Everyone’s favorite holiday is around the corner and you can be sure that all your friends are preparing for that family gathering as much as you. Nonetheless, if you are hosting your family or a large crowd for Christmas, you certainly have tons of work to do.

It is not just about the Christmas trees or the presents under it, you need proper planning to host your visitors without losing your area rug, your sanity, or your entire home. Visitors come with a lot of pleasant surprises as there are lots of holiday party ideas to make the festive period and reunion fun. However, there can unpleasant ones too.  So, if you want your rug or other interior décor accessories to still look as good as new after the festive period, you will need some holiday hosting essentials. Below are some tips on how to prepare for guests, entertain with ease and survive the season. 

  1. Tidy up

Hosting guests for holidays can be stressful. You need to ensure that the house is clean and neat. You do not want your guests to feel uncomfortable in your home. It would also make your guests very conscious about making the house untidy. No matter how long your guests will be around, tidy up the house. A good guest would not leave a clean house dirty.

  1. Clean Your Surfaces

Cleaning the surfaces in your house, especially the floor, is as essential as cleaning the house. Before your guests arrive, take your time to vacuum your rugs and carpeted areas. Your guests deserve the best treatment this festive season, so ensure that your floors are clean enough to be decorated with cool rugs.

  1. Be Strategic

You don’t have to know the accurate number of guests that will show up at your house. You can't control the crowd because it is the festive period; friends and family will always come with a plus one. What you can do is to be strategic with your hosting. You must plan for the number of days your guests will spend at yours. This will give you a hint about the rooms your guests are likely to use.

For dinner, you will need to pay attention to the dining room, the living room, and the kitchen. If they are spending more than a day, then it is more than a dinner.  You will need to consider your bedroom and guest rooms too. You can decide to make a list of activities that you will engage in when they arrive.

  1. Keep Your Cleaning Tools Handy

It’s a holiday party; things are going to get messy. Some kid is going to spill their drink; there will be crumbs of bread, cake, or snacks on the floor even before the dinner starts. So, get your mop and your vacuum ready. Make sure all the surfaces are clean so that you don’t ruin your holiday rugs.

  1. Be Conscious

Don’t be creepy; just be conscious enough to save your area rug from permanent damages. Especially when there is a pet or a kid around. Be sure to clean up drops of pets' hair with a lint roller. Prevent kids from going on your rug area with liquid.

  1. Kid-proof Everything

If kids are coming, you must clear your house to be safe enough for them. Kids love running around; make sure the floors are also dry to avoid home accidents. Hide sharp objects and be alert around kids.  Kid-proof settings are also safe for pets. You should also buy them edibles. Stock your fridge up with snacks, candies, and chocolates. Make your home feel like the North Pole.

  1. Roll out Fresh Rugs

Do you feel all that cleaning may not enough? Then you should consider buying a new area rug. Rugs always give the room a refreshed and refined look. It could be the missing piece to your dissatisfaction. Yes, you will be having lots of guests but what better time to roll out your soft, anti-dust rug than a Christmas holiday? Holiday rugs improve interior decors, everyone loves a beautiful home. You can try out any of our rugs to find the perfect look.

  1. Pay Attention to Your Corners

Corners are easy hideout spots for dirt. When cleaning, you need to look out for every nook and cranny. You will be having guests; your cleaning is never complete without those corners. They could ruin your rugs for they are not well cleaned.

  1. Clean the Kitchen and Stock Up

They say the spice of the party is in the kitchen – no lies. The right food or drink can change the mood of a gathering. Holiday parties are not the time to run out of foodstuff and snacks. You don’t want to have to run to a store during Christmas to get something essential just to hear that they are out of stock too. Be sure that you clean your kitchen utensils as soon as you use them so that you won’t have to spend the whole day doing the dishes. So, if you want your Christmas dinner to leave a good memory, then buy enough for the kitchen.

  1. Make Sure Things are Handy

When rearranging, you need to consider the presence of your guests. They would need to make use of some things and you can’t be in two places at a time. To avoid stress, ensure that things are visible and within reach. This way, kids around won’t get hurt trying to reach high places, and your kitchen won’t have to go back to a messy state. You don’t want your guests digging around your drawers for a utensil.

  1. Take Care of Your Guests

Guests are the reason for your holiday party ideas in the first place. So, everything you do within the period of their stay should help them feel comfortable and welcome. Clean and prepare the guest rooms, even when you are not sure they will stay over. It depicts that you are excited to have them over. Also, you should stock up the bathrooms and put in clean towels for them. Make extra blankets, pillows, and phone chargers handy. Also, provide cleaning tools like vacuums and mops so that they can use them when they need to.

  1. Plan Fun Activities

If your guests are staying over for a week, then they can’t possibly stay indoors all through. It would become boring fast, and this will kill the jolly festive spirit. You can plan fun activities ahead. You can also make a list of fun places to visit when your guests arrive, as part of the holiday party ideas. You can even plan a movie marathon, whatever will keep your guests engaged and glad.

In summary, the festive period is a time for love and reconnection. There is no better way to reconnect than with a well-planned holiday hosting. Remember, your holiday hosting essentials is incomplete without a fashionable, traffic-ready, colorful, and refined area rug. So, as you make your plans, do not forget to include holiday rugs.

With this and other holiday party ideas, you are good to go with hosting guests for as long as you want. Happy Holidays!


November 19, 2021 — Luxe Weavers