Modern rugs are centerpieces in contemporary design and style. They are used as furnishing pieces and are mostly placed on the floor of living spaces. Typically, modern rugs for living rooms or any other area unite spaces and other furnishing pieces together in a tasteful display of style. They add personality, warmth, and comfort to a room. Modern rugs are game-changers, no doubts.

However, deciding to buy modern area rugs is one thing, making sure to buy modern area rugs of superior quality, be it the expensive pieces or less costly ones is another.

Questions such as ‘where can I buy modern rugs?” “Where is the perfect position for a rug in the room?” will often pop up.

Not to worry, in the following paragraphs, we’ll share some of the best styling ideas experts adopt when decorating with modern are rug designs.

Modern Rug Ideas for Your Space

In the words of Lisa Koehler, a professional interior designer, “a modern style area rug is as important to a room as a piece of art, a sofa or a chair. The rug, sofa, and artwork all need to act as a family and work together aesthetically, tonally, and texturally.’’

So, here are 11 ways to expertly use modern area rug designs and modern style area rugs for spaces in your home.

  1. Go all out with graphic rugs

luxe weavers geometric modern rug design

Graphic rug designs come in a variety of geometric patterns, textures, and colors. They carry very beautiful bright carefully encoded designs. They are bold and make statements almost in any space. Some graphic rugs also carry arts and crafts that add a more modern and advanced look to spaces. With this type of modern style rug, your options are limitless as you can customize them to suit a certain theme or bring a color scheme together. So, when feeling adventurous with style, you should go with geometric modern area rugs.

  1. Give a makeover through a bohemian rug theme

luxe waervs bohemian modern area rug

The bohemian or boho rug style is perfect when you introduce them into small living space areas such as rented apartments or school dorms. The style of this modern area rug provides an eclectic mix of bright colors, textured designs, and patterns, put in a fun, playful manner and bringing expansion, energy light to spaces. Bohemian rugs come in different shapes, colors, and patterns that blend with any space and room shape. If you are looking to buy modern area rugs with impeccable styles, sophisticated designs, with global inspiration, the boho type of modern area rug design works. 

  1. Incorporate mid-century modern style
Luxe weavers artistic modern rug design

Mid-century modern style rugs follow an irregular or artistic crafted pattern carefully incorporated into the living room space. They add bring vibrancy and highlight some other remarkable pieces in the room. This rug style, although available in different unique designs, goes with subtle or more toned colors with bold patterns in a room, creating a beautiful timeless sleek, and tasteful vintage décor to any space. We can say it is a bold choice of modern rugs for the living room.

  1. Captivate your guests' eyes with a shag rug
luxe weavers modern shag rug design

Shag rugs are unique types of modern-style area rugs among all modern area rug designs. They can appear jagged, thicker, and even frizzy. They stand out when positioned in the right space because of their soft enormous feel and luxuriant color. A quick gaze at shag rugs instantly provides warmth, comfort, and relaxation. And since its inception and popularity in the 1970s, this modern area rug design has been made in different textures to soothe the taste of its users. You’ll also find shag rugs made with natural fibers such as wool, leather, etc., and in artificial fibers such as polypropylene, faux, polyester, etc. Although a shag rug has a thicker pile which adds to its overall quality, it also has a fragile layer that gets damaged by household pets and rodents.

  1. Create a sea calming aura with a blue rug


luxe weavers rigewood blue modern rug design

A calm blue abstract rug is one of the most reputable modern area rug designs with a positive effect on home aesthetics. It is specifically targeted for mood highlighting. You can use calm blue rugs for palaces, nursery rooms, event centers, and even the living room. Every blue abstract modern area rug design creates calmness and relaxation, especially when mixed with soft light painting or floral prints of vases, curtains, and sofas.

  1. Break the stereotype of striped rugs


luxe weavers striped modern rug design

When choosing a modern area rug design for a busy living space, you may want to go for a striped modern rug style. This type of rug brings a natural and holistic finishing to the total look of a living room. However, you also consider the colors on your wall as you decide on the striped rug to buy. It is easy to mismatch a striped rug because of its delicate patterns. Use a neutral striped modern rug if your room is busy and with lots of colors. This breaks out excessive coloring, providing a more relaxed atmosphere.

  1. Gain some freedom with a modern grey pattern rug
luxe weavers grey modern rug design

Grey patterned modern area rug designs are best if you plan to neutralize colors or highlight other pieces of furniture in your space. A good mix of grey pattern rug with bright color brings vibrancy and liveliness to the whole appearance of a room. While a grey color is neutral, placing grey rugs in a bright well-lit room freshens up the interiors and adds sophistication to that space. You can also get creative with a grey patterned modern area style rug if you buy those with bright yellow or golden stripe patterns. Matching this type with other furniture with warm colors will make your room appear more classic and spacious.

  1. Blend your contemporary homes with traditional styled modern rugs
luxe weavers oriental modern rug design

Machine-made modern rugs have been replacing traditional style area rugs for some years. Nonetheless, traditional patterns remain visible in modern manufacturing processes. A good example of this is Luxe Weavers' top-quality modern oriental rugs. If you are looking to incorporate traditional patterns while keeping your home appearance modern or contemporary, modern oriental rugs are just perfect.

  1. Be distinctive with a modern cowhide rug
cowhide modern rug design

Cowhide rugs are modern area rug designs that take a liking to the hide of the cows. These rugs are magnificent and are unique in different ways. Their patterns are always distinct and vary from one another. They are very strong and long-lasting coats of an animal-inspired modern style area rug.  Cowhide rugs come in different colors of brown, black, and white. They provide a relaxing atmosphere and add coziness with a touch of nature to rooms. Cowhide rugs are mostly made from animal by-products and are legal for the purpose.


  1. Add a classic theme with a modern splashy rug
luxe weaver splashy modern rug design

Splashy rugs are those types of modern area rug designs that bring color, life, and personality to your living space. A splashy rug takes a room from dull to lively and fun in minutes. These modern-style area rugs for living spaces come in different forms and shapes. Some are handmade patterns, laid in a sparse living room to add a pop of color while still keeping in line with the dark earthy colors of other pieces in the room.

  1. Unify your space with a vintage rug
luxe weavers vintage modern rug design

A vintage modern area rug design is an excellent choice if you plan to pull a neutral but edgy décor. This type of rug introduces an all-time evergreen and retro look to a living space. It can be faded or brightly colored.

Due to its versatile appearance, you can add accessories of different colors to make a complete and balanced design throughout the entire space.  Vintage rugs are particularly appropriate for gifting as they work with virtually any space.

There you go! With these style ideas for modern area rugs, you are sure to make the best decision for any space in your home. And if you are ready to buy one at a pocket-friendly price, surf through our exhaustive collection of beautiful modern area rugs, available in different sizes. Yes, you are welcome!

June 01, 2021 — Luxe Weavers