rug
From $89.98
5โ€™3โ€ x 7โ€™2โ€6โ€™5โ€ x 9โ€™2.5โ€7โ€™8โ€ x 10โ€™0โ€
Luxe Weavers Modern Strokes Geometric Area Rug
From $21.89
2โ€™0โ€ x 3โ€™1โ€2โ€™0โ€ x 8โ€™0โ€4โ€™0โ€ x 5โ€™11.5โ€5โ€™3.5โ€ x 7โ€™2โ€6โ€™7โ€ x 9โ€™2โ€7โ€™9โ€ x 9โ€™11.5โ€8โ€™11โ€ x 12โ€™5.5โ€
Contemporary Abstract Ivory Blue Area Rug
From $80.00
5โ€™2.4โ€ x 7โ€™2โ€7โ€™9.6โ€ x 10โ€™7โ€

Why should I consider buying a rug for my child's room? Rugs can be a great addition to a child's room for several reasons. They provide a soft and comfortable surface for playtime; help cushion against dropped objects and make the room more welcoming. Rugs also add warmth and coziness to the space, making it more inviting. Our shag rugs are thick and soft to add more relaxation to family rooms and kidsโ€™ rooms. Additionally, rugs can help define different areas within the room, such as a reading corner or a play area.

For an explosion of colors, our large, colorful playroom rugs for kids are an absolute delight. These eye-catching abstract designs transform any room into a vibrant play area, making it a favorite spot for your child to play, learn, and grow. Try our plush shag rugs for an extra fluffy surface for kids to play on.

We understand that the world of children isn't limited by gender stereotypes. Our gender-neutral kid's room mats for toddlers are created with this in mind. Boasting versatile designs and colors, these carpets harmonize with any room's decor, whether it's a nursery, family room, or a toddler's room.

Luxe Weavers' kid's room rugs are made with polypropylene, a kid-friendly material that is soft and durable. Each area rug is crafted to withstand the liveliness of a child's room while ensuring their little feet enjoy the ultimate softness. Immerse your children in a world of fun with Luxe Weavers' kid's room rugs, where every piece is a story waiting to be explored.

Frequently Asked Questions on Kids Room Rugs
What size of rug should I choose for my child's room?

The size of the rug will depend on the dimensions of the room and the specific area you want to cover. It's generally recommended to choose a rug that is large enough to fit under the main furniture pieces in the room, such as the bed or play table. This helps create a cohesive look and ensures that the rug doesn't appear too small for the space.

Are there any safety considerations when choosing a rug for my child's room? Are Luxe Weavers kids room rugs easy to clean?

Safety is important when selecting a rug for a child's room. Itโ€™s essential to choose rugs made of non-toxic materials that are free from harmful chemicals. Our kids room rugs are designed to be easy to clean. They are made from non-toxic polypropylene fibers and can be spot cleaned with a mild carpet cleaner.

How do I ensure the rug complements the overall decor of the room?

When choosing a rug, consider the existing color scheme and decor in the room. You can opt for a rug that complements the room's color palette or choose a rug that serves as a focal point, adding a pop of color or pattern. Consider the style of the room as well, whether it's modern, traditional, or eclectic, and select a rug that matches that aesthetic.