Your space can go from being flat and boring to being full of intrigue by adding textural décor pieces. And while there are multiple ways to add texture to a space, textured area rugs are top contenders. You'll find out why, shortly.

Textured area rugs are floor covers with a tactile sense. They improve the design of your home by highlighting the style, redefining your color scheme, and establishing the mood of the entire space.

This type of area rug perfectly coordinates with other existing décor accessories, ensuring everything contributes to giving your space a rich and cohesive look.

What Is the Difference Between a Non-textured Rug and a Textured Rug?

Unlike non-textured rugs, textured ones have alternate yarn twists that give a two-tone effect. This rug style is long-lasting, hides vacuum traces and footprints, and can be used in multiple areas around the home.

Where Does a Textured Area Rug Fit In Your Space?

Luxe weavers textured rug

Textured rugs add depth to your space and can be as dramatic or subtle with your interior decoration, depending on your preferences. You can install them in residential and commercial spaces. And if they are made from polypropylene, you can use them in moderate or heavy activity areas. These include:

1. Living Room

Textured area rugs introduce life into every living room space. Install one at the center of the room, directly in front of the chairs or underneath the front legs. Or use a smaller textured rug to define your living room's reading or coffee area. These positions enhance coziness and help with noise reduction.

Textured area rugs create relaxing living rooms while adding extra warmth and cushion. 

2. Dining Room

The most conventional dining room arrangement for textured rugs is underneath the dining table. This way, you can arrange your chairs to move in and out on either side of the table, ideally two to three feet. This style of area rug unifies the area, enhancing the dining set's color scheme, style, and décor.

3. Bedroom

A textured rug introduces warmth and comfort to your bedroom. Place it underneath your bed, especially if your bed serves as the room's center point. You can also place it beneath the bottom two-thirds, or slightly closer to the base of the bed.

Other stylish ways to use textured rugs are at the center of the bedroom or anywhere along the edge of your bed, especially if it is on one side.

4. Kitchen

Textured area rugs are incredible for kitchens. Since you typically spend the most time on your feet in the kitchen, they'll help introduce some comfort underneath your feet.  Textured area rugs are a terrific way to bring color to kitchens, especially those with bright, charming tones.

Choose polypropylene textured rugs for your kitchens as they are to clean and maintain. 

Luxe weavers textured rug

How to Clean Textured Area Rugs

Textured polypropylene area rugs are easy to clean and maintain. Use these cleaning tips to get them back in top shape.

1. Vacuuming

Routine vacuuming is one very good way to preserve the durability and quality of your textured rug. This process lets you get rid of dirt in heavy activity areas while increasing its longevity. To get vacuuming your rug right:

  • Use a canister vacuum to thoroughly clean the house at least once weekly.
  • Avoid using beater bars.
  • Vacuum rugs exposed to domestic pets, heavy traffic parts of the house, and business areas more frequently.
  • Don't vacuum the fringes on your rug, especially those on hand-knotted carpets. Use a broom instead in these areas.

In all, having professionals clean your area rug when necessary is best. 

2. Brushing

Since textured rugs are great for pets, brushing will help to remove persistent pet hairs missed by the vacuum process. Use a carpet brush or carpet sweeper for short pile rugs. 

An excellent tool for textured rugs with thick piles is the carpet rake. And for outdoor carpets, sweeping works best. 

However, textured area rugs are much more sensitive than regular rugs. As a result, some textured rugs are resistant to standard cleaning agents, chemicals, and techniques. 

luxe weavers textured rug

Where Can You Buy a Quality Textured Rug?

Need a textured rug of great quality? Buy Luxe Weavers' Textured Area Rug. You'll get your money's worth and more. It is made from top-quality polypropylene fibers that are durable, non-fade, and non-shedding. This machine-made tastefully designed textured rug is made to suit multiple décor themes and is fitting for living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms. 


Wrapping Up

Textured rugs are a great investment for your space. They are available in different complimentary designs that perfectly fit your interior decorations. So, you can choose to style them in whatever way you want, as this type of rug fits perfectly wherever you decide to place it. 

November 01, 2022 — Ademola Ademiluyi