In the depths of winter, it’s hard to imagine 80 degree days with 100 percent humidity. But have faith, they're coming. And if daydreaming about your summer-ready living room sounds a lot more fun than shoveling another round of snow, be our guests. We’re right there with you.

The great news is, even in this chilly time of year, there are plenty of things you can do or buy to prepare for your future dream summer living room. And this guide will give you some tips on just exactly what you can do to get your living room summer-ready.

Brighten Things Up

Summer is a season of sunshine, and if you want your interior to echo the exterior, it’s time to pick some colors to brighten things up. Swap out brown and red throw pillows of winter for cheerful yellows and blues. Give your windows a facelift and invite in even more warm rays, but having them cleaned and redressed in uplifting patterns and colors. 

Think of colors that remind you of summer: aqua, marigold, vermillion, periwinkle, navy, and sunset red. Create a mood board to see how you feel about each before you commit to painting your space or swapping out accessories for your new hues. 

Add a Plant

Fact: Indoor plants lift one’s mood. So says a 2016 study published in the Journal of Civil Engineering and Architecture Research. And is it any wonder? They brighten a room, freshen the air, and add a quality of life to a space that you can only otherwise get by heading outside.

So when thinking about a living room reno, adding a few living plants should be top of mind, especially during the summer, when they're widely available and more likely to thrive. 


If you’re beginning to feel like you live in a storage unit, the time has come to declutter. To give your space an airy, summer feel, space is necessary, and that can’t happen if your living room has become consumed by objects.

Think of decluttering as editing. You’re leaving the best parts and deleting the things that may not make sense anymore or don’t add to the overall theme. This could be anything from a piece of art you’re no longer in love with to a wonky rocky chair that’s missing a spindle.

Play with Patterns

Summer with its promise of vacation and barbecues and parties allows a certain amount of whimsy. That sense of playfulness can easily extend to interior design. So go ahead and have fun with patterns. Throw some chevron in your space, for instance, this Luxe Weavers Chevron Collection 3400 Turquoise Geometric Area Rug in bright blue. 

Or simply add a little polish by getting sophisticated with something like this Luxe Weavers Manhattan Patterned Shag Gray Modern Area Rug.

Bring the vacation to you.

Can’t travel? Or just want the R&R vibes to extend long after you return home? Then make your home the travel destination of your dreams. This can be easily done by picking a favorite location and using it as your guiding décor concept.

Miss the beach? Add some palm trees to your porch and add a palm leaf print to your pillows. 

Craving the cool mountain air? Give your space a summer cabin vibe with soft wood tones that reflect that alpine mountain feel. 

Can’t stop thinking about Paris’ summer park strolls? Use hints of green in your living room to make you think back on those dreamy days.

Swap out Rugs

Often overlooked, area rugs take up major space in a room and might be impacting your mood without you even realizing it. So swap out the old for some new come summer. 

Use the guiding principles about picking the right area rug that screams summer. Perhaps it’s a sunny Abstract Modern Floral Area Rug or a pop of pattern Gray & Blue Trellis Modern Area Rug. Whatever the case, it will give your space the lift it needs.

And don’t forget to consider textures. Winter might call for a hefty shag that feels like a hug, but come summer; a shorter pile might feel better under the oppressive afternoon sun. Also, consider the size. If you want your living room to feel more connected, go large so that every piece of the furniture touches your summer area rug. Or, if you break up your big living room into multiple living spaces, consider other smaller area rugs.

Ready to start rug shopping? Head to the most affordable and fashionable rug vendor online: Luxe Weavers. With Oriental, Patterned, and Modern options, Luxe Weavers can find the right summer living room style for you and at a price that won’t affect the rest of your living room punch list. 

You might just want to get a few area rugs — one for winter, spring, summer, and fall.

January 21, 2021 — Luxe Weavers