When you think of a home office, your thoughts should be around comfort and serenity. But a home office cannot be complete if the floor is always too cold or the floor covering is shabby. For this, you need a modern home office area rug; not just any type though.

The office area rug you choose has to be perfect for your space and reflect your style. It should also be functional and practical, if you want it to serve the purpose of the area it covers.

For interior décor generally, a little piece such as a rug plays a huge part in creating the wholesome look, so adding a home office area rug, to an office space brings out the sparks, no doubt.

However, choosing rugs can be pretty tricky, home office or study corner. It is fair enough to know when you need a home office area rug, but it absolutely wise to be careful when deciding the suitable one for your space. In this guide, we’ll guide you through how to make the best choice of area rugs, where to place them, and the ideal sizes to buy for different home office areas. But if you still have a cold foot as regards why you should buy a home office rug, below are a few reasons you have to make that decision fast.

area rug in a home office section

Why Buy a Home Office Rug?

1. Home Office Rugs Increase Visual Perception

Yes, home office rugs come in different shapes, colors and textures. An office setting with a desk and computer system may appear unattractive and stale. And by placing a bright colored area rug to the relatively bare area, there’s an instant spark in the look and feel of your home office space. Area rugs evoke liveliness and influence work momentum. So whether it is to bring the fun to work or break out of the idea of the general look of the space, office rugs for homes are efficient.

2. Home Office Rugs Create Acoustic Attenuation

Imagine having to work from home and the surrounding noise keeps distracting you or even the sounds from the chair piercing through your ears each time you move. Upsetting right? Well, office area rugs dampen and soak these sounds, creating a quieter and more peaceful workspace environment.

3. Home Office Rugs Provide Thermal Insulation

Having a home office rug idea for thermal insulation is everything for us.  Truth is, some floors get too cold and have high water retention capacity. This can dampen and quickly cause discomfort for your feet as you work. An area rug in your work space also conserves heat and provides a warmer feel for your feet and body.

4. Home Office rugs Protect Your Floor

Not all floors are hard and made of concrete. Some floors are delicate and can be damaged by the heavy furniture on them. For example, dragging a chair with casters on a wooden floor will scratch and indent the surface greatly. Placing a home office area rug will help reduce these damages. And if you already have a damaged spot around your home office area, any of these 6 polypropylene rugs with great pile heights will help mask the damage and prevent further indention.

You can also read our expert guide on Crucial Things to Consider Before Choosing a Home Office Rug.

Where Can You Place a Home Office Rug?

Home office rug in a room

Now that you know why you should buy a rug for your home office, the next puzzle to solve is where and how you can place them. Thankfully, home office rug placement is not too tasking, understanding your office space will help achieve the best outcome.

Nonetheless, the first place you need to start with is your floor. Taking out the old coverings and engaging in proper cleaning and vacuuming practice will set the pace. If you have a wooden floor, you may want to smoothen it before a home office area rug. This will produce a more eye-catching new look.

Thereafter, place your rug under the desk and chair, whether your unit is a rectangular rug or circular rug. Make sure to cover the entire floor under your desk so, your leg can properly sit on the rug and you can enjoy the texture and warmth. You should also cover the floor under the chair entirely. That way, the edges of the rug will not be damaged when your chair pulls out of the rug forcefully.

What Size of Home Office Rug is Ideal?

Home office rug in a room

Though these type of rugs come in sizes that are smaller than the dimension of the entire floor of a room, your unit should be large enough to cover the area of your home office.

To make yourself very comfortable, the rug should stretch over the floor, reaching the distance you will cover in the office.

A larger home office rug equals more sound reduction and warmth of your space. However, you should make sure that your doors and other moving instalments are not meddling with the rug as this will result in damage and denting of the texture.

What Properties Should Home Office Rug Be Made of?

There are three unique and distinct rug properties that provide the best experience when it comes to home office area rugs. These are wool, cotton and polypropylene.

Rugs made of wool are soft and durable. They are so made to resist some stains and are low in liquid retention. They are popular and well-sorted after because they provide warmth and are good for heavy foot traffic areas.

Area rugs made of cotton are flat weaved. They are basically lesser in quality and are cheaper when compared to wool. They are pocket-friendly.

Polypropylene rugs are the most commonly manufactured. Polypropylene meets all the requirements of an area rug both for indoors and outdoors purposes. One of their unique qualities is that they are easy to clean. They are made to feel like natural fibers, providing the comfort, cushion and warmth with any other material would provide. In a nutshell, polypropylene rugs are the best home office area rugs if you are looking to combine style, aesthetics, functionality and affordability in your buying decision.

Home office area rug

Our Take…

  • Home offices are designed differently to meet the taste and desires of the owner, so bringing an office rug home will not make your space spectacular, except you take proper considerations.
  • While a plain propylene home office area rug will fit in nicely in a plain colored space, a patterned rug will be suited for a plusher look, like a typical study area.
  • Whatever your taste is, do not forget to explore your choices and choose one that best suits your personality. Luxe Weavers boasts different types of stylish home office area rugs. You can start with our Abstract Collection.
  • A combination of bold hues and calm neutral colors will bring a splash of colors to your space. You can use either of bold hues or calm neutral colors independently to achieve different purposes. 
  • You can install a home office area rug imbibed with some exciting patterns of movement to add a busy vibe to your space.
  • Choose for area rugs with intriguing textures to add to the firmness and appearance of your space.
  • Use an area rug large enough to cover the floors of your desk and chairs. It adds an interesting allure to your space and allows you to carry out your activities smoothly.
  • Home office area rugs help to cover up damages and dents on the floor of your office space.
  • If you think a particular space is not typically cut out for office duties, install one of Luxe Weavers' Modern Geometric Rugs, then watch the space transform into a proper modern home office area. 

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June 25, 2021 — Luxe Weavers