If you're looking to beautify your home and fulfill all your home décor fantasies without hurting your pocket or breaking the bank; a machine-made area rug is your go-to guy. Machine-made carpets have evolved through the years to become excellent home décor pieces.

You may call this a 'Machine-made rugs appreciation post' as we will be busting all the myths and revealing the facts about these incredible home decoration items.

Many people often think of machine-made rugs as some newly invented items, meanwhile, they have been in existence since technology became a thing. These rugs are made from various materials, ranging from natural fibers like wool and silk to synthetic fibers like nylon and polypropylene. Machine-made rugs are available in different sizes, eye-popping designs, fascinating colors, highly impressive styles, and quality. 

How Are Machine Made Rugs Made?

machine-made rug

Just as their name suggests, machine-made rugs are produced using electronically automated and computer-programmed machines (also known as power looms). These power looms can produce rugs of the same size, colors, design, or patterns in large quantities in a short time. With this machine helping to cut down significantly on labor cost and production time, rug manufactures can distribute and sell their rugs in large quantities, and of course, for a much lower price.

The power looms produces rugs by wrapping individual fibers around foundational threads and pressing them together. It follows a similar process as hand-made rugs but at a much faster pace.

You should read our guide on How to Know if a Rug is Machine-made or Handmade to learn more on their differences.

Myths and Facts about Machine-Made Rugs

The moment of truth’s here! Below are some myths and misconceptions about machine-made rugs and the fact or truth of the matter.

Luxe Weavers Machine-made rug

Myth 1:  Machine-made rugs are not so beautiful and don’t help much in enhancing the home décor.

Fact 1: Machine-made rugs are some of the most beautiful and exciting decorative pieces you can think of. You’ll find them in designs, colors, and patterns that will easily highlight or enhance the beauty of a place without even trying. Get a machine-made rug and watch all your home décor fantasies become reality. A machine-made rug is your best bet if you’re looking to transform a space or add a touch of class and elegance to your living room without hurting your purse.

Myth 2: Machine-made rugs are not easy to clean and maintain.

Fact 2: Machine-made rugs are pretty easy to clean and maintain, mostly requiring vacuuming and spot cleaning to remain in pristine condition. You may want to learn how to clean them within a few minutes.

Machine-made rugs barely retain dirt, dust, stain, or hair (whether pets or human) because many are made from stain-resistant fibers like nylon and polypropylene. If you want a rug that can take all the beating but won't make you lose sleep over its cleaning, then get yourself a machine-made rug.  

Myth 3: Machine-made rugs are not durable and don’t last long.

Fact 3: Machine-made rugs have an incredible lifespan and do not wear or tear quickly when maintained properly. Being made from highly durable and stress-resistant materials like polypropylene, wool, silk, etc., means they can withstand pressure from heavy furniture and foot traffic. High-quality machine-made rugs can last up to 20 years or more. Get one today and you’ll continue to enjoy it till you decide to give it a break.

Myth 4: Machine-made rugs are pricey.

Fact 4: Despite their impressive quality and aesthetics, machine-made rugs are very affordable and costs way less than their handmade counterparts. Machine-made rugs are mass-produced by automated machines and are easily available on the market; hence their low price tag. You don't have to spend a fortune to own a beautiful rug that adds genuine style and glamour to your home.

soft, fluffy machine-made rug by luxe weavers

Myth 5: Machine-made rugs aren’t as soft as their hand-made counterpart.

Fact 5: Machine-made rugs are made from materials like wool, silk, and polypropylene that makes them lightweight, soft, plush, and tender. The warmth and comfort provided for your feet by the soft cushioning of a machine-made rug are second to none. They also have a medium pile height that allows easy movement of doors and objects… and protects kids from sustaining an injury when they fall.

Myth 6: Machine-made rugs are made using only synthetic materials.

Fact 6: While it is true that many machine-made rugs are made from synthetic fibers, a sizeable amount is also made from natural fibers. The difference is in the quality and the price of the rugs based on the materials used. However, regardless of the type of materials used, you'll have a beautiful and top-quality rug in exchange for your money.

Myth 7: Machine-made rugs are not versatile.

Fact 7: The assumption that machine-made rugs aren't versatile is untrue. Many machine-made rugs are designed exclusively to work with any décor: whether it is modern, contemporary, transitional, rustic, shabby chic, coastal, Scandinavian, bohemian, mid-century modern, modern farmhouse.

Myth 8: Machine-made rugs are not valuable.

Fact 8: Although, they may not age like fine wine like their handmade counterpart, machine-made rugs offers you value for every penny spent when properly taken care of. Certain rug brands make exceptionally high-quality rugs that could last for years while also maintaining beauty and elegance.

Myth 9: Machine-made rugs are not quality rugs

Fact 9: Truth is, most machine-made rugs will match and exceed your expectation of an ideal area rug. Being made from durable materials like wool, silk, and polypropylene is a guarantee of their exceptional quality. You can count on them to serve you for a very long time.

Luxe weavers machine-made oriental area rug

Myth 10: You can't get Oriental or Persian-style machine-made rugs.

Fact 10: New improvements in technology have made it possible for manufacturers to mimic Oriental and Persian rugs. You can now get a machine-made Persian rugs and machine-made Oriental rugs without spending as much or going all the way to Asia to get one for yourself. These rugs boast of the same quality and feature the exact patterns and design of the handmade carpets.


Machine-made rugs are the in-thing, except you want to live like royalties in the 10th century. Modern machine-made rugs are the complete package, offering versatility, durability, tenderness, and coziness while being stylish, affordable, and aesthetically appealing.

The diverse colors, patterns, sizes, designs, and quality of machine-made rugs make them very versatile, allowing you to use them in any kind of décor style. Whether your preferred décor style is traditional, contemporary, modern, Scandinavian, shabby chic, coastal, luxurious, bohemian, rustic, or mid-century modern, there’s a machine-made rug for you.

As it stands, quality machine-made rugs can put no foot wrong. If your purchase trigger is value for money, then a machine-made area rug is the perfect one for you. Shop for one quality piece at a mouthwatering price tag today from the Luxe Weavers’ gigantic collection of area rugs.

October 15, 2021 — Luxe Weavers