Shopping for the perfect Area rug is not rocket science. But it can be shockingly overwhelming to find a perfect match for your space.

While this does not translate to a shortage of beautiful and eye-popping rugs, finding the practical use for these rugs, knowing the different patterns, styles, and how to match them with other accessories in a room is the real deal.

Not to worry, here's a guide that will not only help you differentiate between the

different categories but also guide you in making the right choice or rugs for any part of your home.

Rugs are grouped into three categories: Traditional, Modern, and Transitional rugs.

But if you walk into a rug store right now, you would likely find it hard to distinguish one from the other. However, each category is unique, and learning this uniqueness will make your rug shopping experience more fun and effective.

Let's take a closer look.

Traditional Rugs

Traditional rug in a living room

Traditional rugs are worth it if you're looking to add a touch of class, glamour, and sophistication to your room. Traditional rugs are beautiful and their ability to adorn a room and inject liveliness into your space is undeniable.

Traditional rugs are the modern-day replica of the Persian and Oriental rug patterns. These rugs are usually finely woven with intricate colors and patterns and are often described as ornamental or luxurious rugs.

Traditional rugs producers have used the same set of colors over the years with deep sage, a rich maroon, warm beige, ink black, and navy blue being the most prominent ones. Also, the rugs are mostly designed in floral patterns or central medallion with octagonal, hexagonal, or diamond shapes, as well as other synonymous intricate patterns.

Although traditional rugs are considered luxurious and formal, they can also be found in homes with casual living rooms and bedrooms.

A traditional rug will fit just right in if you have pieces of furniture with complex floral designs, relief carvings, and/or cabriole legs.

Types of Traditional Rugs

Traditional rugs are found in varieties. Below are 7 different types that can give your home that aesthetic and elegant look.

  1. Traditional Mughal Style Rugs
  2. Native English Wilton Rugs
  3. Patchwork Traditional Rugs
  4. Traditional Flat-Weave Dhurries Rugs
  5. Chobi-Ziegler Traditional Rugs

Traditional Mughal Style Rugs

The traditional Mughal style rugs are an expression of the rich Indian artistry – from tropical plants, jewel-toned accents to rich colors, ornamental flowers, and geometric patterns.

Mughal rugs have a distinctive design and can be placed under a chandelier at the center of your living room, or paired with luxurious furniture choices to make beautiful centerpieces.

Native English Wilton Rugs

English Wilton is machine-made in England with a western appeal. The Wilton rugs are highly fascinating and were designed to be the last piece of the puzzle in homes with modern or contemporary interiors.

Patchwork Traditional Rugs

Patchwork rugs are bold, beautiful, luxurious, and highly popular and they can be an excellent choice when you want to customize a particular look to match your interior design. These carpets are made by recycling old rug patches and stitching them together.

Chobi-Ziegler Traditional Rugs

Chobi-Ziegler rugs are mostly crafted in Afghanistan and can help to add that sophisticated royal appeal to your home. These rugs often come in neutral colors with beautiful and intricate designs.

Traditional Flat-Weave Dhurrie Rugs

The traditional flat-weave Dhurrie rugs are available in different styles, colors, and designs. They can transform any interior design into a plush- looking space. They are flat-woven. Thick, affordable, with a classical look.

Why You Should Buy a Traditional Rug

They Are Practical & Versatile

Traditional rugs are very versatile and practical. They can help you achieve any kind of interior design goal. From classic to luxury, there's a traditional rug that can pull those off.

They Help Define Spaces

Traditional rugs can help you define or redefine your space. You can use them to carve out your conversation area and draw attention to your furniture.

They Help Add Scale as well as Space

Traditional rugs have the potential to make a small room feel or look bigger. They can also help scale down the size of an expansive area by bringing everything together and make it feel cozier.

They Are Generally Appealing

You can use traditional rugs to shake things up in your room. They can help make every piece look fresh and appealing.

They Are Classic & Luxurious

Traditional rugs add a touch of luxury and create a sense of grandness and uniqueness in your room.

Modern or Contemporary Rugs

modern rug in a sitting room

Modern rugs are generally designed and characterized by a beautiful blend of colors, stark contrasts, abstract design elements, geometric patterns, and free-form style elements.  The diversity and variation among contemporary or modern rugs are inspired by modern art decorations and general architectural designs.

Contemporary or modern rugs are more western in their appearance and are pretty much suited to new and informal homes whose owners are looking for a modest and easy-going approach. Depending on their colors and patterns, contemporary rug designs can sharpen up or soften the appearance of an area.

Modern rugs are made with few simple colors without any form of intricate design or pattern. They are subtle yet versatile and will fit seamlessly with various décor and furniture.

Although modern rugs are not luxurious in their appearance, they are very practical and you would be making an artistic statement by laying one of them in your home.

Why You Should Buy a Modern Rug

stools and a table on a contemporary area rug

They Help to Enhance Home Décor

Do you have a flat or shabby looking room? Contemporary rugs have a beautiful and appealing appearance that can lighten up and enhance the decor of any space. They come in fascinating colors and patterns that can bring out the beauty and improve the atmosphere around your home.

Soft and Cozy Texture

Modern rugs are made from synthetic and natural fabric materials such as wool, silk, jute, cotton, polypropylene, polyester, etc.

Wool and silk especially, are widely known for their soft and cozy texture. A contemporary rug is your best bet if you have hard flooring in your home and would like to give your feet some cushioning and comfort.

They Are Versatile

Modern rugs are very versatile and can fit seamlessly into almost any décor. There's a contemporary rug for any kind of color, style, pattern, size, or design you want to achieve with your home décor.

You can sharpen or tone down the appearance of your space with a piece of modern rug.

They are Modern and Trendy

Just as the name implies, contemporary rugs have this 21st-century appeal that makes them unique and beautiful in their own right. Most trending rugs are found in this category.

If you are not a fan of antiques but you fancy beautiful and quality rugs, then you should get a contemporary rug.

They Help Define Spaces

Like every other rug types, contemporary rugs can help anchor your furniture and define the sitting or conversation area in your home.

Transitional Rugs

Transitional rug below a dinning room furniture set

Transitional rugs bridge the gap between modern and traditional style rugs by blending the classic style of the traditional floor covering with the color schemes and fashion-forward design of contemporary rugs.

Transitional rugs can also fit seamlessly into almost all interiors designs or décor - from natural tone to organic designs, harmonious tones, neutral or colorful flooring, fancy signature pieces, and so on.

They take their classic appearance from traditional rugs but with less formality while boasting innovative elements that bring a more appealing feel. Transitional rugs are found in various designs, colors, styles, and patterns.

A transitional rug is an innovative way to give your home some glamour and elegance.

Why You Should Buy a Transitional Rug

They Are Easy to Blend

Because transitional rugs combine the style of traditional rugs and the ambiance of contemporary rugs, they smoothly blend in with different decoration styles. Sophistication, sleekness, class, modesty and everything else in between, transitional rugs tick all the boxes. 

They Are Trendy

If you are a trend lover, transitional floor rugs are the new norm and have been one of the biggest rug trends in recent years.

With numerous transitional rugs options available on the market, you wouldn't have a hard time jumping on the trend.

They Are Very Versatile

Transitional rugs are at the top of the pile when it comes to versatility. The combination of patterns, styles, colors, and design makes them versatile floor covers.

The flexibility of transitional rugs allows them to incorporate bold colors and design, making them an excellent option for people who love reinventing their home décor from time to time.

They Are Very Beautiful & Appealing

This is another area where transitional rugs have excelled. They often present a beautiful and appealing appearance and would harmonize the design of wherever you place them. Their bold color combo, intricate patterns, and designs never disappoint.

Are there other Rug Styles?

Yes! There are certainly more than these three styles of rugs to choose from. But traditional, contemporary, and transitional rug styles are the most popular and versatile ones. So, you can narrow down your options when you go shopping for a new rug.

Remember to also learn the different rug sizes and how they influence the outcome of your decoration goals before making any purchase. Happy Shopping!


December 28, 2020 — Luxe Weavers