Area rugs have been trendsetters for decades. They do not only beautify homes, but they also serve as cold resistant in winter. On the other hand, dogs are so adorable that many families seem incomplete without a dog wagging its tail around and joining in to watch some blockbusters on Saturday evenings. But here’s the challenge. Your stylish area rugs can move from a "wow!" to a "what?" when your dog decides to mess with it.

In this guide, whether you have been in those shoes or are considering setting up your home with some alluring rug designs, you'll learn how to select the best rugs - those that can accommodate your fashion sense as well as your pet. You’ll also know what rugs are best for dogs. But first, how exactly do dogs tarnish the poshness of Area rugs?

Dog laying on an Area Rug

Common dog stains on Area Rugs

  • Dogs shed fur. Area rugs become messy and less attractive when this happens.
  • Stains from vomit, bile fade out the original colors of rugs.
  • Their paws are regular habitats for dirt, grease, and mud. They drop these stains quickly when they walk on Area rugs.
  • Dogs sometimes bite off loose threads and wools. Apart from defacing Area rugs, this also usually leads to serious health complications for them.
  • Dogs pee and poop on rugs. When your Area rug begins to smell like dog pee, it is mostly because their pee sank into it without proper cleaning.

How can you then shop for the best area rugs for dogs and save yourself the time, stress, and health challenges resulting from the hard-luck relationship?

It is hard to come by Area rugs that are natural solutions to dog stains. Still, it would help if you looked out for specific features and properties of rugs when shopping. When you do these, your Area rugs will last longer and will not quickly lose their aesthetics. Here are a few:

Area Rug Properties to Check when Shopping for Homes with Dogs

Dog laying calmly on a Rug


You probably thought about this too. Dark color Area rugs conceal stains better; they are good for dogs. Mud, pee, and other dirt forms are less conspicuous when your rug's color is not so bright. Look out for shades that are dark enough to complement your furniture but are not too dull to give your home an appealing look.


A rug's material plays a vital role in determining whether your dog will easily damage them or not. Rugs are made of different types of fabric. While some producers consider pets before producing rugs, others opt for qualities that some materials offer. For instance, Polyester, Wool, and Nylon rugs are quite sturdy and last longer in homes with dogs. They are good examples of rugs that are good for dogs. However, Area rugs made from Silk and Rayon do not offer such durability. Olefin material offers an average resistance too. However, Area rugs made from wool are usually pricier than those made from other materials.


The patterns on an Area rug also determine whether dog stains will be vivid or otherwise. Simple designs often pronounce dirt, mud, or your dog's hair, making your living or bedroom messy and unattractive. Densely patterned rugs are direct opposites. The stripes and busy designs reduce the clarity of dogs’ dirt and shed fur.

Fringe and Tassels

Dogs are nosy, no doubts. But you will be deepening their curiosity when you spread Area rugs with fringe or tassels in your home. These extras at the edge of rugs have a way of drawing a dog's attention, and as soon as they move close, they begin to chew. Fringe chewing often blocks dogs' intestines in the long run, causing your extra expenses with the vet. It is much safer to avoid Area rugs which such additions. Don’t leave loose threads unattended too.


The density of a rug's pile (surface area) is equally an important feature you should not miss when shopping for an Area rug when you have dogs. A looped pile usually feels very impressive and subtle; however, its surface is easily pulled by dogs’ claws. A cut pile, on the other end, feels more comfortable to lounge on. Your dog can move around without pulling off the fiber. The only downside to choosing a cut pile is that you can't clean dirt, dust, and liquid stains easily.

Tufted Rug with Glued Backings

The back of a tufted rug usually has materials attached with glue. Most times, liquid stains such as urine will penetrate through this glue and makes the stain and smell permanent. You certainly don't want to get comments such as "your rug smells like dog" from visitors. So, as much as you can, avoid purchasing area rugs with this type of backing.

Rug Size

This consideration is quite straight forward. The smaller your area rug's size, the lesser probability it is that your dog will frequently wreak havoc on it. Apart from occupying only a fraction of your home, smaller area rugs are easy to roll for cleaning than bigger ones. When the stains become too deep, and you begin to consider changing it for new ones, a small rug, when you have dogs, is more affordable and more comfortable to unpack and spread. 

Cleaning Dog Stains on your Area Rugs

Dog Laying on Luxe Weavers Area Rug

Take all necessary precautions before deciding on the ideal Area rug that will suit your home. But this doesn't take away the responsibility of cleaning dog stains and looking out for your pet's health.

The first care tip is to check the manufacturer's recommendation on how to go about cleaning the rug. It would include more details about the material it is made from and how best to care for them. Some other tools and techniques you can use are:

  • A lint roller – with it, you can de-fur your short pile Area rug easily and within a short period.
  • Be proactive by brushing off your dog’s fur from time to time. That will help take off hair from its body before it is shed on your rug.
  • Get a quality Spot Cleaner as you shop for an Area rug. Accidents and spills happen regularly. Using a spot cleaner on stains, at the right time helps to extend the span of your rug's beauty and durability.


To help you with your search for an Area rug, check out these fine collections of Quality and affordable Area rugs. You get to enjoy free shipping while at it. Decide today; we'll ship out almost immediately.


October 15, 2020 — Luxe Weavers