You are finally moving into your dream home, you want everything to be perfect, but what is a perfect home without the right rug hugging your floors?

So, you begin rug-hunting, then you finally settle for some beautiful oriental rugs with the right colors, right materials, not at a cut-throat price but not cheap.

Of course, it doesn’t matter how expensive or cheap a rug is, whether naturally dyed, made from synthetic fibers, wool or cotton, they are bound to fade if not properly cared for.

Adopting good rug cleaning practices would undoubtedly help preserve the lifespan and durability of your area rug, leaving it appealing and fresh. But area rugs are generally very vulnerable to fading, especially in rooms that receive a lot of natural sunlight.

You may just want to bask in the sun on a beautiful sunny day. But would your rug want to join in the fun? Most definitely not. Ultraviolet rays from the sun are the bane of your rug. This is one of the many reasons you must be ahead all the time and know how to prevent rug fading. You must put measures in place that will help protect the vibrant color of your area rug from the damaging effects of the sun and other factors if you are to keep your rug looking beautiful.

In the following lines, we have provided clear answers to questions on how to best prevent your area rugs from fading and retain their vibrant colors for many years.

faded rug in a room

What Makes My Rug’s Color to Fade?

Primarily, rugs in rooms constantly exposed to natural light from outside are usually more at the risk of fading away with time. The ultraviolet rays from sunlight are culprits in the reduction of brightness and color of your area rug, just as they affect your skin color.

A long-standing exposure to the constant bombardment of UV rays will ruin the luster of your rug's color. However, all the other spectrums of light are not implicated in fading your rug. At any time in the day, sunlight may enter a room through the window or an open blind and fall on a rug. This will certainly cause harm to the rug.

Sunlight may even enter your room through a skylight. And all the while, you’d have no idea of what is happening to your rug.

Whatever home décor style you intend to adopt, avoid placing your area rug at angles where they can directly come in contact with sunlight.

How do I Protect My Rugs from Sunlight

UV filter on window to prevent rug fading

Rotate your area rug’s position: It is one thing for your rug to fade, another thing for it to fade unevenly, leaving a patch-like pattern of faded and unfaded parts. This is why you should frequently rotate the rug at intervals, interchanging the part affected by sunlight by the part that is not.

The bad news is that your rug may still fade, but the good news is that when it does, it is going to fade evenly.

Placement of Rug: You must place the rug at an angle where they would not be met by UV rays, preferably at the center of your room.

Use UV rays filtered skylight, UV film, or Low Emission Glass for Your Windows: Every once in a while, you may want to let in the light from outside so that your room can breathe. But bear in mind that the sun rays reaching your rugs can be damaging to it.

No doubts, a UV film may change the outlook of your room and this may be displeasing. However, it will protect your rug from the harmful rays of sunlight that enter your room. If you don’t like the look of a UV film or a skylight filter, you can choose to install a low emission glass in place of the regular windowpanes. A low emission glass provides the best protection against the damaging rays of the sun without compromising on the outlook of the room.

Use drapes: Using thick, opaque drapes that are capable of blocking the sun’s rays will protect your area rugs from harmful sun rays.

Install curtains and window films: Get a professional to install curtains and window films on your window. This will help prevent the problem of fading. However, make sure that after the installation of the curtains, they remain closed, blocking the sun rays from reaching the rugs.

How to Restore an Area Rug’s Color

Man spraying salt water solution to prevent rug fading

Has your area rug become a victim of ultraviolet rays? There’s hope still, hope that it can be improved. Yes, it is possible to salvage what is left of your faded rug, depending on the extent of the damage. You can determine this by looking closely at the pile of the rug. Check whether the fading occurred at the tip only. A professional washing/cleaning may solve the challenge by simply abrading the faded tips. However, a fading that goes beyond the tip of an area rug would require more professional vigilance.

Below are some other practical steps you can take to improve a rug’s color.

  • Stop the impending cause of harm, use solar shades, UV filters, drapes, install curtains and generally avoid more sunlight on your carpet.
  • Using saltwater solution can help restore the color of your area rug. First vacuum the rug, then sprinkle the saltwater solution on the rug. Be careful not to get the rug soaked. Wait for it to dry then, vacuum. You should definitely check our guide on how to expertly clean polypropylene rugs for more detailed cleaning tips.
  • Besides using rug dye to cover stains, they can also be used to restore the beauty of a faded rug. But don’t use any dye by yourself as you may end up ruining the rug completely. Always refer to the manufacturer’s guide or just send your rug to a professional.
  • Remember not to oversoak your rug with moisture.

The fading process begins almost immediately after a rug is placed on the floor. Apart from sunlight, some domestic habits contribute to the fading of an area rug. Below are some to watch out for.

  • Dirt on shoes, some skincare products, shower gel, and even some bacteria on the skin can contribute to the discoloration and fading of your carpet or rug. Make sure you don't walk on your rug with shoes, try to always wear socks while walking on your rug, and avoid walking on it with wet legs, especially if you are just coming out of the bathroom.
  • Oil and other types of stains can strip the carpet of its color and increase the rate at which it fades. Periodic application of fluoro chloro carbon protectors can offer protection from stains and oil. This substance is only temporary, so it needs to be applied from time to time.
  • Many cleaners are bleaching agents, and choosing the right cleaning agent for your rug might be difficult, so it is better to have a professional do the cleaning.
  • Take Advantage of “Off time’’. At the time of the day when no one is around, your rug needs not lie around exposed to sunlight. It is better to fold them up and keep them in the dark.

Lastly, learn other things that ruin your rug and how to prevent them. The color of your area rugs can remain the same for many years. But it largely depends on how you care for it. With the tips we’ve shared, you can get the most of a stylishly colorful area rug. The ball is in your court.

April 18, 2021 — Luxe Weavers