Are you a rug lover? Then, you have most likely had an experience with shaggy rugs. But if you're one of the very few rug admirers who have only heard or come across the name, you must have at a time, wondered what is so special about shag rugs.

Whether you intend to hop on the train and join millions of others making the most of shag rugs, or you'd like to have a proper idea of all the buzz around it, here is everything you need to learn about shaggy rugs.

A dog on a Shaggy Rug

 What's a Shag Rug?

Shag rugs (also called shaggy rugs) are a bundle of comfort, beauty, fun, warmth, and boldness all packed into one. The name - shaggy, was specifically coined from their unique appearance - an inch or more of shaggy and uneven piles.

 They are available in various colors and materials. And depending on your taste and needs, you can use them for several purposes in your home. They can be used in the sitting room, bedroom, or even in some dining rooms.

Shag rugs were the real-deal back in the '60s and '70s before going out of style decades after.  However, they've made a comeback recently and are now aiming to top the trend charts in the home décor scene.

Rug lovers are heading to the store once again to get their hands on the renewed and modern shag rugs due to their unique appearance and impeccable qualities.

Shag rugs usually have fluffy, long, and uneven piles. The long yarn fibers attached to their backs are barely trimmed. And that gives them an uneven and bulky appearance.

Shag rugs are made of synthetic materials like acrylic, propylene, and polyester, as well as natural fiber materials like wool, leather, and cotton. However, those made from wool remain everyone's favorite due to their durability and eco-friendly qualities.

Again, shaggy rugs lovers admire the home décor piece because of its appealing appearance and cozy, soft, and comfy feel underneath the feet.

Family sitting on a shaggy rug

Types of Shag Rugs

  1. Flokati Rugs

The Flokati type of shaggy rugs originated from Greece and are made from 100% wool (including the rug backing), making them one of the fluffiest shaggy rugs around.

They have a striking resemblance with the sheepdog and are often found in white or cream color, but they can also be dyed to other vibrant colors for added elegance.

Flokati rugs are very reliable and can last for about twenty-five years. But the downside to this beautiful piece is the ease of maintenance. They are very difficult to clean, and professional cleaners charge hefty fees to give them a thorough wash.

  1. Wool Shag Rugs

Wool is a natural fabric material, popular for its use in the manufacturing of shaggy rugs. The wool type of shag rugs is pretty easy to come by as they are available in almost every rug store.

You will mostly find wool shag rugs in two different types – the noodle type and the shaggy wool type.

 You should consider wool shag rugs if you want a natural fabric material that's simple and reliable.

Wool shag rugs are very thick and this makes them very difficult to clean or get rid of dirt, crumbs, and other things stuck in them. Also, they tend to turn yellow after some time.

  1. Synthetic Shag Rug

Synthetic shag rugs are made from synthetic materials like acrylic, polypropylene, polyester, and viscose. They pretty easy to clean and are one of the most pocket-friendly types of shaggy rugs.

The synthetic rugs may not offer the same quality and durability as the wool type of shag rugs, but their flexibility can allow you to try new patterns and colors more often.

A synthetic shag rug is your go-to shag rug if you want something beautiful and easy to clean without breaking the bank. 

  1. Leather Shag Rug

Leather made shag rugs are produced by hand-knotting leather strands on a cotton backing. That adds a unique and appealing look to any space. As intrinsically elegant as they appear, leather shag carpets are very delicate as their strands can get loose randomly while vacuuming them.

Leather shag rugs are usually very colorful, and they produce stunning views, no matter where they occupy in your home. However, it is best if you had them in low traffic areas like the bedroom or the sitting room due to their delicate nature.

  1. Mixed Texture Shag Rug

Mixed texture shag rugs, just as the name suggests, are made by combining different materials to provide a combo of textures in the same rug. One interesting feature of this shag rug type is its durability. But the difficulty of cleaning is a letdown.

Round Shag Rug

Other Important Distinguishing Features of Shag Rugs

Besides the difference in materials used in making shag rugs, they have some other peculiar features you may want to look out for.

Color – Just like every other type of rug, shag rugs can be found in several colors. However, some shag rug materials can't be dyed into other colors, so you may want to buy dye-sustaining materials only if perchance, you'd like to dye your rug in the future.

Pattern – Shag rugs come in multiple patterns, you certainly would find one that you love. Although geometric patterns are more popular among modern shag rugs, you'd still find a few with pattern mixtures. 

Shapes – Shag rugs have various shapes, from round to oval, square, rectangle, etc.

Modern shag rugs are especially popular for their varied shapes but you can also customize a shag rug by cutting it into a design shape that suits you.

Generally, round shag rugs can make small rooms appear larger and are suitable for corners.

Sizes – There are numerous shag rug sizes but your choice would depend on your preference and the size of the space you want to decorate or cover.

Shag rug in a living room

Pros of Shag Rugs

  • Shag rugs are soft and comfy which makes them feel cozy under our feet.
  • They are not scarce. You will get them at almost all rug stores. From your phone, you can surf through Luxe Weavers' shag rugs collection, buy and have your rug delivered to your door step.
  • Shag rugs are made of high-quality materials and are very durable.
  • They have a very stylish appearance with their unique textures and patterns.

Cons of Shag Rugs

Before you go!

Shag rugs are very beautiful and comfortable, and they add touches of exquisiteness to every space through their unique texture and patterns.

Shag rugs can help you make a bold statement in your home. However, they also bring a lot of inconveniences. So, you must consider the advantages and disadvantages of having them around before buying one for your home.

December 07, 2020 — Luxe Weavers