For much of the United States, December marks the time when it gets quite chilly. The heat is pumping, we’re breaking out our wool socks, and if there’s a fireplace nearby, well, we hope you’ve chopped enough wood. But there are more ways to stay cozy indoors this season than by merely bundling sweater atop sweater. Inside your home you can do things like check your window insulation, swap out fresh air filters, and add throw pillows and big warm blankets to your couches. Oh, and you can add an area rug atop a carpet.

Sound crazy? Hear us out. Adding an additional rug to a carpeted room can amp up the cozy factor, provide more cushion, and absorb more heat so that your home is as warm and inviting as possible. 

But for those who have never considered a layered look in their home, fear not. This decor choice is not as perplexing as it sounds. With a little guidance, anyone can employ a rug on carpet look and reap the benefits throughout the coldest season. You might even be surprised to find it adds elegance to a previously bland space. 

To get started, in this guide we’ll examine 10 ways to place a rug on a carpet in winter.

Consider Textures

When layering textiles on textiles you don’t necessarily want them to match. To add depth and intrigue considering placing different textures on top of one another. For instance a wool carpet might look great with a jute rug above it. Or a low pile carpet that feels sort of cold could be warmed up by a shag rug, for instance the Luxe Weavers Manhattan Plain Shag Dark Gray Modern Area Rug

winter area rug

Add a Pad

Placing a rug on top of a carpet may seem as simple as throwing it down, but you still need to consider all of the tools that help a rug stay looking nice and new for years to come. This includes a rug pad. Not only will a pad add some cushion, it can help hold the rug in place and avoid damaging both the rug and the carpet in the process. You don’t want traffic across the rug to rub and pull at the fibers in the carpet below. By using a pad you can avoid unnecessary slip as well.

Color Accordingly

To make a layered carpet/rug situation work, one of the best methods is to use a neutral carpet. From there, the rug you place atop it will look best if it blends with your existing decor palette. Say you have an overall neutral room, you can go a little more wild, with vibrant colors say in something like this Luxe Weavers Howell Collection Ivory Abstract Area Rug or Luxe Weavers Victoria Collection Grey Abstract Area Rug

winter area rug

If you have a more traditional room, try experimenting with rug layering, and make your choice blend seamlessly by accenting other design elements in it. For instance, if you have light blue walls, play off that look with a blue hued rug like this Blue Abstract Modern Area Rug.

Pick Your Pattern

Patterns can work wonders in making a space feel more cozy and the addition of a rug with a great pattern on top of a carpet can up that affect even more. So how do you choose? 

If going for stripes, make sure one strip matches the carpet below to blend the two. If working with something a little more detailed, consider whether or not it will distract from the rest of your furnishings. If the design is too busy, it can make the room appear disjointed and uncomfortable.

For an ageless look, consider topping a carpet with a traditional Oriental rug. The classic design will age gracefully and make a space timeless, not trendy.

Size Matters

It may not be a concern in other situations, but when it comes to rugs, size matters. The last thing you want to do when layering a rug on top of a carpet is pick one that’s too small. We recommend going larger. Nearly all interior designers agree that to make a rug work in a room, nearly every piece of furniture should touch it at some point. This brings the space together. 

Consider the Material

Rugs come in a variety of materials — silk, wool, synthetic. What you pick will determine how your rug ages. For a rug that stands up to a busy home, consider the latter. Luxe Weavers makes rugs that are durable and can handle heavy foot traffic while maintaining their beauty and luster, like this Luxe Weavers Victoria Collection 3212 Blue Oriental Area Rug.

Winter area rug


When thinking about rugs, a living room is often the first space to come to mind. But you can add a rug to any room. For instance, consider the space in front of a fireplace, or a bathroom. There’s the foot of the bed that can be warmed up significantly by stacking a rug on a carpet. Or you could make a dining area more inviting by placing a rug under the table. All the aforementioned tips still apply, but don’t be limited to just a living space.

Anchors Away

In addition to padding, another way to really nail the layered look is to ensure your rug doesn’t go anywhere. To do so, consider installing anchors. These small tabs can hold a rug in place without damaging it and spare you and guests from any unnecessary trips or falls. 

Go for Three

Who says you just have to stack a rug on a carpet. You can go even higher, according to Domino which advocates for stacking in threes. This is a great option for a baby room where you can put an even smaller rug next to or under the crib.

Embrace Contrast

The fun of stacking rugs is that they bring contrast into a room, so have fun with it. And the best way to go a little wild without breaking the bank is by finding affordable rug options. For this, Luxe Weavers is the place to go. The company specializes in rugs that are as gorgeous as they are reasonable. To see more options, visit

July 02, 2024 — Luxe Weavers