One of the most exciting ways to make your home look and feel alive is to adorn the wall and floor with colorful wall art and a fine-textured area rug, respectively. And matching these two decorative pieces can make it all the more exciting.

Irrespective of your budget size, you can make your home look as stunning as possible if you can harmonize the furniture, walls, floor, area rugs, and artworks.

While this home décor style isn't very popular yet, many homeowners have been adopting it lately as it is fascinating to behold when matched correctly.

So whether you've seen it somewhere or have had thoughts like "how do I match the rugs and art in my home to enhance the décor?" Here's a guide on all you need to know about matching your area rugs and wall arts to achieve a complementary and stylish look for your space.

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • What do you have in your home already? Look around, so you know what else you need.
  • What are your color, style, and design preferences?
  • Does your home have a theme already, or are you on the lookout for one?
  • Are you decorating your home for scratch, is it partially done, or do you need to declutter and rearrange?

Once you have answers to the fundamental questions, you're ready to achieve this unique home décor style.

Matching Wall Art and Area Rug

Approaches to Wall Art and Rug Matching Home Decoration

Matching rugs to art in your home is an excellent way to add warmth, create the 'wow' factor, and showcase your taste, style, and personality. Take any of these approaches, and you can be sure to make the much-desired ambiance.

Color Matching

Color matching is perhaps the most common approach to home decoration. It involves matching the color scheme of everything in your space to create a sense of harmony. However, exact color matching may not always be the best thing to do.

Sometimes, introducing some contrast to the color scheme can highlight or create a focal point in a part of the room. Consider these the two-color matching approaches.

  • Contrasting Approach – This approach involves making a bolder statement or invoking a little drama in a space. It includes using contrasting colors like red & blue or black & white in your home dĂ©cor. Matching rugs and art or paintings of contrasting colors can help create a dynamic atmosphere in your home.
  • Blending Approach – This is quite straight forward, and it's best if you want a serene, calm, and harmonious atmosphere in a room. The blending approach involves ensuring your rugs and art have the same color or belong to the same color scheme as your area rugs.

Pattern Matching

Like color matching, it is essential to choose the right patterns if you're looking to establish an appealing look in your home. Rugs and arts come in various ways and design schemes, from traditional to contemporary art, pop-inspired, modern 3D designs, and many more.

For instance, you can match a traditional wall art with a traditional or transitional area rug, and so on. However, you can also seek professional advice if you're not sure about the area rugs and art patterns match.

Priority or Hierarchical Approach

Decorating a room is a gradual process and should be done according to priority. The first thing to do is choosing the matching colors and patterns to give you a sense of direction in your decoration.

The next thing is to identify your centerpiece (i.e., the object with the most emphasis in the room). The masterpiece could be an art centerpiece that will then dictate how other objects in the space will look and feel.

Matching Wall Art and Area Rug

Tips for Matching Your Rug to the Art Works  in Your Home

  1. Match Your Rugs and Art Using Coordinating Colors

Most decoration experts believe that color is the best place to start when trying to match rugs to art and other decorating items in the home. Color can be the cohesive force that unifies all decorative pieces.

Look out for rugs with the same color scheme as your art, wall painting, furniture, or vase. You can also magnify a secondary color on your wall art by using an area rug of the same color.

If, for instance, you feel a particular color on your wall art is too bold,  you can adopt a complementary or contrasting approach by getting an area rug with a contrasting color. Any of Luxe weavers' Beverly rug collection will come to the rescue as it features multiple colors of astonishing and complementary  Area rugs.

You can take photographs of the Wall art and the room before you begin shopping for area rugs. If you would be buying at a store, the attendants may help choose the best match for your art and other paintings when they see the image you had taken. 

If you'd be visiting an online store instead, place the image side by side with the area rugs available to check for contrast before making a purchase.

  1. Match Your Rug Style to the Art Design

Matching a rug's style to an art design is another approach to creating aesthetic harmony in your room. If your home already has a specific theme, buy area rugs with similar styles and patterns. For instance, classic rugs such as the Luxe Weavers Oriental Area Rugs or other Persian area rugs can inject some traditional and sophisticated ambiance in a room with old-style décor, historical art designs, and other antique items. On the other hand, you can also use plush contemporary rugs for a room with modern artworks and paintings.

  1. Match Shapes or Images

You can also match area rugs and wall arts through similar shapes or images. You can look for area rugs with natural designs if your artworks feature floral designs or landscape prints.

You can also have images on your artwork customized on your rug. For example, if you have a drawing or picture of yourself or someone close to you, you can have the same image customized on your

area rug.

  1. Avoid Visual Clash Between the Rug and Art

One thing you'd want to avoid in your room is a visual competition among the different elements. Your area rug's design and color should blend smoothly with the artworks and other items in the room.

For instance, a bold wall painting will likely clash with a colorful, intricately designed area rug. So it would be best if you found a perfect balance between the two.

  1. Match the Mood of Area Rugs and Artworks

There are so many things to unite when matching rugs to art. One way to achieve cohesion between area rugs and artworks is to unify their look and feel.

For instance, if your art painting has a dark and atmospheric feel, look for a rug with the same feel. Similarly, get a bright, colorful rug like the Luxe Weavers Victoria Collection Abstract Area Rug to match a bold airy painting.

  1. Make the Rug the Focal Point

No doubt, area rug designs are mostly for aesthetic purposes (i.e., they're artworks in themselves). So, if you have a beautiful area rug with bold artistic designs, you can make it the centerpiece in the room. And as opposed to blending the rug with the artwork, you can mimic the beautiful rug design on an art painting.

In some cases, homeowners will hang rugs as wall arts, not only just as floor covers and protectors. While this is largely unconventional, rugs as wall arts can give your home that missing piece it needs to sparkle aesthetically. See how below.

Matching Wall Art and Area Rug

How to Use Rugs as Wall Art

 Some rugs are so attractive and charming it feels like a crime to place them on the floor and walk over them every time or cover them with furniture. You want to get fascinated by the visual appeal of such rugs every time you look at them.

Oriental and Persian rugs are examples of rugs that would catch your fancy and admiration every time you see them. They feature colorful and intricate designs that give them an appealing and sophisticated look.

In modern times, using area rugs as wall art has garnered a lot of acceptance because everyone is constantly looking for ways to improve the interior part of their spaces look and feel. Here's how they make an impact.

How Rugs Impact Your Interior

Rugs can impact your space in two major ways:


Rugs can impact any space boldly by adding character, texture, style, and color to it.

Hanging area rugs on walls can add warmth and depth to the walls, making them visually appealing. Since area rugs come in various shapes and sizes, a single rug can cover up an entire wall.

A large area rug on the wall will become the centerpiece that unites other decorative items in the room.


Rugs can change the appearance of any space through their beautiful colors, soft texture, and intricate designs. An aesthetically pleasing area rug on the wall will likely have the same feel as a large piece of artwork.

Oriental rugs, for instance, add a touch of luxury and sophistication to any interior atmosphere where they are being used.

Where to Hang Your Wall Art Rug

Correctly placing your rug on the wall is as important as getting the right rug. Therefore, you must know where to place your wall art rug when you buy one.

The area your wall art rug would occupy depends on the size of the rug and the size of the space you're willing to dedicate for the rug hanging.

Whether it is over your sofa, bed frame, or a stand-alone in a large space - ensure you keep your wall art rug where it can get the attention of friends and visitors.

Living Rooms

Living rooms are the most beautiful part of the home.  You can make yours a little step further by adding some texture.  Use a Livingroom wall art rug to switch things up a little and increase the visual appeal in your living room.

Oriental rugs have bold colors with intricate patterns that can complement other decorating elements in the room - you may want to frame them.


Hanging rugs can be used as a headboard in the bedroom. You can use a hanging rug if you want an art piece to act as a showstopper in your bedroom.

Oriental rugs are known to have exotic characteristics that can make your room look and feel like a luxurious haven.


From colorful antique rugs to modern patterned rugs, you can transform your entryway into a beauty to behold. Make friends and visitors stare in awe as they step into your home with hanging rugs that are adorned with graphic artworks.

Dining Rooms

Need more warmth and happiness in your dining room? Hanging rugs would provide just that. Hanging a large rug on the wall in your dining room will not only add warmth and happiness but can also open up your appetite.

Home office

As remote work continues to grow popular, it is no longer strange to find a home office or a library in an apartment. And to introduce life into this area of your home, you can hang an antique oriental rug. Oriental rugs have beautiful artworks, and starring at them can be a good way to relieve stress while at work.

Other places where hanging rugs can be used include commercial lobbies, gallery walls, stores, etc.

Matching Wall Art and Area Rug

 Things to Consider Before Hanging a Wall Art Rug in Your Home

 Hanging rugs on the wall is a unique and unconventional home décor approach. However, there are a few things you must consider before hanging your rug. These are:


The size and weight of the rug you're planning to hang is important, so ensure you pay attention to it. Some rugs are large but have moderate weight. Those are the ideal ones to use.

A heavy rug may not sit well on a hanger due to gravity pull and can damage your rug and wall.


Avoid hanging a rug towards a direct sunlight path or close to the heater, as these can quickly damage it and make it lose its appeal.

How to Hang Your Wall Rug

Once you've found a perfect rug to hang, it's time to place it on the wall. Here are two ways to ensure your rugs are properly hanged without causing potential damages to it or the wall.


The casing method is ideal for hanging heavy rugs. This method involves stitching a rug casing behind your rug before hanging it on a rod.


Velcro is popular for keeping rugs in place and preventing them from sliding and moving around. You can also use Velcro to hang your rug on a wall.


Before you go, remember that area rugs can add life and elegance to your space, not only by matching them with your wall arts but also by hanging them as wall arts. Rugs are art themselves.




January 29, 2021 — Luxe Weavers