Rug shopping is never a straightforward task, considering the numerous amount of options available. Shoppers tend to get overwhelmed when they realize a store is littered with undoubtedly beautiful area rug designs. Still, the bigger challenge is how to determine the perfect area rug size for living rooms, bedrooms, and sometimes, dining areas.

While there’s nothing like an ideal area rug size as it all boils down to individual needs, preferences, and perceptions, from our experience over the years, the 8x10 area rug size remains the most popular among homeowners and area rug lovers alike.

In most cases, those who eventually settle for 8x10 area rugs end up adoring their units and are always bold to share how they never regret the decision. So why exactly does everyone love 8x10 area rugs?

In this area rug size guide, you’ll not only have answers to the "Why?", but you'll also learn about the best 8x10 area rugs for your space.

Perhaps, he first crucial question to answer is, how big is this particular area rug size ?

8x10 area rug anchoring furniture in a living room


How to Visualize the Size of an 8x10 Area Rug

Fact: When you understand the size of an area rug, and the areas it is likely to cover in your home, it becomes easier to pay attention to other aspects like style, color, and texture.

To get a visual idea of how big an 8x10 indoor rug is, pick a measuring tape and draw out a rectangular shape measuring 8ft. by 10ft. or 240cm by 300cm. This should help.

But if you still find it difficult to visualize, or not sure how much space an area rug should cover, then you should check out our ultimate area rug size guide. It covers in detail, the various area rug sizes and what they look like in different room sizes.

What You Need to Know About 8x10 Area Rug 

  • The 8x10 area rug is one of the most popular regular-shaped rug designs.
  • It is rectangular and fits perfectly into almost any space or room.
  • It is neither too large to take away the shine from your room décor nor too small to depict a lost island on the pacific.
  • It is usually large enough to accommodate all the major furniture in conversation areas such as the sitting room or the dining room.
  • 8x10 indoor rugs are intermediates between too large and too small. Think about an 80 sq. ft. floor.

Why Are 8x10 Area Rugs The Best?

An 8x10 indoor rug is a brilliant choice for any room in your home. Here are a few reasons:

  • It is perfect for layering.
  • It helps to anchor every piece of furniture in a room.
  • An 8x10 area rug is large and luxurious.
  • An 8x10 area rug creates intimate spaces.
  • An 8x10 area rug showcases the beauty of different rug designs.
  • All 8x10 area rugs are very versatile.

8x10 Area Rugs are Perfect for Rug Layering

Layering is currently one of the hottest rug trends used in home and interior decoration. So if you’re looking to join this in-vogue trend, the 8x10 area rug is the perfect rug size to get you on board.

8x10 Area Rug are Furniture Anchors

For an area rug to comfortably anchor pieces of furniture, it has to be larger than the space around the furniture. Except you have the palatial type, an 8x10 area rug should be large enough to anchor the furniture in any part of your home. It is always neither too small nor too large.

8x10 Area rugs are Large and Luxurious

Besides being large enough for wherever you want to place it, an 8x10 indoor rug beams with elegance and sophistication. The elegance of this size of area rug becomes evident from the moment you unroll and place it in a room.

8x10 Area Rugs Define Spaces

One of the primary purposes of decorating with area rugs is to define and create warm, intimate spaces for conversations and family time. Whether you’re using the 8x10 area rug as an outdoor rug or placing it at the center of your living room, it can help you define and create that cozy atmosphere you want.

8x10 Area Rugs Showcase the Beauty of Different Rug Designs

All 8x10 area rugs at Luxe Weavers are intricately designed.  All our floral designs, traditional oriental patterns, and geometric shapes are made with precision and details.

8x10 Area rugs are Versatile

Due to their intermediate sizes, 8x10 area rugs can fit perfectly into almost any space. Whether they are used as indoor rugs, outdoor rugs, or indoor-outdoor rugs, 8x10 area rugs are always good to go.

8x10 area rug in a living room

Price of 8x10 Area Rugs

8x10 area rugs aren’t particularly cheaper than other area rugs. Rug manufacturers and sellers often promote them with a middling price tag. However, you wouldn’t have to worry about price tags when you buy from Luxe Weavers as all products are discounted.

What Type of 8x10 Area Rug Material is the Best?

When you compare price, style, durability, and maintenance cost, The best 8x10 area rugs are machine-made with authentic 100% polypropylene fiber.   While natural fabric materials are also an excellent choice, their prices, and maintenance costs are major turnoffs for many homeowners.

At Luxe Weavers, our 8x10 area rugs are machine-made and crafted by skilled artisans from Turkey. All our products are of exceptional quality. Shop through our rich collections, and get a fitting 8x10 area rug for your space today. We’ll be waiting to read your review! 

March 08, 2021 — Luxe Weavers