In the words of the old nursery rhyme, “Christmas is coming, the geese are getting fat.” 

What precisely that means, we can’t say, but it always makes us think of the holidays—which inevitably brings visions of yummy foods cooking in the kitchen. 

Typically the center of the home, everyone seems to congregate in the kitchen when it’s the holidays, so naturally you want the heart of your household to look as good as it smells.
But at the same time, kitchens are a high-traffic area. Family is coming and going, food inevitably gets spilled. How do you make this space feel cozy and welcoming while still operating as a functional food prep space? Two words: area rug. 

An inviting area rug that’s durable yet sophisticated, easy to clean yet stylish, can work wonders in making a kitchen a more hospitable space. But not just any area rug will do. In this guide we’ll look at six great kitchen rugs that can bring the holidays into your kitchen.

Luxe Weavers Magnolia Collection 2937 Beige White Abstract Area Rug

There’s a reason interior designers love the 1990 film Home Alone. Sure, it was a hilarious holiday blockbuster, but it also had one of the most festively decorated homes of any holiday film, ever (maybe excepting Christmas Vacation!) Rewatch Home Alone and you’ll see that almost the entire home was tastefully decorated in green and red. While that might be extreme for most homeowners, you can add a little seasonal flavor with a rug that incorporates the most popular Christmas colors. This abstract area rug takes a traditional Oriental pattern and incorporates subtle hints of red and green. 

Luxe Weavers Magnolia Collection 7613 Silver Geometric Area Rug

Often kitchens can give off a sterile vibe. Warm up a space with a tasteful area rug that says “sit back and stay awhile.” Geometric shapes don’t require that a rug fit a particular design aesthetic. Instead they can blend in nearly any space, which makes this rug universal. 

Manhattan Patterned Shag Gray Modern Area Rug

Don’t believe the naysayers, shag can go wherever you want it go—even in a kitchen. For those lucky enough to have a snug—a small, intimate, cozy space like a breakfast nook— within their kitchen, a shag area rug can make for a lovely coffee corner that’s a perfect space to sit with friends and family and decorate cookies. 

Luxe Weavers Taba Collection 7085 Grey Orientral Area Rug

Let’s be real, some of us are messier in the kitchen than others. But a kitchen area rug is still possible. Just opt for one that hides messes more than others, like this Taba Collection in grey. You can still easily have a timeless area rug design perfect for the holidays that will also keep the odd spill hidden, at least until your Christmas company has left. 

Luxe Weavers Victoria Collection Blue Oriental Area Rug

“Think small” may have been Volkswagen’s famous line, but in this case it applies to kitchens too. Just because you have a cozy kitchen space, that doesn’t mean you can’t make it more festive with a small area rug. 

Luxe Weavers Hampstead Collection 8027 Red Oriental Area Rug

If you really want to embrace the season, why not choose an area rug that’s as loud and proud as your Christmas spirit. Something that says “I put my Christmas tree up in October.” An area rug that’s as joyful as Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” on repeat. Something like, say, this Hampstead Collection red Oriental rug. It checks all the boxes: green and red hues, bright design, classic style that echoes long-held holiday traditions. What could be better? 

Want even more holiday-ready rug ideas? Take a look at our huge inventory covering abstract, traditional, patterned and Oriental styles.

December 03, 2020 — Luxe Weavers