Have you ever walked into a store, pick the most beautiful area rug you see because you just love how it feels, and then, watch it lose its vibrancy and elegance a few weeks after installing it?

Well, among many other factors that make area rugs depreciate fast, keeping low traffic area rugs in high traffic parts of your home is mostly the most common. So, while a rug’s aesthetics can attract you, it is very crucial to also understand where to place them around your home.

In this guide, we'll discuss the best rugs for high traffic areas, their qualities, and factors to consider when choosing them.

What You Should Know When Choosing High Traffic Area Rugs

1. Material

High-traffic area rugs are always made of durable materials that can stand the test of time and can be easily cleaned. Below are a few.

Nylon: Area rugs made of nylon are one of the best rugs you can use in high-traffic areas. They do not get dirty easily and are quick to resist stains. So, spills and stains do not leave permanent marks on them. Also, they are made of synthetic fiber and can resist wear and tear from constant use. Nylon rugs also come in different shapes and patterns, so you have a variety to choose from.

Wool: Wool rugs are some of the best area rugs for living rooms and bedrooms because they are resilient and durable. Not only are wool rugs stain-resistant, but they are also soft and water-resistant. They do not absorb dirt and spills. They are good for people with allergies too.

Wool rugs are also the best rugs for high-traffic areas because they resist compression. This means they can bounce back after being flattened by foot traffic. They are also flame resistant. However, a major downside of rugs made with this material is their cost. They are expensive but can last for many are years. Placing a pad underneath your wool rug can also make it last longer.

Luxe Weavers High Traffic Area Rug

Polypropylene: Polypropylene rugs are the most aesthetically pleasing synthetic large area rugs. They are also arguably the cheapest area rugs for high traffic areas. These rugs are stain and water-resistant and can be easily cleaned when dirty. They are the best for outdoor or commercial areas, as they do not fade easily and can retain their bright colors for many years despite heavy foot traffic.

Polypropylene rugs are also popular because they are stain-resistant. They do not aid the growth of bacteria which is safer for your home and office.

Cotton: Cotton rugs are suitable for high-traffic areas because they are very easy to clean. it does not take a lot to wash off mud stains. Cotton rugs are mostly flat woven and none toxic so your kids and pets can play on them without fear.

Natural fibers: Natural fiber rugs made with materials like sisal, jute, and seagrass are handwoven and very durable. They have rough textures that make them hard and able to withstand high traffic areas. These area rugs are good for big rooms because they do not wear easily and are very affordable. However, they are easily stained and difficult to clean. Natural fiber rugs work well where spills won't happen often. Examples are hallways, waiting rooms, meeting rooms, etc. They are not good for children and pets.

2. Pile height

 Your rug’s pile height is important when choosing large area rugs for high traffic areas. For easy maintenance, low pile rugs are better for high traffic areas. Besides being cheap area rugs, they come with fewer and shorter fibers. These reduce their tendency of absorbing stains and dirt.

Even over a long period, low pile fibers do not lose their color, appearance, and vitality. They are easily cleaned and do not retain stains permanently.

3. Color

In addition to considering suitable materials for your high traffic area rugs, you should also be selective when choosing the colors. Washing your rugs every time will make them lose their vibrancy and original hues. So, you need rugs that don’t get visibly stained every time your friends come visiting.

Even rugs made of suitable materials like wool are not ideal for high-traffic areas if they have white as their primary color. Instead, you should choose large area rugs with dark colors like blue, deep brown, etc. These colors hide stains and dirt well and won't lose their charm over time.

4. Design

When choosing area rugs for high traffic areas, choose one with more twists per inch. These types of rugs can withstand foot traffic more and will not flatten easily. They are also durable. Avoid buying heavyweight rugs as they are difficult to clean.

 Rugs Unsuitable for High Traffic Areas

Shag area rug

1- High pile/ plush rugs: Plush, fluffy rugs are very attractive and soft. However, they are never suitable as rugs for high traffic areas in your home or office.

 They look beautiful when new and feel comfortable under your feet. But they quickly lose their charm because they flatten out easily from foot traffic.

These rugs also absorb and retain dirt easily and can be bad for allergies. They are not ideal if you have asthma or pets. Shag rugs also fall into this category.

2- Silk, viscose, and bamboo rugs: Rugs made from these materials are beautiful and have a vibrant sheen, but they are not the best area rugs for high traffic areas. They are delicate and fragile, so they wear out quickly when placed in high-traffic areas. It is usually difficult to get rid of the stains too. These types of rugs need professional cleaning before placing them back in your space.

There you go! Now, you understand the differences between some rug types and why some are better for traffic areas of your apartment. If you are looking to add a pop of color and style in that busy area, you know what to do. Shop Luxe Weavers’ premium polypropylene rugs for high traffic areas today.



October 23, 2021 — Luxe Weavers