Winter can be a magical time when viewed through your window. Outside snow may fall, wind may blow, and a chill may set in, but inside can be an oasis—that is, if you have the right interior touches to make it cozy and warm. 

That’s no easy feat when considering how the cold can sap moisture, creep in through windows pains, and leak in through thin insulation. For homes without a fireplace, it’s also difficult to make a space as inviting as those with a hearth. 

But, never fear, with a few appropriate touches, even the coldest spaces can be heated up to bring in a warming glow. In this guide we’ll look at 7 ways to raise the temperature in your home.

Embrace the throw blanket

For anyone who has fought over the thermostat, you know that all body temperatures are not made the same. Some of us walk this earth permanently chilled while others are always one degree away from breaking a sweat. Rather than force one party to always be uncomfortable, embrace throw blankets as a means of personalizing temperature control. 

With a tasteful throw blanket you can make a couch look more cozy and add a note of care and concern for guests who might need an extra layer of warmth.

Lean on textures

Faux furs, fluffy knits, quilted pillowcases—now is the time to embrace a little texture in your space. These little details are the embodiment of the warm, fuzzy feeling and can make a space feel like a soft place to land on an especially frosty night.

Lighten up

With Daylight Savings in effect and the days shorter, the light in your space may no longer be up to snuff. Warm up a space by investing in a new lamp or light fixture that provides a soft glow. Then consider adding some candles. A few choice candles burning can really brighten up a room and give it an old-world ambiance ideal for the holiday season.

Introduce an Oriental rug

What’s classic, soft, and timeless the whole year through? An Oriental area rug. If a room feels cold or sterile one of the swiftest ways to make it more appealing is to add an area rug and with an Oriental design, you’ll be installing something that will never go out of style. 

For a great winter option, consider an Oriental rug with a thick ply that will be comfortable to walk on with or without shoes. Another trick is to make sure it’s large enough. Too small and not touching all of the furniture and the rug will only add to a discomforting cold feeling. Make sure your Oriental area rug is large and can fill a space, like this Howell Collection Red Abstract Area Rug

Branch out

Practically speaking, it may sound counterintuitive to bring greenery from nature indoors during the winter. But it works to remarkable effect. 

Just as a Christmas tree with ornaments brings a warming vibe to a room, so too can any greenery, be it magnolia branches or evergreen leaves. This tradition started in pre-Roman times, according to natural history and botanical illustrator Lizzy Harper. Harper writes, “evergreen plants represented new life in mid-winter, and gave hope for the spring.” Bring the hope for warmer days into your home and warm it up in the process. 

Get wood-centric

Natural fibers and materials can make a space so much more authentic. Consider Scandinavian design. The emphasis on birch woods gives places like lake houses a warm feeling even when minimally decorated. This can be easily done with something as simple as a natural candle holder, or on a larger scale with a full chest of drawers in wood.

Go ahead, buy more pillows

Tis the season to wear your slippers all day and don jammies from Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon. Continue the sleepover feeling in your home by putting pillows everywhere. Pull in warm hues like red, orange, and yellow in big cushy pillows in various shapes, from square to lumbar support styles, to give off even more heat in a space.

With these seven ideas, you can start to amp up the temp in your home and make it a safe haven for the winter months. And don’t forget to double check your heating system as well. Sometimes it’s not the décor that’s making a place icy! A good check-up will help you survive the winter months and be ready for spring. 

December 08, 2020 — Luxe Weavers