Got a case of the rug blues? It happens to the best of us. When a well trod rug starts to show wear and tear, it’s time to look for a replacement.
And you might be surprised what a new rug can do for your home. Here are 10 rugs that are perfect for breathing new life into your space.

Neutral Hues
According to Elle Decor, neutral rug hues are all the rage this year. Want to get in on the trend? Consider this Silver Oriental Area Rug. This polyester rug features an old world design in blue, purple, and white. With a vintage design, it will give your space a classic look that will blend seamlessly with antiques and fine furnishings.

Pop of Pattern 
Give new life to a space—say, a dining room—by updating the existing rug with a patterned option. Repeating geometric designs can add a clean uniformity to an undefined space as well. If you want to make a corner of your living room a reading nook, add a patterned rug for dimension. We like this Diana Collection Area Rug in Grey.

Rugs as Art
House Beautiful says 2020 is all about using rugs as art. That might bring to mind expensive, handcrafted rugs made by artisan weavers. But that doesn’t actually have to be the case. You can achieve this look without breaking the bank by grabbing a rug with a more artistic look, like this Ivory Floral Modern Area Rug

Shine like a Jewel
Jewel tones in rugs are also getting a lot of attention right now and we can understand why. With their bright, evocative appeal, they add a happy element to any space. If you want to embrace the jewel tone aesthetic, look no further than the Turquoise & Beige Rustic Modern Area Rug. In this rustic design, the beige actually acts as a gold in contrast with the turquoise.

Morrocan Mystique
Moroccan patterns never go out of style. That’s why we love this Mango Moroccan Trellis Modern Area Rug. The juicy mango color is guaranteed to add a pop of fun to any space and could brighten up a dark corner or be the perfect centerpiece for a child’s playroom.

Wild Rugs
In the same vein as artistic rugs comes the riotous rug trend, a shift from the severe patterns some people prefer to wild, abstract rugs. One way to deploy this look is in an otherwise organized space. Let the floor be the surprise with an outrageous rug in brilliant colors, like this Blue Swirls Modern Abstract Area Rug.

Black & White and Loved All Over
Love the look of newsprint? Or the crisp appeal of black and white photos? Take that same spirit and translate it into your rug styling with a black and white pattern. You can go black and white in an Oriental rug or pull off your own checkerboard look with this Checkered Black and White Modern Area Rug.

Sailor Stripes
There’s something about stripes that evokes the sea and works perfectly in a coastal cottage. But even if you’re landlocked, you can steal the idea with a striped rug. The straightforward design can easily blend into a space while perking up the color palette and you don’t have to go with the classic Navy blue and white. This rug uses multiple colors for a visually appealing striped effect.

Monochromatic Appeal
There’s something to be said for a design in one hue. It can help make for a clean, uncluttered space. Whether you go for a blue to match your wallpaper, or a dull red to blend in above wood floors, the concept is to not have the rug intrude, but rather meld with the rest of the room. Make the idea your own with this Distressed Blue Oriental Area Rug.

Spa Aesthetic
Comfort is paramount these days and turning our homes into zen-like spaces is something more and more designers are embracing. But how do you achieve a blissed-out living room or super calm bedroom? A soothing rug can’t hurt. Stick to colors that feel restful on your eyes—adding a plush thread count doesn’t hurt either. For instance, this Cream Brown Patterned Shag Area Rug would work well in a bedroom. 

Whatever design style you go for, remember that quality and affordability aren’t mutually exclusive. Take a look at our selections and give your home some new life!   

October 15, 2020 — Luxe Weavers