Geometric Colorblock 1007 Modern Area Rug

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Geometric Area Rug

Geometric patterns on a floor cover have always produced impeccable classic appeal. The Luxe Weavers 1007 Geometric Colorblock Area Rug takes this a notch higher with its compelling multicolor hues. It introduces a tile-like feel to your floors and perfectly complements existing décor in your living room, bedroom, or dining area.  Every bland-looking space becomes exciting with this top-quality modern area rug.

Active Protection and Traffic-ready
This beautiful art piece offers more than transformation to your space. With its medium pile height, it takes on heavy foot traffic without a fuss and protects your floor from damages and permanent stains.  Produced with 100% polypropylene fiber, this area rug is sturdy, firm, and prevents hard landing in cases of trips, and accidental drops. Its lush and soft texture provides an adequate cushion; you and your kids can play on it freely without worrying about bruises.

Low Maintenance and Quick Cleaning
Dirt and stains are unavoidable at home, but you can get rid of them quickly when on this machine-made area rug. A few minutes of spot-cleaning or vacuuming with a rotating brush will get it back to a pristine condition, making it ready to serve its beautification and protection purposes, always. Not to worry, regular cleaning will not cause its colors to fade off as it is made from top-quality polypropylene fiber. This luxurious area rug is made to last and retain its colors even after many years of use.


Actual Dimension: 2 feet 0 inches width by 3 feet 4 inches length

Actual Dimension: 2 feet 2 inches Width by 7 Feet 4 inches Length

Actual Dimension: 3 feet 11 inches Width by 5 Feet 3 inches Length

Actual Dimension: 5 feet 2 inches width by 7 feet 2 inches length

Actual Dimension: 6 feet 5 inches Width by 9 Feet 2 inches Length

Actual Dimension: 7 feet 8 inches Width by 10 Feet 6 inches Length

Actual Dimension: 8 feet 9 inches width by 12 feet 6 inches length









Machine-woven from high quality polypropylene materials and jute backing, for durability and a long lifespan.

Stain resistant rug you can vacuum with a no beater bar or spot-clean with gentle carpet cleaner solution to have it in its original, clean condition.


Medium pile thickness of 0.5 inches for just the right amount of cushioning. Anti-dust and soft texture so kids can sit and read in comfort or play on it with your family pet.

Modern bold cube design inspired by stained glass and made in Turkey. Color block pattern in turquoise or gray and black, complement Scandinavian, industrial décor, and mid-century modern furniture styles.

Hallways and kitchens are suited for 2x3 rugs, 2x8 runners and 4x5 accent rugs. Medium sized rugs in 5x7, 6x9, or large 8x10 and 9x12 area rugs complement living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms.