When a piece gets old, especially of material, everyone tends to discard them for not having that sharp, fresh look anymore. Basically, they are worn out. However, while modern distressed rugs may appear old or worn, they are willfully made so. Rug manufacturers don’t keep this rug type in some old store for a time to achieve those looks. Rather, they are the result of careful irritation by friction and treatments with chemicals.

The hues get to luster, and the palettes are more evident, highlighted and displayed. Against all odds, the idea of distressed rug in rooms has blown the minds of décor experts and homeowners. However, if you plan to buy modern distressed rugs available for sale online or in stores for a touch of edge and uniqueness to your space, below are a few things you need to learn.

 What are Modern Distressed Rugs?

A modern distressed rug has as a vintage or retro kind of appearance. To improve its overall appearance for instance, manufacturers use additional efforts like bleaching techniques to give off the signature faded look during production.

But despite their looks, distressed rugs still have all the qualities of modern area rugs. They set apart any space you choose to place them and are durable. They always demonstrate a fresh, exquisite, and timeless appeal.

While the designs on distressed rugs are usually faded, dull and aged which may vastly differ from modern designs and décor pieces, they work greatly in spaces with modern designs, blending perfectly with design pieces such as the artworks on the wall, wall paints, or just setting a beautiful contrast to other colors in your room. So, are they actually out of style? Below are some of the most impressive ways to use distressed rugs in this era.

Man holding a luxe weavers distressed rug

Choosing the Right Modern Distressed Rug

You can fit distressed area rugs into any space and complete the looks easily. They standout and are more tasteful when you are looking to make great statements. However, when using a modern distressed rug for decorative purposes, you have to adopt at least one of these steps to get the results you have projected.

Harmonize and Balance

Going all antique and matching all piece in a room with a distressed rug may result in an overuse and a poor taste outcome. The general idea is to bring harmony by coordinating all pieces in your living space.  Without doubt, distressed rugs are unique for their versatility as they are capable to beautify any space area.

Nonetheless, adding a vintage modern distressed rug in a brightly colored space with earth toned décor pieces for a retro vibe makes the perfect sense. You can also combine a classic-colored distressed rug in areas with dull colors for a splash of fun. Besides these, you can explore several other ways of using a distressed rug, but the rule is always ‘’balance and harmonize’’.

 Prioritize their Unique Quality

Fading is a quality of rugs indicating their level of usage over time. But for distressed rugs, fading becomes an advantage since it retains a lasting hue that stands the test of time. In areas with brightly colored floors or side pieces of strong tones, these fades break out overly bright effects will its unique patterns add edge to the entire look of the area.

For instance, a faded distressed modern rug with floral patterns in a kitchen will keep up with the beautification, while the fade drowns out the multicolored utensils.

Luxe weavers pastel blue distressed rug

 Be Generous with the Pastel Hue Designs

Introducing a modern distressed rug of pastel hue in any living space will produce that flow of unity, so do not be shy in going all out for this type of distressed rug. Mostly, the pastel hues are subtle. You should not worry about having too many bright colors. The faded patterns and pallets blend generously with different floor finishing and other pieces. You can also use a pastel hue distressed rug to break out consistent patterns in a room.

 Shapes And Sizes Make the Difference

Modern distressed rugs are soft and light to handle. Manipulating them is easy as a result of their production process. They come in different sizes and shapes too. For instance, in ceremonial homes with high foot traffic and lots of décor pieces in various shapes, you can introduce a circular shaped distressed rug for diversity and space management. Thankfully, they are affordable and can be sourced locally. Yes, you can conveniently shop and buy distressed rug online from the Luxe Weavers’ rug store at pocket friendly prices.  

Use More Natural Pieces

Combine natural décor pieces such as stones, woods, ceramics, plants, and flowers with distressed rugs. You’ll be happy you did. The natural faded look of these natural materials makes it easy to blend and unify the appearance of your living space too. Again, the soft allure of an oriental distressed rug makes it easy to break out big pieces with strong colors, using a gentle touch.

Colors are Everything

 Colors play a huge part in space designing. So, it is important to pay attention to them. Balancing all pieces of décor in your home and bringing them together nicely with vast colors is no doubt a rewarding task. The color patters and palettes have to match or complement your area rug if you intend to transform any area of your home. With distressed rugs, colors won’t have to compete.


Indeed, modern distressed rug is that ‘’something old’’ that brings the wow factor and pop to your room. They are made of excellent quality fibers and are durable. Whether you need them to add style or serve as a piece of monumental preference, shop the Luxe Weavers adorable collection of distressed rugs for sale. Their impressive feel and color variations make continue to make them a top choice among homeowners and décor experts. Distressed rugs are still very much in style. Go cop yours right away!



June 07, 2021 — Luxe Weavers