Area Rugs are good sound dampeners and warmth providers. They help create a quiet, comfortable, and warm office space. However, choosing the right rug for any part of your office is not a walk in the park, with having to choose from a variety of styles, textures, patterns, and colors.

Often, going to a store to get a rug without thoughtfully making plans leaves you with the least suitable one. When purchasing an Area Rug for an office, you have to carefully keep in mind the size of the space and what it is used for. It would help if you also considered whether it would be a high or low traffic space, the quantity of furniture, and the colors used around the area.

These usually define the type of rug that will be most suitable for an office floor. Check out the following factors.

Area Rug in a personal office

What to Consider When Choosing Rugs for Your Office

  1. Rug Size

Picking out a rug that doesn't fit can be a hard pill to swallow. The very first thing to look out for is the shape and size of the rug, compared to the room's dimensions. Office shapes are usually either rectangular or square, so you would have to check for rugs in those shapes.

Again, since your office desk and chairs should ideally be placed on the rug, it is vital to measure each piece. Ensure that all the furniture's legs are not resting on the edges of the rug. They all have to be within the stretch of the rug to avoid damaging it. You can equally get a rug that fills the entire room. Just remain mindful of the door for easy opening and closing.


Office chair on a rug
  1. Rug type

No doubts, different rugs have their advantages. And this can make choosing a specific one difficult. But you must know not all rugs have the same levels of durability for office spaces. For instance, machine-made may wear faster than handmade rugs.

So you may want to avoid placing them in areas where there are constant chair movements and heavy footfalls. Machine-made rugs are best for non-customer facing offices. So it is best to consider a more suitable option, like hand-knotted rugs for busy areas and meeting rooms. Those are more accommodating when it comes to heavy footfalls since they are made from natural fibers. You can skim through our comprehensive guide to learn ways to differentiate machine-made and hand-made Area Rugs.

  1. Rug Texture
Office reception rug

When picking out an office rug, you have to consider its texture, as not all surfaces are suitable for office spaces. Go for Low pile rugs. They allow a more comfortable movement for office chairs with wheels while accommodating heavy office furniture. You would barely notice any furniture-created dent on low pile rugs. They have less thickness and density. Low pile rugs also have flat surfaces, making them easier to vacuum.

Avoiding materials that shed often will save you a lot of time for cleaning and upkeep. When you have a no-fuss rug, your office becomes a practical and functional space. Also, make sure to choose rugs with less traction so that office chairs can easily roll across them.

  1. Rug Material

The material of a rug is also important when choosing an office rug. Opt for a material that is strong enough to withstand the constant chair movements and foot traffic in the room. Avoid fabrics like silk, bamboo silk, or artificial materials as they are most likely to get crushed under the furniture.

The best material to consider is wool. Wool is soft, warm, and has a smart appearance. It is not as delicate as other materials and can withstand high foot traffic and furniture movements.

  1. Rug Style

When choosing a rug for your office, look for one that says a lot about your personality. Your office should feel like your personal space as much as your professional space. One way of making it feel like a personal space is by adding your personality to the mix.

Area rugs can sway moods and the comfort needed to concentrate on work. Adopt colors that make you look professional yet reveal your character. Some colors can make you feel energized; some give you warmth and comfort. You may want to go for neutral colors or simple dark colors, especially if you receive business clients at home.

You can use warm colors if it is just your personal workspace. Another thing to consider when picking out colors is the color of the furniture and that of the room. You must pick out a color that blends with the furniture and matches the mood created in the area.

There you go! Keep these tips on your finger tips when next you shop for office Area Rugs, and remember, your office space can be a lot more comfortable and enhance productivity with the right rug type, shape, texture, and material.







November 30, 2020 — Luxe Weavers