“What’s so great about a rug anyway?”

If you ask this question, then you either don’t understand interior décor or you don’t know how much a simple rug can completely transform your home. Believe it or not, everyone needs a fashionable rug at home. Why? Rugs are multi-purpose additions to every space. If you’ve ever stepped into a room and felt like burying your foot in its floors, that’s one of the magic of area rugs.

Thankfully, Luxe Weavers rugs are one of the most fashionable rugs with unmatched quality you’d find out there and that’s not even a brag. They are designed to provide extra warmth for your space as well as add color and texture to any room. They are proven to effortlessly transform living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen, and dining areas. Think of a Luxe Weavers rug as more than a floor décor. It works for noise reduction and serves as a playground for kids and pet. And guess what? They are very affordable!

If you are looking to decorate your space with an area rug, or replace old ones with fresh durable ones, here are 8 affordable Luxe weavers rugs you can buy without breaking the bank.

  1. Luxe Weavers Victoria Collection 3895 Area Rug

Luxe weavers victoria collection area rug 3895


This is an area rug that speaks to the class. The Luxe weavers Victoria Collection 3895 Area Rug is a quality but very affordable floor décor piece. Besides its bright colors,100% polypropylene fibers, precise rectangular cuts, regular pile height, and carefully loomed stylish abstract patterns. This area rug is the definitions of top quality. It has rich vibrant colors, and has an impressive life span. It is resistant to stains and dirt which makes cleaning and maintenance easier. Even with continuous cleaning, its colors remain intact, and it doesn't shed.

  1. Luxe Weavers Lagos Collection 7501 Area Rug

Luxe Weavers Lagos Collection 7501 Area Rug

The Luxe Weavers’ Lagos collection 7501 area rug is a unique collection that offers a high standard experience at prices affordable. This rug is specifically designed using beautiful abstract patterns and comes in sizes such as 5x7 and 8x10. It makes a major statement on your floor area, giving a modern outlook to the space it occupies. It has a soft texture that gives a soothing experience to any foot that steps on it. It is known for its unification features of art pieces in the floor area. This area rug is more than just a beauty, but also shields hardwood floors and can bear the weight of any furniture. It’s made of 100% polypropylene fiber, a material that makes the rug soft enough against the effect of dropped items. It has a medium pile that allows for easy movement of items around the floor. Cleaning and maintaining the rug is stress-free, as one can use a dry cloth to clean out stained spots or use a vacuum that has no beater bar. The rug doesn’t inhabit dust and resists stains, even with regular cleaning, the color of the rug remains without Fade and without shedding.

  1. Luxe Weavers Hampstead Collection 49 Area Rug

Luxe Weavers Hampstead Collection Area Rug

This particular piece of art synchronizes with every piece of furniture and art in your room. In any color you might prefer, it shows perfection and is worth your penny, be it the blue, beige, or ivory color options. It also has a unique abstract pattern that gives life to every piece in your room. Its preaches calmness to any room that’s decorated brightly, blending smoothly with the room decorations. The Hampstead collection is made from the best polypropylene fibers and lacks no quality.

The Hampstead rug has a medium height pile which gives aid to your furniture’s weight. It also helps prevent the hardwood from damaging. It provides a safe playground for children and helps protect the feet from landing hard on the wood. This rug also aids easy cleaning and maintenance, as dirt and stains don’t stick to the rug. It is easily cleaned and a rotating brush vacuum can be used also. Its color doesn’t fade even amidst regular cleaning.

  1. Luxe Weavers Beverly Collection 8432 Area Rug

Luxe Weavers Beverly collection 8432 Area Rug

The Luxe Weavers Beverly collection 8432 area rug is one of a kind. It turns any room into a lively area with its bright abstract pattern. It beautifies floors and spaces, adding a brilliant set of colors to your living room, bedroom, and dining room. It is perfect for areas with high foot traffic. It is pets and kids friendly and resists stains. This modern rug is made of 100% polypropylene fibers that don’t shed and is easy to clean.

It possesses a soft texture that keeps the feet warm with every step taken on it. It has a medium pile height which offers protection against damages to your hardwood floor. It also helps to take the weight of your room's furniture, and is durable. It's easy to clean. Dust, stains, and dirt are never permanent on the rug, and you can quickly get it to a pristine condition by vacuuming with a no-beater bar.

  1. Luxe Weavers Incas Collection 186 Area Rug

Luxe Weavers Incas Collection 186 Area Rug

This area rug features elegance and quality in its unique creation. It has a bright red swatch color and has a soft texture with an oriental pattern that’s neatly crafted. It creates a premium experience anywhere it is placed; it adds class to a particular place. Its soft lush texture gives a soothing feeling to every foot that steps on it. It's available in colors such as red, beige, and blue, which can aid unify pieces of art in your room

This rug supports the weight of your furniture with its medium pile height, protecting your hardwood floor from damages. It is made from 100% polypropylene fiber which makes it firm, sturdy, and prevents major damages to dropped items. It's resistant to dust and dirt and requires a few minutes to clean. Its colors don’t fade even with regular cleaning, and it's durable. It does not shed, and also gives supreme comfort to the feet of step-ins.

  1. Luxe Weavers Patricia Collection 125 Area Rug

Luxe Weavers Patricia Collection Area Rug

This oriental rug transforms a room with its special oriental style. It has a floral pattern that helps beautify the decoration of a room. It gives life to a room by adding the correct splash of colors.  It’s made from a fiber that’s resistant to stain, a low maintenance polypropylene fiber that’s durable, that’s friendly to pets and kids. It fits perfectly in different areas of your home. It is designed to be durable for a long period without color fade and shedding.

This oriental rug has a soft texture that gives a soothing feeling to the feet. It is also of a medium pile height that shields the hardwood floor from damages and takes on the weight of your furniture without causing wear or tear to the rug.  It requires minimum effort to clean and maintain. It's resistant to dirt, dust, and stains and can be cleaned using mild soap and water. Its color doesn’t fade even amidst regular cleaning. 

  1. Luxe Weavers Howell Collection 2527 Area Rug

Luxe Weavers Howell Collection 2527 Area Rug

This oriental area rug features a unique oriental style that brings out the beauty in a room. It is designed to be durable, produced with a low-maintenance polypropylene fiber that stays soft and lush for many years. It also has a sturdy texture that helps to keep the feet warm. This oriental rug has a medium pile height that supports the weight of furniture in the room and protects the hardwood floor against damages. It doesn’t wear out nor get torn. It's durable and built for heavy foot traffic. To clean it, you need only a bar of mild soap and water. It also doesn’t retain dust, dirt, and stains making it easy to clean and maintain.

  1. Luxe Weaver Victoria Collection 2817 Area Rug

Victoria Oriental Area Rug 2817 Area Rug

This area rug is an oriental classic, designed to exceed your expectations. It comes in luxurious colors such as ivory, burgundy, and beige. This rug fits into any floor area perfectly and transforms a room into a beautiful work of art, unifying every single item. It has a medium pile height that provides warmth and supreme comfort to any feet that step on.  It’s a safe playground for children and protects the hardwood floor against damages. Maintaining and cleaning it is not cost-intensive. It is resistant to dirt and stains. And even with regular cleaning, it doesn’t shed nor fade in color.

So, there you go! With one or some of these area rugs on your floor, your home will get that facelift it’s been begging for. Happy Shopping!




November 26, 2021 — Luxe Weavers