Runner rugs are popular, but when contemplating where to place them in the home, one place that rarely pops up in our minds is the bedroom. However, time and trends are changing. Can a runner rug enhance your bedroom? Yes, absolutely! A long runner rug in bedroom is an infamous idea, but it may be the game-changer your bedroom is missing.

If you're looking to add beauty, depth, and coziness to a place like your bedroom, a runner rug is a great choice to consider. Regardless of style, décor, or size, runner rugs are perfect for every home as they can fit in any part of it; bedroom inclusive.

You don't want to leave your warm, comfy bed in the morning, and the first thing you step on is an ice-cold floor. That feeling is the last thing anyone would want to experience in the morning and one way to prevent such is to place long runner rugs on both sides of the bed. This guarantees a soft landing for your feet, as you leave your bed in the morning. Also, if your bed is the focal point of the room, a small runner rug at its foot helps to accent or complement the bed, while improving the overall ambiance of your room.

Indeed, there are tons of ways to style and infuse runner rugs into the décor of bedrooms. In this guide, we'll discuss all you need to know about this size of rug and how you can use it to enhance your bedroom.

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So What Are Runner Rugs?

Contrary to the name, runner rugs are not the carpet or floor covering on which you run. They're called runner rugs because they are often used in narrow places that get lots of traffic. The hallways, stairs, corridors, or house entrances are some of the places where you’ll likely find a runner rug.

Runner rug sizes vary, just like their colors, patterns, and styles.  You’d also find them in modern, traditional, shaggy, and contemporary designs. So, there’s room to choose the one that best matches your room décor, color, or theme.

The best runner rugs serve multiple purposes – from directing people to specific destinations, protecting the floor in a place to bringing a welcoming ambiance to a space, etc.

 What Are The Benefits Of Using Runner Rugs In Your Bedroom(S)?

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Like other types of rug, runner rug in bedroom has some incredible benefits you should not miss out on. Here are a few:

Runner rugs protect the floor of a bedroom

A runner rug will not only enhance the ambiance and beautify your bedroom, but it will also provide an element of protection for your hardwood floor. It protects the floor against damages such as scratches from heavy objects or furniture and wears from heavy foot traffic.

Runner rugs provide comfort in the bedroom

Runner rugs provide a better foothold. This prevents you from slipping on a smooth hardwood floor and makes walking around your room more comfortable. The softness of the runner rug material provides warm and soft cushioning for your underfoot.

Runner rugs are excellent for smaller spaces

Due to the narrow width of runner rugs, they are ideal for small spaces where a large area rug cannot fit into, and it is one of the reasons why runner rugs are so popular. Many homeowners often use them to transform long cold hallways, stairs, bedroom floors, and even bathrooms into aesthetically pleasing arenas.

Runner rugs are unique beautifiers

Like other types of rug, runner rugs effortlessly make bedrooms come alive by adding comfort and character. They do this so seamlessly that you only have to place them on the floor wherever you want and watch them transform the ambiance and outlook of the area. Imagine waking up daily to such an elegant and incredible sight.

Runner rugs connect spaces in a bedroom

Having the wrong runner rug size may make your bedroom, walkway, or corridor appear disjointed and unpleasant. The best runner rugs connect spaces in bedrooms and make the area more visually pleasing.

Runner rugs reduce noise in the bedroom

One way to effectively curb noises from clacking heels in your bedroom is to introduce a runner rug. Unlike bare hardwood floors, runner rugs are quieter to walk on. They absorb sounds.

How to Decorate Your Bedroom with a Runner Rug


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Runners are exquisite. They add color, style, and personality to anywhere they get featured. However, before you go shopping for one, you must figure out how to maximize them in decorating your bedroom.

When you understand how a runner rug can impact your room and how it works with your bedroom furniture, you'll have a head start in transforming your bedroom with a runner rug.  Taking the following measures will save you time and unnecessary strain.

Measure the Bedroom

Measuring the width and length of the space available for the runner rug will help prevent possible mistakes. A simple sketch of the bedroom with the furniture and built-in features (like fireplace, doors & closet swings) will save you from buying a runner rug that will interfere with the décor and layout of the room. It is also helpful to consider items you'd not move, such as a dresser or a heavy armoire.

Coordinate Colors

Having a runner rug that matches the color of the room décor and other items will make a big difference in the room's appearance. Look for a runner rug that includes colors from the bed, bed bench, closet, wall art, or window to unify the space. To add a new color or emphasize a color scheme, match your runner rug with accent pillows, large Euro pillows, and bedding to create harmony in the room.

Match the Mood

A runner rug with a solid color and oriental pattern will enhance the look of any sleeping area and set it off visually in a traditional bedroom. Runner rugs, especially those with classic, oriental-like patterns work well with several bedroom décor styles. A large, bright design may appear too much for a resting place like the bedroom. However, bold prints such as checks, stripes, and polka dots will go well with an upbeat mood.

Bedroom Rug Placement

Unlike the area rug that goes under the bed, the runner rug in bedroom either flanks the bed on both sides or is placed right at the foot if there's no bed bench.  It is a great way to enhance your bedroom. A runner rug creates a balanced look and an incredible sense of unity among the items in the bedroom. Additionally, runners are a great way to save money rather than buying a large area rug where a large chunk of it goes right under the bed.

How to Choose the Perfect Runner Rug for Your Bedroom

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Knowing how to decorate and enhance your bedroom with a runner rug is not enough. You also have to choose a runner rug that matches the bedroom you want to place it in. Here are some useful tips:

Size Matters

Unlike other rug types where you need to consider the position and proportion of almost all furniture, the ideal approach here is to place a small runner rug at the foot of your bed or flank both sides of the bed with two matching narrow ones. For instance, you can run these Luxe Weavers Victoria collection abstract runner rugs across the length or width of the bed, and you're game.

For a very formal or modern bedroom, lining up the rug with other elements in the room will give a tailored look. There are no rules to the length of a runner rug in a casual or transitional space. Still, the width should be about 2 to 3 feet.

Pick a Bedroom Rug Style

When it comes to making statements, your bedroom is your fortress and should be decorated with such notions in mind. Choosing the perfect style for your rug should be about your style, taste, and preference. After all, it is your bedroom - a place where you don't have to worry about foot traffic. Instead, you should be focused on comfort and comfort. Your bedroom is where your desire to splurge on a soft, plush, and cozy rug is viable. Take cues from the nightstand, bedframe upholsteries, beddings, and pillows.

Small, striped rugs make smaller rooms appear larger by elongating them. So if your room is small, try a small runner rug with stripes to elongate your bedroom. It will also help pull you into those warm, cozy sheets. If a significant part of your master bedroom’s upholstery is in solid colors, you should take some ideas from our ultimate guide on Oriental rugs. With those, you can be sure to have chosen the liveliest of patterns. Nonetheless, a solid-colored, low-piled runner will work perfectly in a room adorned with artworks and patterned prints.

Choose Suitable Runner Rug Materials

While runners come in various colors, styles, and patterns, they also come in different materials. The softer and thinner the rug, the easier it is to clean and maintain. Some of the best runner rug material include:

  • Wool – Wools are the most popular rug material. They are naturally soft, durable, comfortable. They hold off stains pretty well and are easy to clean. Wool dyes perfectly too, allowing manufacturers to make them in a wide array of rich hues. However, to get a taste of all this goodness, you’d have to fork out a few more dollars than you would for other rug materials. You also have to master how to keep your wool runner rugs from shedding.
  • Sisal and Jute – Sisal and Jute are less popular and less appealing. Nonetheless, their sturdy, durable texture gives them some bragging rights. While not as soft as wool, sisal is a coarse natural fiber that will leave your feet asking for more.
  • Polypropylene - Polypropylene is a synthetic rug material famous for its impressive durability, dirt resistance, ease of cleaning, and maintenance. While polypropylene is not as soft and plush as its natural counterparts, it is very affordable and has a very appealing appearance. You may want to learn why some rug owners consider polypropylene rugs as the best area rugs.
  • Nylon and Polyesters – These are less popular synthetic rug materials but can still hold their own whenever called on. Polyester is water-resistant but cannot withstand oil, so you'd need to keep it away from your hair oil. Nylon rugs are colorful but they fade off when exposed to the sun for a long time.

Choose Colors and Patterns that Show Your Personality

Your rug color is often said to be a direct mirror of your lifestyle and personality. As a minimalist, you may want a runner rug with a neutral or natural color to usher in a calm and serene ambiance to your room. And, if you happen to be a maximalist or expressionist, runners with bold, bright colors and patterns will go a long way in revealing your personality. Either way, let your runner rug speak boldly of your personality, preference, and any other idea you'll like to convey.

Consider a Rug Pad for Your Bedroom Rug

One final thing to consider when choosing a runner rug for your bedroom is the backing material. If your runner rug doesn’t have a backing that can hold it in place (i.e., slip-resistant), then you may have to consider a rug pad. Rug pads are as essential as the rug itself.  They provide rugs with the much-needed traction and padding. They keep the carpets in position and prevent them from moving and sliding around. You'd find a huge collection of affordable rug pads on Amazon.

You wouldn't want to start your day by leaving the comfort of your bed, only to slip and fall off due to a slipping rug. With a rug pad, you can prevent such experience and possible injury. No one has ever regretted buying a rug pad, and it won't start with you.

So, can a runner rug really enhance your bedroom? We are screaming a giant YES! Start beautifying today by shopping some of Luxe Weavers' adorable, premium but affordable runner rugs!

June 16, 2021 — Luxe Weavers