Polypropylene rugs, besides being one of the most affordable rugs on the market, are one of the most fascinating options when it comes to beautifying your home or workplace. They are not only durable and attractive, polypropylene rugs cleaning and maintenance are one of the reasons why they have become very famous among rug owners.

If you own one of them or you are planning to get one for your home, cleaning polypropylene rugs will certainly not be one of your worries as they are designed to withstand high-traffic areas where stains and spills are almost inevitable.

Polypropylene rugs, as their name suggests, are made from a synthetic substance called Polypropylene (PP) which has various commercial and industrial uses - one of them being the production of rugs that do not only protect your flooring but also make your home beam with beauty and glamour.

Polypropylene rugs are very tough and can withstand a sizable amount of stress. Nonetheless, they are lightweight. A vintage description of polypropylene rugs are Luxe Weavers' Modern Rugs. They offer tenderness and softness that make your feet feel exceptionally warm and comfortable - all at a very pocket-friendly price.

We can go on and on about this delight of a polypropylene rug, but while cleaning polypropylene rugs is one of the easiest things to do, it is also important to do it rightly.

If you don't know how, no need to worry. You'll learn the different techniques in a bit.

Lady cleaning a polypropylene rug

How to Clean a Polypropylene Rug

One very striking quality that puts Polypropylene rugs in a fight of supremacy with Wool rugs is because they are quite easy to clean and maintain - many thanks to their outstanding properties.

First, you don't have to worry about these rugs losing their color. They have an incredible color retention rate.

Also, polypropylene rugs have commendable moisture resistance and several other chemical compounds - many bases, and acids inclusive.

Depending on the gravity of the stain, cleaning a polypropylene rug is a fairly easy thing to do. You can wash your polypropylene rug using any of these simple yet effective methods to keep them sparkling clean always.

  1. Simple Regular Cleaning

The best way to keep your polypropylene rug sparkling clean at all times is to carry out simple, regular cleaning because polypropylene rugs are high-traffic rugs and are often victims of dirt and stains. Shoe stains, food & drink spills, etc. often take their toll on these beautiful floor covers.

Some of the simple regular cleanings include:

  • Frequent Vacuum Cleaning

The most common way of maintaining a good looking polypropylene rug is to vacuum clean it regularly to remove dust, food crumbs, and other dirt. You can decide to make it an everyday chore or you can do it occasionally if you find it a daunting task.

However, you can protect your polypropylene rug rugs from getting dirty too often by keeping your shoes at the front door and wiping your pet’s paw before coming into the house.

  • Dust Shaking

Dust shaking is a simple alternative to vacuum cleaning. If you have small rugs such as doormats or small accent rugs, you can carefully fold and shake them outside the house or beat vigorously against the wall to remove dust, grits, crumbs, and other dirt that may be hiding within the rug pile.

  • Brushing

Brushing is also effective when you have don't have access to a functioning vacuum cleaner, or in situations where human or pet hairs are stuck on your polypropylene rug as vacuuming may sometimes leave some behind.

Use a stiff rug brush to remove air and dust in the direction of the rug nap.

  • Spot Cleaning

Spot stains and spillage from foods, drinks, paints, and other liquid substances are sometimes unavoidable in the home especially when you have kids around.

The first thing to do whenever you have unwanted spots on your polypropylene rug is to blot out the blemish immediately with a moist cloth or sponge to dilute the stain. Secondly, scrub the affected spot with a wet sponge and rug shampoo or detergent. Then, wash thoroughly for the last time with clean water only to remove out the soap and any remaining stain.

lady vacuum-cleaning a polypropylene rug
  1. Occasional Thorough Cleaning

Although polypropylene rugs are known to withstand a great amount of dirt, stains, and spillage, a time would come when they would require thorough cleaning if they must retain their beauty and elegance.

You may have been carrying out simple cleanings on the rugs to make them stay clean always but if you want them to regain their initial sauce and freshness, overall cleaning and complete washing is the way to go.

There are two ways to carry out a thorough washing.

  • Hire a Professional

If you don't have the time to wash your polypropylene rug yourself, you find it difficult, or you live in an apartment with no yard access to wash your rug, then you may have no other choice than to hire professional rug cleaners to help you out.

The cost of rug cleaning varies from place to place but one thing is certain - you will have your rug fresh and clean once again without breaking a sweat.

  • Wash It Yourself

Washing your polypropylene rug yourself is also commonly known as “do it yourself” or “DIY”. If you are on a budget or if you have enough time on your hands and you don’t mind giving your polypropylene area rug a thorough wash, then this method is for you.

What You Need for Thorough Polypropylene Rugs Washing

If you have decided to wash your rug and get rid of stains, crumbs, and other dirt all by yourself, below is a list of the few things you need to get the job done.

  • A vacuum cleaner
  • Good quality rug shampoo or detergent
  • A rug cleaning brush with a long handle
  • Pressure sprayer
  • A carpet dryer if you wish to dry it faster than usual but it is not necessary if you can wait for it to dry naturally. Polypropylene rugs are not so thick and should dry up in a day if there's sufficient sunlight

Steps in Cleaning Polypropylene Rugs

  1. Take it Outside

The first thing to do in cleaning your rug is to take it outside and place it on flat bricks or a flat concrete surface. Placing the polypropylene rug on stairs or sloppy surfaces can make your task much more difficult.

  1. Vacuum-Clean it

Regularly vacuum cleaning your rug is very advisable just as we have mentioned earlier. However, when you intend to take your rug through a thorough washing process, you would still need to vacuum clean it to remove every dust and loose dirt particle hiding within the rug pile

Vacuum cleaning your rug is a task that can be done in a few minutes, depending on the size of your rug.

  1. Pressure-Spray the rug with clean water

The next thing is to spray water on the rug to wet the fiber and loosen up clogged dirt particles. Use a pressure sprayer machine if you want to make your work easier as the machine pressure can help displace particles faster and easier.

  1. Wash Up With Rug Brush And Shampoo

Mix some liquid detergent or rug shampoo with a sizeable amount of water in a bucket. Ensure that the solution has enough foam to help remove stains more effectively, then take your carpet cleaning brush and dip it in the soap mixture. Remove the brush and scrub the carpet gently but thoroughly from one end to another until it is free of all stains and dirt.

  1. Rinse Up

Once you are sure that your rug is thoroughly cleaned, pressure-spray it with clean water to rinse off the soap and any other remaining dirt. Do this about two or three times to ensure that no soap or dirt is left unwashed.

  1. Drying

Spread your polypropylene rug on a raised flat surface or a tall fence and leave it under the sun to dry for a day. You can also take the faster route of using a drying machine if you have access to one.

Professional Polypropylene rug cleaners carrying a rug

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to clean polypropylene rugs?

Depending on the severity of the dirt or stain, you can clean your rug using any of the cleaning methods listed above. However, if you want to retain that exciting feel and beauty of your polypropylene rug, then a thorough cleaning is the best option.

Can I Steam-Clean Polypropylene Rugs?

Certainly yes. You can steam-clean your polypropylene area rug just like you'd do to other rug materials. The melting point of polypropylene is about 160⁰C while the temperature of the steam is only about100⁰C, so it's perfectly safe and okay to steam-clean your rug.

Can I Wash Polypropylene Rugs?

All rugs are washable and polypropylene area rugs are not an exemption. They are moisture-resistant and take only about 10 minutes of washing to get rid of all stains and dirt that may have found an abode on the rug. However, it is advisable to follow the manufacturer's instructions on how best to clean your polypropylene area rug.

Our final thoughts!

Cleaning a polypropylene area rug is a simple and enjoyable procedure that doesn't take much time or energy to get done. With just a rug shampoo, brush, and clean water, you get your beautiful and inexpensive polypropylene area rug back to its dazzling old self.

So when next you need to get your polypropylene area rug sparkling once again, we believe you know what to do, and how best to do it.

December 14, 2020 — Luxe Weavers