Do you know you can do more with your office lounge?  Are you aware that you can transform the space without using conventional lounge sofas and coffee tables? Well, that extra touch lies in a secret recipe – an ottoman.

Without doubts, ottomans are great for home décor projects and  our guide on how to incorporate ottoman sets at home is quite comprehensive and compelling, But it does not end there.

By using a set of modern ottomans in your lounge, you’d be creating the right impression about your brand when customers and prospects come visiting.

The benefits of an ottoman in an office lounge are quite numerous. It is a versatile piece of furniture that would always make valuable additions to any space.

Two men seating on an ottoman in an office lounge

While it is very intuitive to use regular office chairs and coffee tables for your lounge, adorning the space with stylish, modern ottomans takes things a notch higher. Ottomans will transform your lounge into an overwhelmingly appealing area of your office. 

However, not many people understand this yet. 

As you read on, you’ll learn why ottomans are must-haves in an office, and then, some useful ways to achieve style, class, and functionality  with them.

How and Why Ottomans are Must-haves in an Office Lounge

  • Ottomans Help to Create Chic Seat Arrangements
  • Ottomans are Sturdy Tables
  • Ottomans are Durable Impromptu Seats
  • Ottomans are Perfect Stretch Time Footrests
  • Ottomans Introduce Pops of Colors

1. Ottomans Help to Create Chic Seat Arrangements

If you would like to make a creative statement with the seating arrangement in your office lounge, a set of ottomans works.  

Arrange a group of office ottoman chairs unconventionally and move them to the center of the lounge. This instantly turns the area into a focal point, drawing the attention of every visitor and staff. Another creative way to arrange with ottomans is by combining different shapes and complementary colors of ottomans. With those, you can create unique, stylish seating arrangements. Corner ottomans are specifically designed for such purposes.

2. Ottomans are Sturdy Tables

Just as extra seating is often needed by visitors in lounges, extra tables may also be needed from time to time. This is where ottomans come in. Many office ottomans are ergonomic, their surfaces are ideal for use as work-tables.

Besides, when visitors sit in your office lounge area, ottomans can conveniently act as tables to place their laptops, notebooks, phones, and other items on. And if you like to keep magazines, brochures, books, and pamphlets around, an under-desk ottoman would be a great place to pile them.

3. Ottomans are Durable Impromptu Seats

Several changes can take place in an office lounge from day to day and a good instance is during group meetings. Since seating arrangements will take new forms on days like this, movable furniture such as ottomans would serve as impromptu seats when the need arises. And despite being lightweight, they are quite durable.

4. Ottomans are Perfect Stretch Time Footrests

After spending a long time sitting at the desk, it’s only natural to want to get up, change posture, move around, and relax for a bit. Office ottomans, besides being exceptional visual appeals, are ideal footrests. They come with soft cushions that provide the relaxation your legs can use. If you won’t always have the opportunity to get to the lounge, keeping an under-desk ottoman is an excellent option.

5. Ottomans Introduce Pops of Colors

Orange ottoman set

Without doubts, pops of colors and brightness will make a huge difference anywhere. If you are looking to “enchant” visitors with an aesthetically pleasing lounge in your office, try adding an ottoman upholstered in a color that contrasts slightly with the rest of your office lounge furniture. You’ll marvel at how much difference that can make!


In all, Ottomans are stylish, functional, and versatile. They’ve been used as style statements as well as for functional purposes in many homes for decades. Now, Ottomans are being adapted for business and commercial space decorations as a result of their decorative qualities.  When arranged and combined appropriately, Ottomans bring liveliness and class onboard.

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March 26, 2021 — Luxe Weavers