Looking to add a traditional old world look to your home? An Oriental rug is a great way of bringing a sophisticated aesthetic to a space. 

The term originally derived from rugs made in “Oriental” countries. Today that’s not always the case, but the name—despite its politically incorrect nature—endures and has come to define heavy textiles in a variety of motifs. These include, but aren’t limited to the Blossom, Chinese script, Cyprus, and Hyacinth patterns. 

Beautiful and classic pieces of interior art, an Oriental rug can bring a room together. Here’s how to style your room around your new Oriental rug.

Have the Colors Echo the Walls

Say you’ve painted your bedroom a dramatic blue. An oriental rug with a more subtle, complementary blue, as is the case in this Luxe Weavers Howell Collection Oriental Blue 5x7 Area Rug, can pull the whole scene together by drawing the eye down to the floor and subsequently, the rest of the room. 

blue oriental rug

Crisp Meets Cool

Pair crisp furnishings in muted hues with a cool colored Oriental rug such as this Luxe Weavers Silver Oriental Area Rug for a soothing spa-like space. The addition of the rug can save this concept from feeling austere by adding a warming element. 


Marry Bold Artwork and Soft Patterns

Bold artwork driving the scene of a room? Soften the space with a subdued Oriental area rug like this Elegant Distressed Ivory Oriental design. 

cream oriental rug

Go Monochromatic

Make a statement with a carpet to match your drapes… and your walls… and your furniture. Any why not make it extra wild with something like this Pink Oriental Area Rug.

blue and red oriental rug

Black & White Appeal

Let the design be the focus with a black and white Oriental rug and save the color for the rest of the decor. The surprising choice will add a wow factor to an otherwise unexpected space. This Luxe Weavers Distressed Silver Oriental Area Rug is one direction to go with it. 

black and white oriental rug

Stack Them Up

Creative interior designers have been stacking rugs for years and for good reason: it adds texture and depth. You can put a rug on a carpet or place two on top of each other on a wood or cement floor for a unique idea guests won’t expect. Take a bestseller from Luxe Weavers like Multi-Colored Distressed Oriental Area Rug and place it atop the Ivory 8x10 Oriental Area Rug for a totally original design.

Old Meets New

Too often people assume that they have to choose one concept or the other, modern or traditional. But that’s not the case. You can make a room full of pop art look fabulous with a classic Oriental rug in the middle. The two aren’t mutually exclusive aesthetics. Try it with Luxe Weavers Magnolia Oriental Blue 9x12 Area Rug.

soft oriental rug

Combine Classics

Then again, old things do look good with other old things—just ask any antique dealer. If you want a timeless appeal, an Oriental rug is a must. Pull together a room featuring your grandfather clock and 19th century secretary by framing it with a well paired rug like Luxe Weavers’ Howell Collection Ivory Oriental option. 

orange and blue oriental rug

Thoughtfully Scale

If you want a room to work its best feng shui magic, it’s important to consider scale. A tiny chair in a corner might not flow with a giant rug filling up the rest of the space. Play with options and pick what fits your furnishings’s size as well as style. And swap sizes if it doesn’t work, like with this Burgundy & Pearl Oriental Area Rug from Luxe Weavers that comes in 5'2x7'2 and 7'10x10'6. 

Be Playful

Interior design is meant to be an extension of your creative self, so have fun with it. Go for the wild colored rug. Try out the bold design. What’s the worst that could happen? You change your mind? Add a little fun to your home with an Oriental rug that breaks the mold like this Distressed Blue & Ivory Oriental design

blue oriental rug

Whatever you choose, be it a combination of classic looks or a retro rug that contrasts with modern art, there are no wrong answers here. 

Whatever makes you feel good in your home is always the right design choice, no matter what the decor police tell you. So give a couple of these ideas a go. And do it at a price that won’t break the bank with Luxe Weavers, leaders in affordable woven furnishings. With Oriental and modern options priced at reasonable rates, there’s no better way to have fun decorating and testing out new ideas. Plus, with a great return policy and free shipping, you have even more incentive to get creative. Forget updating one room—why not do the whole house? 

Ready to get started shopping for your new Oriental rug? Visit luxeweavers.com to see all the sizes and styles to put these ideas into place. 

October 01, 2020 — Luxe Weavers