Dining room rugs offer more than just a cushion to our feet or cover for our floors. They are often introduced to shape the dining room table and create a dining area that's visually appealing, comfortable, warm, colorful, and stylish. If you think choosing a suitable living room rug is tricky, then deciding on the right area rug for your dining room can be a lot trickier.

Truth is, a perfect dining room area rug is an art as well as an investment, so here are a few tips to help you make smart decisions when choosing the right for your dining room.


  1. Place the Furniture without a Rug

While this may look out of context, it is the first step in choosing the right rug for your dining room. You should arrange your dining room furniture and reorganize every piece until you find the perfect arrangement for everything in the dining area.

Having your furniture in position will make it easier for you to measure and choose the perfect area rug for your dining room.


  1. Measure Your Dining Room

Once you have your furniture arranged and the sitting area mapped out, the next step is to measure the size of your dining room table and add a further 24 – 30 inches to the four sides of the table.

Whatever size you get should be the perfect size for your dining room area rug.

It is advisable to include these additional measurements so the dining chairs can stay conveniently on the rug, while guests can have enough space to pull out chairs without slipping too.


Area Rug in dining room
  1. Leave a Breathing Space

As much as you may want your dining room rug to be big enough for the purpose you want it to serve, ensure you leave breathing space in your dining room. Allow for some spaces on all sides of the rug in your dining room.  This will help to define the area and unite the furniture.

Make sure to always buy the exact size of the area you need to cover as any attempt to extend dining rugs beyond the required positions can take away the wow factor and make them appear as a conventional wall to wall carpets.


  1. Flat Over Fluffy

Dining rooms and kitchens are synonymous for their spills and traffic, making

rugs in these areas not far from getting dirty. Since it is nearly impossible to avoid dirt and food spillage in a high traffic space like the dining room, you need a rug that's very easy to clean.

Flatweave rugs and rugs made from natural fibers like wool and cotton have proven to require low maintenance, and are easier to clean, making them worth the extra bucks they cost.

Two chairs on dining area rug

Stain-resistant and indoor-outdoor synthetic rugs are also known to be a safe and sturdy option for the dining room.

Fluffy rugs, however, are often too thick and tend to hoard dirt and food crumbs. Also, they make the movement of chairs in and out of the table a bit difficult. Keep your flat rugs in the dining room and let the fancy fluffy ones remain in the sitting room where less maintenance and cleaning is required.

  1. Match rug shapes with dining area

Using a rug shape that echoes the shape of the dining room helps to bring an appealing feeling of harmony and order.

Got a square-shaped dining room? Use a square-shaped rug to match it. If your dining room is round or rectangular,  get dining area rugs with similar shapes. Quick tip: You can style your modern round rug using these five room-transforming arrangements.


Round Area Rug in the dining room
  1. Match Your Table Shape

Rectangular rugs work best with rectangular or oval-shaped dining tables. A round dining table is a perfect match for either a round rug or a square one. Equally, a square rug is a good fit for a square dining table. However, a round rug wouldn't be a bad tweak too.


  1. Start Your Décor With The Rug

While we've always talked about complementing the style, color, and décor of a dining room with the area rug, taking a reverse approach by starting your dining room decoration from your area rug is an unconventional but rather excellent idea.


Purchasing a dining rug first can help set the tone for the decoration of your dining room. That way, you can take color, pattern, style, and design cues from your dining rug.


  1. Complement your Dining Room

If you already have your dining room decorated, then you should choose a rug with color, style, pattern, and design that complements the existing colors in the area.

Choosing a rug whose design and color matches what you already have on wall paintings, furniture, and other items present in your dining room will create a unified feeling and aura.

Introducing a dining area rug in a pre-decorated dining room will act as the final missing piece of a puzzle.

  1. Consider rug materials

You probably already know that the quality of your rug material is very important as it determines the longevity of the rug. Although your budget plays a significant role in choosing an area rug for your dining room, quality is not a factor you'd want to compromise. Thankfully, Luxe weavers' Area Rugs offer quality and affordability in one fell swoop.

The advantages of buying a quality rug are numerous since dining rooms tend to get plenty of traffic that exposes them to a lot of dirt and makes them vulnerable to wear and tear.

Rugs made from durable materials will withstand usage stress. They won't also fade off quickly from frequent washing.

Dining Area Rug

In all, rugs in dining rooms have become very popular in recent times due to the colorful and pleasant feeling they help to create in this special part of the home.

While choosing the perfect rug for your dining room may be a tricky affair, once you have an understanding of the things that make a rug type the ideal option for your space, you can confidently shop through stores and successfully pick the one that best suits your space.

December 04, 2020 — Luxe Weavers