It’s a New Year and we know the so many overwhelming factors that come with it. From executing long over-due plans, working on a new resolution, to mapping out a new goal and how to achieve them.

What you should not skip though, is giving your space a facelift. Without letting other things slip, upgrading your home décor with a simple but colorful area rug this 2022 will do a lot of magic. With a rug swap, your room quickly becomes the cynosure of all eyes while enlivening those tired aesthetics.

Thankfully, there’s a rug for everyone – your budget works; and for every home – no matter the size. Here’s what’s rather important: pay attention to every detail. You don't want to sabotage achieving that picture-perfect look you have imagined for your room.

To be right on track, we have discussed some of the latest (2022) area rug trends to adopt. Read on to find out.

  1. Choose a Trendy Rug Material

Ever heard of the saying “foresight is the gateway to maximize wealth”? Well, this applies to choosing the right area rug for your space too. It is important to know the material that’s ideal for your space and environment. For instance, if you are looking for a sustainable and durable area rug for a high traffic area such as a living room, entryway, and hallway, a wool rug or natural fiber rug is the perfect match for you as they are durable and can resist stain perfectly. On the other hand, jute, cotton rugs, or polyester will work well in a low-traffic environment. They are beautiful, soft, and attractive. However, they are not as durable as wool rugs and natural fiber rugs.

  1. Explore Geometric Patterns

Luxe weavers geometric rug 2022

Make a loud and proud statement in your room with geometric patterned area rugs. Geometric patterns are so in right now, they add energy and the right amount of chic to a modern home. Try this rug trend in your living room, bedroom, dining room, and entryways, and watch it introduce a work of art into your space while setting a strong design tone. Geometric area rugs are trendy and modern. You’d find them in different spaces. Although they can be a bit pricey, they are worth the investment.

  1. Make a Bold Statement with a Neutral Option

Decorating with neutrals is very much here to stay. Neutral colors depict versatility, elegance, and longevity that add value to your room. For instance, animal hides blend into your space, delivering the right amount of luxury and personality, while maintaining a neutral palette that helps you combine plain and subtle patterns. Neutral rugs help to keep a consistent flow throughout your home.

  1. Moroccan Area Rugs

Luxe Weavers Moroccan Rug 2022

Moroccan area rugs are made from high-quality pure wool with beautiful designs and vibrant colors to beautify and brighten your space. They introduce class, comfort, and coziness. Their unique appearance commands a sophisticated, luxurious, and matchless outlook in your home. Handmade Moroccan rugs are quite expensive but are worth having.

  1. Vintage Rugs Back in Style

Luxe Weavers Vintage Rug 2022

Vintage rugs will be everywhere this year, no surprises at all. They feature artistic designs, they are durable, provide warmth and enliven your room décor.  Feel free to use vintage rugs from multiple interior décor projects. Their color scheme is endless, so you are sure to find the right color fit for your space.

  1. Rugs in Unlikely Places

The idea of an area rug in your kitchen might seem unnecessary at first thought, but it can be a wonderful way to add color and a bit of pattern to a bland kitchen area. Though you'll want to be careful of stains, an anti-fatigue rug helps to provide cushion for your feet during those long Sunday meal prep hours. You can try a mid-size runner or a distressed vintage piece to ease into the look.

  1. Lay Down Smart Stripes

Striped floor covering, from broad to tick, and pencil stripes make a design statement in any room. Besides its dirt-defying nature that makes it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas, a smart stripe will visually elongate and widen a room. More homeowners are now exploring stripes with different breadths and scales throughout their houses.  Wall-to-wall broad stripes work well for living room rugs. You can layer it or add objects on top to soften the look, while still maintaining a bright and colorful feel to your space.

Installing Your Area Rug

Installing an area rug the wrong way could throw your room off balance, or worse, produce the opposite of what you had earlier imagined.

When installing an area rug for your living room, choose a rug that’s big enough to accommodate all your furniture. If your couch touches the wall on the back, place your rug under it making sure the edges are equal on both sides. This creates an amazing area and helps to avoid scratches that can damage your floor tiles.

If you are installing an area rug under your dining table, make sure to center the rug under the table. The chairs should be inside the rug area making sure they are easy to pull and push when you are using them.

As for bedrooms, place your rug so that some parts of the rug stick out of the bed, or try placing two smaller rugs on both sides of the bed.

There you go! This year, take your home décor game to a whole new level with these latest trends. Start by shopping our new range of geometric area rugs.

May 27, 2024 — Ademola Ademiluyi