Do you own a cat? Are you planning to get one?  Then, your cat must be happy with your rug choice too. If you are a pet lover, it is important to learn about rugs that are suitable for not just you, but also your pet. Beyond aesthetics and warmth, the activities of these adorable creatures determine the durability and lifespan of area rugs. So, if you must get things right and keep everyone happy and satisfied, the first place to start is the material of the rug in your home. In this guide, we’ll discuss why pets scratch on rugs, the best rug for cat, and ways to prevent them from destroying their textures and surfaces.

First, here are some things you should note:

  • Your area rug must be stain and dirt-resistant. They should be easy to clean and rid of stains that are usually dragged in by your cat.
  • Cleaning your area rug in cases of pee or poo should be easy and not leave marks or stains.  Learn How to Expertly Clean Rugs In a Few Minutes too.
  • Your rugs have to be claw-proof. This should be a major deciding factor when considering what rug to buy. Area rugs with looped surfaces are more likely to be caught in the claws of your cat.
Cat clawing on a rug

Why Cats Claw and Destroy Rugs

Cats are indeed very lovely, intelligent, and fun pets to keep at home. But the quest to satisfy their natural curiosity and playfulness can leave damages on the surface of your rugs or might ruin them completely. As a cat owner, clawing and scratching are natural behavioral activities you will see in your cats regularly. Here’s why:

  1. Cats claw to improve their look. Since they are hygienic and clean creatures, they tend to claw on surfaces (especially rugs) to help them remove the old claws and reveal new, sharper ones. This is also known as stropping.
  2. Cats use their claws to grip on sinkable surfaces like a rug to stretch out their limbs and exercise their muscles.
  3. Cats scratch surfaces as a form of interaction. They can use their claws to mark spaces when trying to communicate with other cats or show aggression in the case of a fight.
  4. Your cat may get bored and begin to play around by scratching and clawing on different surfaces in your home. When they are all alone in the house, everything including your rug becomes a toy.

Having serious concerns already? You shouldn't. While a cat's scratch may push you to rethink your decisions to own a cat or buy an area rug, cat friendly rugs balance things up. After installing them, you’d never have to worry about the condition of your rug every time you are away at work, on a dinner date, or a night out with friends.

Materials that Make the Best Rug for Cat

cat lying on the best rug for cat

Rugs that are made from Nylon, Polyester, Polypropylene, Berber, and Frieze materials are the best rug for cats as they last longer when compared with other rug types. They are claw-proof, and dirty paw-prints or pet droppings on the surface of the rug will be very easy to wipe off. They are also stylish and very affordable. Let’s take a closer look at each:

1. Polypropylene Rugs
Polypropylene rugs are non-absorbent. You can get rid of stains without leaving any traces. So it is safe to say that synthetic polypropylene rugs should be at the top of your list if you are looking to buy a cat-friendly rug or the best rug for cat. They are durable, affordable, and also come in various fancy styles that will serve you for a long time in homes with cats.
2. Polyester Rugs
Polyester is a synthetic rug material and no doubt, one of the best rugs for cat. Its fibers are equally non-absorbent while their hydrophobic qualities prevent damages from liquids and stains. You can dye polyester rugs to provide even more strength and increase their resistance capacity. They are soft, affordable, and durable, and are often made from recyclable materials and plastics.
3. Nylon Rugs
Nylon fiber rugs are synthetic rugs with a high degree of fiber concentration. They top the list of cat friendly rugs in terms of durability as they are resilient and capable of withstanding compactions and strains from the claws of your cat.
Nylon fibers are stronger and more resistant to stains when they are treated. Though these rugs are not as affordable as others, they are better alternatives to rugs made from wool. Thankfully, manufacturers have recently begun to produce environmentally friendly fiber rugs with recyclable materials. This means their price tags would reduce gradually and make them more pocket-friendly.
 4. Berber Rugs
Do you ever ask yourself the question, “Do cats like rugs?”  Or wonder if there are special types of rugs that pets find amusing and love to play on? Well, Berber rugs ring the loudest bell.
This particular rug is made of high-quality fiber materials which are looped tightly and hand-woven to ensure the claws of your cats do not damage or loosen the loops on the surface. A Berber rug will perfectly serve as your pet's stretch mat and claw remover. Besides being a floor cover, it is also a great companion for your cat.
5. Frieze Rugs
Frieze rugs are made from strong high-quality fibers. Their twisted fibers make it possible to conceal stains and hide dirt on their surfaces. Also, the claws of your pet will not cause adverse damage since Frieze rugs have thick curls that are firmly and tightly locked. They are durable, affordable, and quite easy to maintain.

How To Keep Your Cats from Scratching Your Rugs

cat in a cat basket on a rug

While cats are pets and should be pampered, it is important to help them learn what and what not to do around your space. Since you wouldn’t want them to scratch every surface in your home, make sure to provide a scratching post where your cat can scratch to its satisfaction.

Cats always take out the old nails for some new sharper ones, you can prevent them from using your rug’s surface as in doing this by clipping their nails.

You can redirect your cat's attention to other activities, or a separate space set aside for the cat to play in.

Final checkboxes…

Remember, polypropylene rugs are stain and dirt-resistant, affordable, and durable. They rank high among the best rug for cat. If you are a pet owner, only buy rugs that are easy to clean. Lastly, buy an area rug that contrasts the color of your pet. That way, you can easily spot furs and clean up when due. 

One last thing: We are sure you and your cat will instantly fall in love with many of Luxe Weavers' cat-friendly 100% polypropylene rugs.  Shop through our top-quality, stylish collections and buy one today!


July 02, 2021 — Luxe Weavers