Have you ever been excited after buying or washing an area rug, only to receive it wrinkled, bent on the edges, creased all over and you begin to wonder how to flatten a rug? The truth is, rugs, whether new or old, sometimes lose their appeal to creases, dents, and wrinkles.

These are common sights, especially when the rugs have been rolled up and stored for an extended period before being sold or unfolded.

However, whether your old rug has just begun to curl on the edges, your area rug now looks wrinkled because you have just washed it, or your rug is new and straight from from a warehouse, below are effective ways to get it back to its proper shape.

A professional flattening a rug with a machine

Best Way to Flatten a Rug

There are several ways to flatten a rolled rug. We have classified them based on the different practicable techniques available. So, these tips on flattening out a rug work all the time.

  1. Reverse Roll it

Reverse rolling is the best way to flatten a rolled-up rug. If the rug was initially rolled inward, you simply have to roll it outward, so the curled and wrinkled fibers are forced to lay in the new direction and flatten out. With this method, you won’t need to wait for hours before your area rug is ready for placement again.

However, depending on the size and material, some rugs may need to be rolled and tied up in the opposite direction for several hours or a few days before they eventually flatten out. 

  1. Relax the Fiber with Heat or Water

One of the best ways to flatten a rolled-up rug is to relax its fibers with heat or water. You can do this by using any of these methods:

Man steaming a rug
  • Steaming – Depending on your rug’s material and quality, steaming may be a good way to remove wrinkles and creases from your area rug. This is a professional way of flattening out a rug, so you may want to seek professional service.

However, if you must do it on your own, test your rug for colorfastness before attempting to steam it because the steaming process can cause colors to bleed out, leading to irreversible damages to your rug.

  • Sun-dry the Rug – If you don’t know how to flatten a new rolled rug, sun-drying is also an efficient way to eliminate wrinkles and creases. This may be the best method if you want to avoid causing potential damage to your rug.

Simply spread out your wrinkled rug over a large clean asphalt or outdoor concrete where it can receive direct or partial sunlight, preferably on a dry and sunny day. Leave the rug outdoor for a couple of hours and the heat from the sun will help to eliminate any crease or wrinkle present on the rug.

Lady using a pressing iron
  • Use a Pressing Iron - If you’ve tried to steam up your rug or sun-dry it but it won’t lay flat on the floor after several days, it may be time to get your pressing iron to work. You can straighten the curled or folded part of a rug, flatten a rolled rug with a pressing iron. You can also flatten a rolled rug with it.

One thing you’d want to avoid is scorching, melting, or burning your rug in the process, so you would need to keep the pressing iron on a low heat setting and use a barrier between the rug and the heat of the iron. Craft paper is often used for this purpose.

  • The Hair Dryer Option – This may seem unconventional, but it works. Using a hairdryer to flatten a rug is just as effective as other heating methods above.

However, be careful with the hairdryer if your rug is made from polypropylene, nylon, or any other synthetic material, so you don’t melt it in the process. Keep the hairdryer on a low to medium heat setting, hold it at least five to ten inches away from the rug, and move it gently in a sweeping motion.

  1. Hold It Down To Flatten It Out

You may also want to consider applying weight or pressure as it is one best way to flatten a rolled-up rug. The technique is efficient and you won’t risk melting or scorching your rug in the process. Another advantage of placing weightier objects on your rug is that they help to keep the rug in position and prevent it from sliding around.

Some of the best ways to hold your rug down include:

Man taping down a rug
  • Taping It Down - If you’re unsure how to flatten a new rolled rug or a wrinkled one, quickly head to a furniture store and get a double-sided carpet tape. Carpet tapes work best where there are existing wall-to-wall carpets and hard floors.

When you attach the carpet tape to the back of your rug, the tape will hold your rug in place and stick it to the floor. Once the carpet tape is firmly attached to the rug, you’ll begin to see the wrinkles and creases on your rug flatten out.

  • Placing Heavy Object on the Rug - Another effective way of flattening a new rug is to place it under heavy objects. You can place an accent rug or small-sized area rugs under your mattress and leave it there for some days to remove creases and curls. For area rugs in the living room or dining room, placing furniture on the rug edges can also help remove curls and wrinkles.
Man taping a rug to hardwood floor

Other Tips on How to Flatten a Rug

  • Let it settle – Spreading and flattening out a rug on the floor for a few days can help to relax the fiber and remove any wrinkle, curl, or crease that may be on the rug.
  • Flip the Rug Over – Many new rugs usually have curls on their edges. Depending on the direction of the curl, gently flip the rug and fold the curly part in the opposite direction to flatten it.

Removing Persistent Dents from a Rug

While heat and moisture are the most common ways of removing furniture dents from area rugs, these easy tricks are ideal to rescue stubborn rug from furniture dents:

  • Spray some water on the dented area to moisturize and relax the dented fiber. Then, dry the area with a blow-dryer on low to medium heat while fluffing the area with a dry terry towel as it dries.
  • Place an ice cube on the dented area and allow it to melt there. The melted water will puff the fiber. Dry and fluff afterward.
  • Spray the affected area with a wrinkle remover spray, then fluff and dry.

 How to Prevent Future Dents, Wrinkles, and Creases

If you succeed in flattening out a rug after fighting off wrinkles and creases, you’ll want to prevent a repeat of the same situation, knowing how stressful the process can be.

Therefore, to prevent future wrinkles, dents, curling, and creases on your rug, remember to occasionally move heavy furniture in your living room and bedroom. Heavy furniture will leave dents on your rug if left in the same position on the rug for a long time.

But if occasional rearrangement of furniture won’t be possible for you, try to rotate your area rug often to evenly spread out the wear on the rug. Remember, you may not always have flat rugs after cleaning them but with these tips, flattening out a rug and returning it to its default shape is no longer out of reach.




April 30, 2021 — Luxe Weavers