If you’ve spent your life living in carpeted homes and suddenly find yourself in a house with wooden floors, now is the time to buy some quality area rugs. 

But how do you know the most suitable ones for you? Designer rugs can cost a fortune, and if you’re working within a budget, finding quality rugs that will transform your house into a home may be overwhelming. With dozens of online shops selling discount area rugs, how then can you find those of top quality?

In this guide, we’ll explain five essential things to look for in a discount rug. That way, you can get the best quality possible at the most affordable price.

Check the Material of the Rug

A little textile tutorial is necessary before you go rug-shopping. By learning about the various kinds of threads and materials used to craft rugs, you’ll be able to make an educated purchase decision. So, what are rugs made out of anyway?

1.Silk: As you might know, silk is a natural fiber harvested from silkworms. To make a silk rug, you need a lot of silk harvested from the worms’ cocoons. So naturally, these are pricey rugs.

2.Cotton: Cotton is a classic rug material and has the same stuff your comfiest T-shirt is made out of. It can make beautiful rugs, even though it isn’t as durable as other materials.

3.Wool: Wool comes from the fur of various animals but most often, sheep. It makes a superb carpet and rug material because it’s not only breathable, but it is also highly durable. 

4.Synthetic: Thanks to science, we now have dozens of different kinds of synthetic materials. Think polyblends, rayon, spandex, etc. These fabrics have naturally found their way into the rug world as well. When shopping, you will most likely come across the word polypropylene. It is a synthetic material often used to make hand-tufted rugs. 

5.Jute: Jute is used to describe natural fibers that are made from plants. It’s stronger than cotton, which is a plus, but often has a more rustic look. 

When reviewing your buying options, you should consider the room traffic a rug will experience, that is, the number of people that will walk on it per time. You can then select a material based on what will hold up best. If you’re looking to dress up a rarely used formal living room, a delicate material may be in order; however, if you need a rug for a busy mudroom where kids stampede after soccer practices, a synthetic or wool rug will serve you better.

Look at the Pile of the Rug

Pile here refers to the depth of fibers in a rug. Low pile is shorter and makes for stiffer rugs, while high pile refers to long, plush fibers. Pile also affects how you will feel when walking on a rug. If you want a rug that your baby can roll around on and feel comfortable in, a high pile is ideal. But when choosing a rug for your kitchen, where lots of feet will be moving around, and food crumbs will be dropping, you’ll be better off with a low pile. 

Note the Measurements of Rugs

Any reputable company running discounted rug sales will make all measurements clear so buyers can accurately order what they need. In your search, make sure to look for a discount rug company that sells multiple size options of a particular rug style. For instance, Luxe Weavers Distressed Area Rug in Cream is available in a whole variety of sizes, including 5x7, 8x10, and 9x12, as well as round and runners.

Consider Knots by the Numbers

According to SF Gate, “the number of knots per square inch makes a difference in the quality and denseness of handmade rugs.” The number of knots per square inch will determine the feel of a rug. The more the knots, the more expensive it is. Super fancy rugs can have 290 knots per square inch, for example. So, look for knot information when shopping or inquire directly with the discount rug company to get the most knots for your money.

Check the Return Policy of the Rug Company

It is easy to assume that every rug company has an acceptable return policy, but that is not always the case. Always remember to check the fine print. At Luxe Weavers, any item that doesn’t meet your needs or expectations can be returned within 30 days for a full or partial refund, depending on the rug’s condition. Now, that’s peace of mind. 

You may ask why you should worry about this. Well, what if you get your rug home and suddenly realize it doesn’t fit your living room? Or what if the color looks different in reality than it did on the website? A quality discount rug company will offer returns and spell out exactly how to send unsatisfactory products back.

Choosing a discount area rug doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With this guide, you already have everything you need to pick the perfect rug for different parts of your home. Do not wait any longer. Start shopping!

September 29, 2020 — Luxe Weavers