Bedrooms are known for how comfortable they look and feel. Besides other decors, area rugs contribute massively to the overall appearance of a bedroom. It doesn't matter the size of the rug - large or small, an area rug can bring beauty to the aesthetics of your bedroom.

However, the hurdles of sketching out the Internet, searching for the perfect bedroom rug to place in your home can be quite draining.  So, here are some common questions that a lot of home owners have asked about bedroom rugs, as well as the answers to help you make even better decisions. 

1 Where should I place my bedroom rugs?

The biggest question every individual planning to buy a new bedroom rug has is the location to place the rug. Several factors determine where to place to add a new rug in the bedroom. Factors like Bedroom size, the furniture contained in the room, and the space you want to compliment with the rug. In instances where you would want to gain access to a chair beside the bed or the bedside table, it is best to get a small rug, with a circular shape. Place it under the furniture without rough rumbles. And to have a perfect fit, try not to place the rug at the center of your bedroom. This will mostly discredit the overall aesthetics of the room.

Placement of bedroom rugs solely depends on what you want the bedroom to look like. Most people decide to have it at the center of their rooms, while others simply put it under the furniture in the room.

If you'd like to place your rug under the bed, it's always better to remove the bed, so you can set the rug properly before placing the bed back to its spot. It is okay if the rug is a little bit longer than the bed. But it must not extend beyond the bed too much, as it would then cover a lot of space.

2. How can I layer my bedroom rugs?

A not-so-common way to beautify your room is by layering at least two area rugs. But when layering your area rugs, there are some styles to follow through to make the decor stand out nicely. First, the bedroom must be large. Rugs layering only works best in a large bedroom, preferably a master bedroom. But when used in a smaller room, the room becomes too busy. To make a layered rug work for your bedroom, your furniture and the decorations have to be minimal, it has to be simple. If possible, the room should only have a bed and a nightstand. Where there are more decors and furniture in a room with layered rugs, it becomes too disorganized. Lastly, the colors of the layered rugs must be complementary. Buy only soft, medium pile bedroom rugs, not those with thick piles nor shaggy rugs.

  1. How do I pick the best rug for my bedroom?

To avoid having a bedroom that looks clustered and messy, you need to consider the size and shape of your bedroom rug. Make sure it doesn't extend to the door of the room, or a point where it begins to fight for a space with other furniture and accessories. 

The best bedroom rugs are those used in a large room with just a bed and very little furniture. You also want to pick a color that suits the theme in your room. And to select a complementary color, you need to consider patterns on your curtains, the bedding, the walls, and other accessories. 

If your bedroom has a lot going with colors and design, it is best to pick a bedroom rug that is simple and has minimal designs to avoid a busy and messy room. But make sure it still adds glamour to the bedroom. And if your room design isn't noisy, you can go for a rug with nice designs to compliment.

  1. What rug size rug should I choose for my bedroom?

The size of the rug depends on the size of your bedroom. It's important to consider this when getting a rug. You also have to consider where to place the rug in your room. Areas where you have pieces of furniture will also determine the size of your rug, especially if you plan to place the rug under your furniture.

In a master bedroom, the best size of rugs to use would be a 6ft × 9ft large rug. This would occupy the end of the bed and also come out to the middle of the room, covering the center of the room. But if you would prefer to place the rug under the bed and also cover the nightstand, then 9ft x 12ft is perfect. When buying a large rug to place underneath your bed, be sure it is large enough to have 3 inches out at each side of your bed.

  1. How should I style my bedroom with rugs?

There are various factors to consider when styling your bedroom with rugs. For example, a master bedroom would require a large rug to fit perfectly at the center of the bedroom. But you can still have smaller rugs to occupy some other corners of the room. Layered rugs would also work out well when the bedroom is large enough without any furniture or decors. You can layer a medium or small rug over a large one at the center of the room. Bedrooms with smaller space should only have small or medium size rugs.

  1. How do I clean my bedroom rugs?

Cleaning bedroom rugs depends on the material used to make the rug. You should know this before getting to wash your unit. That way, you'll avoid making fade and tear easily. Washable rugs are mostly manufactured using materials like polypropylene, wool, cotton, and polyester. Most of these rugs will need to be hand-washed, as some of them can't be washed in a machine, cause of size and delicacies. Materials like wool especially need to be hand washed.

On some occasions, personal cleaning might not be ideal when looking for good results. You would most definitely have to call for professionals to clean the rug, especially if it's a large rug. Some certain types of rugs, which are made with different materials may need more attention and professionalism while cleaning - examples are hard rugs. Again, remember to always check your rugs for tags. You'd find useful information on caring for your rug on these tags.

Also, to spot clean your bedroom rug, you will need to start the cleaning with warm water and soap in it. Then, get a brush to help with scrubbing out the stains on the rug. After that, rinse the spot with clean water before it dries. Only apply water and soap on the area affected with stains so as not to risk the fiber of the rug.

There you go! With these important questions answered, you can never get it wrong with bedroom rugs. Buy one for our rich collection of bedroom rugs today!

December 17, 2021 — Ademola Ademiluyi