The people that make the magic happen.

Tobi O.

Opening one of the first black owned textiles companies in America was scary at first, and I have tried to create something truly extraordinary here at Luxe Weavers. One of my favorite things about working here, is I have a team of dedicated individuals that push and strive to always be the best. I am a true proponent of hard work and dedication, lead to growth and success within the company. As an individual I try to set and live by this expectation in all that I do daily.

Dele O.

I work here because I love to. Its business, its home, its family. Knowing where it started from…I believe the sky is the starting point for Luxe weavers. In the midst of family, there’s room for growth and my colleagues are very friendly with different funny characteristics. I love to put smile on people’s faces, and I am fluent in Yoruba. My Favorite channel is HGTV and I love home décor. It is fascinating to watch how any space can transform from a mess to AMAZING. My favorite rug is the 6490 Blue /turquoise is my favorite, as it has all my favorite blues.

Lindsey W

Having recently joined the Luxe Weavers family, I can honestly say it is really refreshing to join a team that shows such dedication, to achieving all goals. I really love how diverse the team is and how so many moms like myself work here. The environment is friendly and inclusive, and I enjoy being challenged daily. One thing that sets Luxe Weavers apart is that it is a flat company with no red tape, and everyone is given a place to speak at the table. Having a personal interest in home textiles outside of the office, really helps make every day not feel like work.

Nye K.

I started working here back in 2015 because of the vision that Tobi had. My initial position was to assist Tobi with the loose ends of the operations. Today, I am continuing to do that and more. Feeling that the future of this company is endless helps me stay really motivated. I love how my workday is always interesting, and I do a billion things in one day makes my workday extremely interesting. I love to assist and find solutions to issues that pop up and issues that were not planned. Oddly enough one of my outside hobbies is ironing and folding clothes usually while watching 90 day fiancé or Ozark. I also love spending time with my little boy Abraham. I really do not have a favorite rug because they are so many beautiful rugs. I change the rugs in my house often just to bring in different colors and looks.