Looking for an area rug that can make a powerful art statement, has a great history, imbued with creativity, style, and has a significant artistic value? You should be looking to buy oriental rugs. However, whether you intend to buy handmade ones or machine-made affordable oriental rugs, it may not be a walk in the park. But you need not worry much, in this guide, we have shared some useful tips on how to choose an oriental rug, you’d forever adore. Beyond the reputable history of oriental rugs, you’ll learn the types of oriental rugs, know how to buy oriental area rug online, and select your money’s worth. But first, what is an oriental rug?

Oriental rug in a living room

What Is an Oriental Rug?

Sometime in the past, you must have spotted a rug that got your attention. You must have marveled at the detailed styling of the rug, its heavy textile, and how neatly woven it is. Well, that must be an oriental rug, no other comes close. Oriental rugs arguably the finest quality rugs and are produced for utility and symbolic purposes.

The types of oriental rugs that are produced for utility purposes may include those for use in homes, sold for personal uses, or exported from oriental countries to several other countries. On the other hand, oriental rugs can serve as a religious and ancestral symbol. If taken care of properly, they can become an heirloom and can be handed down for many generations. They are top-quality rugs that are useful for several purposes.

Before we move away from what is an oriental rug, it is important to know the difference between a Persian rug and an oriental rug. While all handmade rugs made in modern-day Iran (Persian rugs) are oriental rugs, not all oriental rugs are Persian rugs. Oriental rugs are rugs that are handwoven in the 'orient' like Afghanistan, Turkey, India, or other neighboring countries. But guess what? New machine-made rugs with oriental patterns are a great substitute for traditional oriental rugs. More on this later. Let’s take a quick dive into the history of oriental rugs.

History of Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs have great historic values, as the art of crafting them dates back to early times. The true Oriental rug is a heavy pile of handwoven textile. Although this is not definite proof of how long oriental rugs have been in existence, it is a hint of just how long they most likely have been around. The oldest oriental rug found in good shape dates as far back as the 5th century BCE. It was discovered in Siberia by an archaeologist in the year 1940. The rug is generally known as the Pazyryk rug.

Who Should Buy an Oriental rug?

Handmade oriental rugs are admired by many. But because of its purchase cost and value, only a few can own it. Handwoven oriental rugs are expensive. Only those whose lifestyle, pockets measure up, or those that value them can acquire one. Many owners choose to have oriental rugs as an heirloom to pass down to their future generations. Others purchase them as a design showpiece.

If you have pets at home, it is not ideal to buy oriental rugs, as they are prone to dirt, while excessive cleaning damages them.

Again, if you live in environments prone to flood or other natural disasters, you may want to postpone your plans to buy an oriental rug. These disaster agents can damage them. And given their cost, it could be a huge loss.

Lady touching an oriental rug to feel its texture

Handmade vs Machine-made Oriental Rugs

Handmade Oriental rugs are no doubt, pieces of rare gems whose qualities, sophistication, and styles have a flattering reputation. However, questions surrounding its supply and cost have drawn many homeowners away from experiencing its luxury. Machine-made oriental rugs have begun to fill this space, and have so far lived up to expectations and erased fears.

For instance, the Luxe Weavers Rust South Western Oriental Area Rug is the perfect representation of affordable luxury. While not lacking in classic oriental patterns, it comes with a great pile height, it is easy to clean, and quite affordable. If you are looking to brighten up your space with colorful, and chic oriental rugs without breaking the bank, you should buy machine-made ones.

Common Oriental Rug Styles

There are different styles of handwoven and machine-made Oriental rugs to choose from, with different color schemes, designs, and traditional patterns. Whether you plan to buy an oriental area rug online or you would rather visit a showroom, below are some common oriental rug styles to choose from:

  • Chobi Ziegler: Chobi Ziegler rugs are relatively affordable oriental rugs you can buy online. They are sold for $45 to $50 per square foot. Chobi Ziegler rugs are made using traditional styles with a muted color scheme. You’d find various collections and designs of the rugs out there.
  • Ikat Rugs: An Ikat rug takes its name from a tribe. It has abstract designs and patterns that are uniquely dyed into diamond or triangular shapes. Ikat rugs are of great historical value. You’d get them at $45 to $55 per square foot meter.
  • Bokhara Rugs: Bokhara rugs are from modern-day Uzbekistan. They are made with a signature style of classic colors of red, navy, and brown, and designed with oval-shaped motifs. They have a scantier background when compared with other oriental rugs. If you have a traditional lifestyle and are looking to buy Oriental area rugs online, the Bokhara rugs always deliver.
  • Flat Weave Kilim Rugs: Kilim rugs are imbued with bold and very dark colors, and are designed with plane geometric shapes and lines.
  • Overdyed Rugs: Overdyed rugs take the name from their dyeing processes. They are very colorful and stylish and still incorporate traditional quality.
  • Silk Rugs: Silk rugs are woven with silk and blended with other materials like wool or cotton. They are quite pricey because of the quality of silk in them.
  • Patchwork Rugs: Patchwork rugs are made by hand stitching several existing oriental rugs together, producing a very thick and unique design of beautiful colors.
Luxe weavers Victoria Collection Area Rug (4620)

How to Choose an Oriental Rug

Learning how to choose an oriental rug is not rocket science. First, you have to think about the size and color of the oriental rug you want, putting in mind the size of your space, as well as the color of your walls, furniture, artworks, and other accessories. Here some other tips:

  • Learn how to choose the perfect rug size and make sure to have the correct measurements of all the sections in your room and the main pieces of furniture. You can use a measuring tape for this. And for visual references, take photos of your space.
  • Decide why you need an oriental rug and where you want your rug to be. Oriental rugs serve various functions and purposes. For example, an oriental rug in the living room looks great and can offer warmth and comfort to the setting. It can also absorb noise, especially when you are in a home with kids. Oriental rugs are also very cozy and are just what you need if you want to break up your space into distinct zones.
  • Find answers to questions such as, “Does the furniture go on or off the area rug? How large is your main furniture?” If you choose to buy a large oriental area rug, it should take most of your furniture.
  • Take your time to decide on the rug for your dining room. Make sure all of your dining table and chairs will fit completely into it, with additional spaces around the edge of the table. A 2 to 3 feet extra space will help you move your chairs easily.
  • The most important thing to note when choosing an oriental rug for your bedroom is the soft feeling beneath your feet when you place your legs on the floor. Silky oriental rugs and oriental rugs that are woven with soft textiles are popular for their fluffiness and soft texture. When it comes to size, use a 39 by 75 inches rug for a room with a twin bed, 54 by 75 inches for a full bed, 60 by 80 inches for a queen-sized, and 76 by 80 inches for a king size.
Man touching luxe weavers victoria collection oriental area rug

Before you go, remember to always care for your oriental rugs to keep them as beautiful and radiating as when new. Vacuum at least once a week, avoid sunlight, dry them up immediately if wet and avoid spilling drinks and other stains on your rug. With proper care, oriental rugs can remain beautiful and useful for many generations. Save money while selecting from a wide range of stylish, colorful, and durable oriental rugs. Surf through Luxe Weavers Oriental Rugs Collection. Hurry while stock lasts!









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