Winter comes with a lot of fun and festivity. When it starts to snow or get extremely cold at the end of the year, you know Christmas is coming. However, as much as it comes with the goodies, things could get messy during the winter season.

As a result of the cold, visitors mostly step on your rugs with muddy, stained boots and sandals, and this would certainly affect the shine that your rug brings to your room. Despite being durable, area rugs can wear out faster than you'd expect if they are not properly managed or cleaned.

So what does this imply? Rugs should be treated very importantly. Apart from the holiday spirit it brings, it warms your room up during winter, so, it is a must-have. We know you care about your rugs; this is why we want you to have them for a long time. To avoid stains that will destroy your rugs here is how to clean your rug in winter.

Use Entry Mat or a 2x3 Rug

Door Mat to Protect Area rug in winter

The exterior part of your home matters as much as the interior. The dirt or snow stain from outside can get into your rug when you don’t have an entry mat. It is always wise to have an entry mat that you can dust off your leg on before entering your house or stepping on your rug. It reduces the amount of dirt that you take into the house.
Entry mats or 2x3 rugs should stay outside your door. It could have a fancy or warm inspection on it just to add to aesthetics but the main purpose is to reduce the risk it can have on your rugs.

Take off your shoes Before Stepping on an Area Rug in Winter

The sole of your shoes is built with fancy holes and gaps so that you can have a good grip when you walk. However, these holes also accumulate a lot of dirt. You should never wear your shoes on the rug. It will result in your rug having so many sand particles and stains that will be difficult to wash.
You should also prevent your visitors from getting their shoes on the rug. The holiday season also comes with a lot of guests. If you want your rug to survive winter, you should learn some polite mechanisms that will prevent your guests from doing what you don’t want. To avoid sounding rude, you can put a friendly sign at the door that will remind them to remove their shoes before entering.

Vacuum Rightly

Your vacuum should be the closest to you during this period. You want to get all those little stains and particles out of your rug as soon as they get there. Vacuums can spoil your rugs if you don’t use them correctly. To have a nicely vacuumed rug, you should vacuum your rug upright and not from the back of the rug. It would save the knotted/knitted areas from damage.

Handle Kids and Pets Rightly

Kids and pets can get stains on your rug faster than any visitor. They are the reason you are prone to have a wet rug or a muddy one. This doesn’t mean you can’t have kids or pets over at your house. Instead, you need to establish some ground rules and ensure that they are adhered to. You also need to learn how to choose the right area rug with your pet in mind. You can create a little door and their very own doormat at every exit of the house so that it would be impossible for pets not to wipe their paws before stepping in.
However, when these cute creatures get stains on your rug, be sure to clean it up immediately. Leaving a muddy or water stain to dry on a rug can make it very difficult to clean out. It can also wear your rug.

Focus on the Exterior of the House

Using an entry mat is smart but how clean is your corridor? To ensure that your rug is safe inside, you need to ensure that the exterior part of your house is clean too. It would be very easy to control the dirt that goes into your house when your exterior is clean and presentable. It also gives your visitor an idea of what the interior of your house is like.

Protect your Rugs

Lady cleaning an area rug

Yes, you will clean your rugs from every stain as soon as it gets there but beyond that, you should be protecting your rugs from these stains. It is a cold season and you and your guests will stay indoors more but you don’t have to lose your rug with the season. So, avoid activities on your area rug. Ban eating and drinking on the rug. You can also get a protective mat if you must always stay on your area rug.

Avoid Bad Odors

Rugs are very receptive. They can absorb water or any other liquid. They can also absorb the smell. If you want your rug to remain as fresh as ever, avoid smells that will linger on your rug. Bad odor can be very hard to remove but patience, a good wash, and air drying will do.

Take your rugs to Professionals

No other person can take care of your rugs the way professional dry cleaners will, not even you. They understand the aesthetics of the rug and will do everything to protect it as they clean your rugs. They also use professional equipment that is safe for your rugs. If you want to give your rugs a nice cleaning, take them to professionals. You should try USA Clean Master.

We won’t pretend that winter is not a likable and fun season. Everyone loves winter, everyone wants to build a snowman and you should too. You can have as much fun as you want because now you have the tips that will save your rugs. With this, your area rugs should be able to survive this winter or any other winter. Be sure to make all the necessary arrangements so that you can enjoy winter like every other person. If you are yet to buy, take advantage of these winter-ready affordable Luxe Weavers rugs.

December 10, 2021 — Luxe Weavers