Fancy Area Rugs? We bet you do! At Luxe weavers, we are super prepared to give you the best discount shopping experience ever, this October.

We’ve done our homework, assessing and curating the best quality and fashionable rugs that will make your space Instagram-worthy. We’ve met direct manufacturers to cut out extra costs. Now, we are ready! We’ll be taking all your orders and shipping them out as you complete them, from October 13th to 18th. Save the date!

Here’s what we know: With the holidays, Christmas, and a new year around the corner, there's no better time to substitute your old rugs and carpets with luxurious new ones without breaking the bank.  So why should you shop for rugs from our premium but pocket-friendly list?

  1. We know you’d like to give your apartment an aesthetically pleasing new look and feel. We have a broad collection of quality oriental rugs you can choose from.
  2. Your kids also deserve to have their room looking beautiful with sturdy modern rugs. That way, they can show their cousins, nephews, and nieces around.
  3. Winter is almost here. Our thick pile rugs will sure provide extra warmth.
  4. Your mudroom needs a heavy-duty and washable mud rug if you will have friends and family visiting during the holiday.
  5. You get to buy any of our already affordable rugs at a whopping 25% discount. Yes, we are taking off 25% from the original prices on all our rugs.
  6. We'll ship your orders at no charge at all. Incredible, isn't it?

Wait, there’s more!

The Luxe Weavers’ Annual Sales event will run from midnight, October 13th, until midnight, October 18th. That’s enough time to check out our top-class rugs in detail before deciding on which would be a good fit for your home. Fair enough.

Before you go, we know a few things can get you carried away. We don't want you to be late for the party. The rugs you fancy may be out of stock if you don’t cart them on time. So, scroll below and subscribe to our email list. We’ll let you know once the party starts. Happy Shopping!

October 14, 2020 — Luxe Weavers