If you’re looking for rug inspiration, home decor magazines have got it covered. 

From Real Simple to Country Living, the legacy publications know their way around a thread count and how best to make it look great in a home. 

Sometimes their editorial teams place a rug in a surprising spot. Other times it's the use of contrasting patterns that’s a particular splash to a space. Ultimately it’s nailing the unexpected style choice that appeals to readers, which is why we’ve scoured the pages of some of the best design periodicals to find eight magazine-worthy ways to style your area rug. 

In no particular order they are:

The Hidden TV Hack

Truly a genius concept, Domino magazine posted this trick for hiding a TV when not in use. Simply take a small area rug and hang it above the tube on a dowel. 

When you’re not binging the latest Netflix series, no one even needs to know it's there. Simply flip it over the TV and voila, you have a beautiful woven piece of art above your mantle. This Luxe Weavers Moroccan Collection Area Rug in Ivory would work well. 

Moroccan collection area rug in ivory

Dress Up the Loo

Take it from Architectural Digest, the bathroom does not have to be a boring space. And you can easily spice it up, especially if you’re dealing with a dark floor by tossing out the fuzzy bath mat for a chic area rug. This Red Oriental Area Rug, for instance, will keep your toes warm while warming up the entire space. 

red oriental rug

Set the Stage with a Staircase Rug

Elle Decor says staircase rugs are statement makers, and they would know. Punch up your own stairway by securing a runner with staircase rods. The vintage meets modern look will add drama to an entryway while avoiding wear and tear on wood stairs. Or it can add a soft subtle look, like with this Bohemian Cream 2x7 Runner Rug

Cuddle Up with a Rug

Hear us out: a rug can also be used to accent a bedspread. Real Simple gave this look its seal of approval by citing artist Sharlene Kayne's clever twist of taking a colorful, red-hued rug and laying it atop her white linens.

bed with rug and bedspread

Source: Real Simple

Surely incredibly warm on a cold winter’s night, the look also adds a creative textured element to the space. Steal the idea by using our Burgundy & Pearl Oriental Area Rug on your own bedding. 

Embrace Contrasting Designs

If it’s good enough for the readers of Dwell magazine, then this idea is certainly worth consideration. 

In this scenario a pair of interior designers turned an old Belgian factory into their home. With a severe white interior, the wildly different rug designs feel welcoming. A similar look could be achieved by pairing Luxe Weavers’ Gray Square Modern Area Rug and Nuvola Collection Area Rug in Beige.

rug with contrasting designs

Make It a Headboard

Ikea bed frame got you down? Want a headboard that says “I have very refined taste, but not the budget for it?” DIY it. Domino magazine fully endorses the use of a rug as a makeshift headboard. And why not? It adds color and frames your sleep space while making the wall feel cozier. To get the right look, consider Luxe Weavers’ Nuvola Collection Area Rug in Ivory.

Make it Wall Decor

While we’re on the subject of putting rugs on the walls, why even bother with the headboard and just make the rug itself your wall art? Apartment Therapy has an entire blog on the topic with ideas like hanging a vertical runner behind a petite sofa to make use of vertical space. This Distressed Blue 2 x 7 Hallway Runner Area Rug Carpet would work nicely in such a concept.

blue rug on pale wood floor

Let a Rug Define a Space

As the brightest minds in design told Town & Country Magazine, “A well chosen rug is incredibly important, as it has the power to fully resolve a room and pull together many of the other decorating elements.” 

It also has the power to define a space, especially in an open concept floor plan. Make an area feel more like a lounge with a rug. Cap off a breakfast nook with a rug. Focus on a sitting area with an area rug. For instance, if you want to make a reading corner more cozy, define it with this Blue Oriental Vintage Area Rug.

Those are the big ideas from the most clever people working in decor. 

But if you’re looking for even more inspiration or are just ready to start shopping, take a scroll through Luxe Weavers’ selection of affordable and beautiful rugs. Designed to hold up to busy households while not taking a beating on your pocketbook, they have magazine-worthy options to fit any of these magazine-worthy concepts. Plus, each rug order comes with complimentary shipping which is one thing, we all know, that never goes out of style.

October 06, 2020 — Luxe Weavers