Euston 7680 Abstract Area Rug

$25.00 $45.00


Do you love minimalist décors or would like to tone down your brightly decorated home with a luxurious area rug? The Luxe Weavers Euston Collection will match and exceed your imaginations of an ideal living room or bedroom. Its abstract designs are calm and classic, complimenting almost any furniture around it. Available in rectangular sizes ranging from 2 x 3 to 9 x 12, and colors such as Blue, Grey, Beige, and Multi-Color, this machine-made 100% polypropylene rug will fit perfectly into any space you choose to use it, transforming its environment into an aesthetically pleasing one. It has a charming character that attracts and unifies everything around it.




Extra warmth means more comfort and coziness around your home and this medium pile area rug delivers that and more. Besides its attractive appeal, its soft texture provides a cushion for your underfoot, while your kids can play around freely as it is kid and pets friendly. It is firm, sturdy, and able to protect your floor from damage caused by heavy pieces of furniture.




Get this abstract to area rug to a pristine condition by spot-cleaning with a dry cloth or a no beater bar vacuum in a few minutes. It never retains dirt, making it easy to maintain and clean. And even after years of use and cleaning, its quality and colors remain intact as they are when new. If a value for money is a purchase trigger for you, here's a rectangular machine-made area rug that fits that description perfectly.



-      Easy spot cleaning and maintenance

-      No Shedding

-      Anti-dust

-     Modern & Abstract Print

-     Supreme comfort & softness underfoot

2x3 Actual Dimension: 1 feet 9 inches by 2 Feet 9 inches
2x7 Actual Dimension: 2 Feet 1 inches by 7 Feet 3 inches
4x5 Actual Dimension: 3 feet 11.5 inches by 5 feet 3.5 inches
5x7 Actual Dimension: 5 feet 2 inches by 7 feet 2 inches
6' Round Actual Dimension: 6 feet 5 inches by 6 feet 5 inches
6x9 Actual Dimension: 6 feet 5 inches by 9 feet 2 inches
8x10 Actual Dimension: 7 feet 8 inches by 10 Feet 6 inches
9x12 Actual Dimension: 8 feet 9 inches by 12 feet 6 inches