Luxe Weavers Bohemian Moroccan Area Rug



The Luxe Weavers Bohemian Tribal Area Rug is a beautiful floor cover that adds elegance and style to your home. This machine-rug was woven and styled with bold tribal patterns to make your home a work of art. Here’s a long-lasting, anti-dust, stain-resistant, non-fading area rug. It is safe for kids and pets. Affordable and refined, this finely crafted and non-shedding area rug is perfect for low-and high-traffic areas. This top-quality rug transforms your living room, bedroom, walkway, and dining area. It comes with a jute backing and is made from top-quality polypropylene fibers. Use this medium pile area rug in your living room to keep your feet and body comfy. Spot clean with a mild carpet cleaner as soon as you notice stains and vacuum regularly with a no-beater bar. You'll find it in different complementary colors that bring out the true beauty of your space.
Actual dimensions: 5 feet 3.5 inches width by 7 feet 2 inches length
Actual dimensions: 6 feet 7 inches width by 9 feet 2 inches length
Actual dimensions: 7 feet 9 inches width by 9 feet 11.5 inches length

Machine-woven fibers from high-quality polypropylene. Jute backing.
Easy cleaning and care. No Shedding, great pile height, anti-dust.
0.5-inch pile height. Kid and pet friendly. Colors and rug dimensions may vary.
Lay rug flat and face down for 2 to 3 days to allow waves or ripples to relax.