Rugs are loved by many, not just for the beauty and excitement they inject in a space, but also for how they unite everything around them - from decorations to furniture to appliances and every other item.

While you probably know that you can use an area rug to define your space, are you aware you can also use it to anchor the furniture in your home?

Well, in this guide, you'll learn how to expertly match every piece of furniture with rugs in your home.

Furniture and Area rug in a living room

Besides the smaller accent rugs and doormats, big area rugs are meant to define the sitting area and create a sense of perfection by complementing or matching the colors, style, patterns, shape, and style of everything in the room.

If you must get the best out of your gorgeously-produced area rug by matching the existing décor and furniture in your home, below are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. Size of the Area Rug

Matching your area rug with the furniture starts with a crucial factor - the size. Many often talk about 'the bigger the better" when shopping for rugs, but that's not always the case.

Although you wouldn’t want to buy a very small rug that will look like a lost island in the middle of an ocean, neither would you want to buy an oversized area rug that will overwhelm rather than adorn your space.

You can avoid these two sorry situations by taking an accurate measurement of the furniture that would be sitting on the area rug. You also need a good grasp of the different sizes of Area Rugs and the appropriate proportions for your living room.

Find a suitable rug size once you can figure out the dimension of your furniture is mostly hassle-free.

  1. Find the Right Color

Finding the right color is undoubtedly the most daunting task when you're trying to match your furniture with an area rug in your home. However, you can make fun out of this exercise if you are flexible enough to adopt any of these approaches:

Oriental rug and furniture in a room
  • Oriental rugs are known to be colorful with hues of red, purple, orange, and blue. Trying to match these rugs to furniture with the same hues will become a herculean task. So you can lean towards pieces of furniture with neutral colors instead.
  • Trying some mild color contrast between your area rug and furniture can also help inject some boldness into your room.
  • You can unify the area rug with other existing features in the room. That is, rather than focusing mainly on rug and furniture match, you can shift attention to some other items in the room.
  • You can make your rug stand out as a prominent feature rather than making it blend with the environment.
  1. Consider shapes

Shapes can also be tricky when matching that of your area rug with the existing furniture. However, your rug's shape should be primarily determined by the grouping of your furniture.

Having rectangular chairs doesn't directly imply that you would need a rectangular area rug. Complementing shapes rather than just matching everything may sometimes be the perfect style to adopt when matching furniture with an area rug in your home.

  1. Patterns and Styles

Most rugs, especially Oriental and Persian rugs, are usually designed with geometric or flowery patterns, but the synthetic modern ones often have varied patterns.

So you can harmonize your space with matching patterns of rugs and furniture to avoid warring patterns. You can also match plain furniture with plain or patterned rugs for a more subtle feel.

  1. Rug Material

Rugs are made from several types of material such as wool, silk, cotton, polypropylene, etc. The rug material and means of production process are important aspects you may want to consider while trying to match the furniture with the rug in your home.

  1. Take Sample Pictures to Shopping Stores/ Sites

One easy and quick way to find the rug that would be a perfect match for your furniture is to take sample pictures of the room or any part you want to place the area rug in your home.

For instance, before you add any of Luxe Weavers' area rug

s to your cart, ensure to have taken a picture of all the furniture arranged in their positions. Then, call a customer care representative at our store and so they can guide you in choosing the right rug, using the images you have.

We would also be glad to guide you on the perfect color scheme, patterns, and style of rug you need for your home.

This will save you the stress of having to return any rug, and reduce chances of not fitting what you have at home.

Furniture and Area rug in a living room

Other Bonus Tips

  • Match furniture and rugs by using different colors but within the same family of colors.
  • You don't have to match everything. Allowing a bit of contrast can do real wonders.
  • Neutral colors like whites, blacks, browns, grey, ivory, etc., and mild patterns can be safe bets too.
  • It is perfectly okay to mix bold colors and patterns to make it more exciting.
  • Creating a monochromatic feel with touches of patterns and your favorite color shade can make the room feel more elegant and interesting.

Frequently Asked Questions on Area Rug and Furniture Matching

Should Rugs In The Same Room Match?

If you have more than a single rug in a room, they must have some things in common, while other characteristics remain varied. You may want to use two rugs with the same material and color scheme but different patterns.

You can buy two of the same rugs and place them in different parts of the room, but it is also fine if they have some things that make each one unique.

How Do You Match A Rug To Furniture?

You can match a rug to furniture with their color, styles, patterns, materials, and several other factors. The most important thing is to achieve harmony between the rug and furniture, so you can achieve that using any or more of the above features.

Can I Use The Same Rug Twice?

It is very okay to use the same rug twice in the same room or another part of our home. You can have a large area rug in your sitting room and also have the same rug as the doormat at the entrance.

A runner rug and an area rug of the same patterns can be used in a place like the dining room. The area rug for the sitting area, and the runner rug for the hallway is a very good combination.

What Rug Goes With A Floral Couch?

Some oriental rugs and many modern rugs are designed with floral patterns and they will do well with a floral couch, as long as the colors are not too contrasting.

You can also pair a floral couch with plain rugs or rugs with simple designs for a more subtle but elegant feel.


The bottom line is to get it right when trying to match rugs and furniture because the beauty of your room will depend largely on the level of unity between your rug and the furniture.

However, don't be pressured into matching everything. It is your home and you should decorate anyhow you deem it right.

December 18, 2020 — Luxe Weavers