An Area Rug does not only serve an aesthetic purpose in your space; its size, color, and style can determine the mood and spark friends get when they visit. Picking out colors can help define your home, so it is vital to know what colors work best for your home décor.

Here's one quick tip: while dark colors help make the room look richer and feel more intimate, lighter colors make a smaller room appear more prominent. Again, colors like yellow, orange, and red add warmth, while cool colors create calm, especially in a sunny room.

But this is not all. Truth be told, choosing the right rug color can be incredibly tricky, especially given that it's also a significant financial investment that will likely stick around your home for years to come. A beautifully patterned rug can make or break a room's décor. Different spaces need different rug styles and color. How then can you make the right decision on Area Rug colors for your home?

Colors can determine our moods, emotions, actions, and how we relate to people and carry out our daily activities. The color of your Area Rug can influence how you feel when you walk into your room.

Also, our cultural backgrounds and personality influence our reactions to various colors, as some colors mean different things in different cultures. To understand how different colors make you feel, you should try walking into a room with different colors and pay attention to your emotions when having an encounter with each of the colors.

Those that spark excitement are colors that would set the right mood for your home, while the ones you wouldn't find appealing will most likely be a turn off if your Area Rug happens to have the same.

What then are the things to consider when shopping for a new rug for your living room? What style inspirations can you adopt when looking to match an Area Rug with your walls and furniture.  Learn the tricks below.

Dark rugs vs. Light rugs

Dark Color Area Rugs

Dark color Area Rug in a brightly painted room

While there is a wide variety of colors and designs to choose from when considering  Area Rugs colors, you have to be careful not to make choices that can ruin your home's overall appearance. Contrary to what you may think or the reputation often attached to them, dark shades are not entirely bleak and dismal. In fact, a dark shade rug might be just what you need to pull that unique design together.

For instance, Luxe weavers' dark blue modern rug or its Manhattan plain shag dark gray rugs are rich colors and will make a bright room pop, anytime, anywhere. Besides, if you have pets and kids, you have to go for darker shades since they make stains less obvious. We all know kids and pets can mess up a rug anytime.

So it would help if you opted for dark rugs. They would undoubtedly lend to an elegant atmosphere in your bedroom or dining area. Also, dark rugs never go out of touch - they can blend smoothly with other colors. A dark rug can be used in a room with contrast colors as it can make the room look more interesting and bring life to it.

A dark rug can steal the attention in a light-filled room, standing out from the rest of the décor and popping out just to be noticed by everyone who walks in. You can also place dark rugs under darker colored furniture to blend the surroundings and avoid making the room look too dark, so it doesn't feel gloomy.

When used in moderation, dark rugs add some appealing mystery to the room. Mixing dark colors with brighter colors is also an excellent color choice. As expected, black and white look good together when paired.

Dark rugs don't have to be one solid color. If you don't want to risk making the room look too dark, you should try a combination of dark and light rugs. Take a cue from Luxe weavers' Diana Area Rugs. They come in blended shade of dark and light colors.

In general, what makes dark rugs attractive is their versatility. They can match any color in the room, drawing your guests' attention at every glance.

Light Color Area rugs

Light color Area Rug in a dark paint room

Light-toned rugs are more common and traditional. They create a feeling of freshness and energetic beauty in the room. Light-colored rugs have subtle, milder tones, with lots of energy.  They are most suitable in smaller spaces as they help make small rooms look large.

You can also use them in dark-paint rooms. That way, the room will pop up colorfully, blending the color pattern of the room.  Ideal examples of exciting light color rugs are Luxe weavers' Buckingham and Madison Area Rugs.  Both light-colored designs are perfect for smaller spaces.

You can combine light colors with darker tones to bring out a room's versatility if you want.

However, keep in mind that lighter carpets are usually more challenging to maintain. If you own a high-traffic home, there is the risk of visible dirt. All hope is not lost, though - if you would like to avoid visible stains even with a light-colored Area Rug, a lighter shade of brown should help to naturally obscure such markings.

 Warm Color Area Rugs

Warm color Area Rug in a living room

Warm colors are generally friendly. Think tropical colors, like red, orange, and yellow. If you are looking to add energy to your dining room or patio, search for a vibrant rug in these bold, summery hues. Rugs in such colors feel lively and creative, so they’re perfect for conversation spaces. They also tend to tone down the loud wall colors that can make your nerves feel exhausted at times. For instance, the Avalon Area Rugs Collection can give you a head-start if you think your home deserves warm-colored Area Rugs.  They are delightful and can energize just about any room.

Before you go shopping for that perfect tone of Area Rug for your space, ensure you understand how sizes of rugs can make or mar your styling ideas.












November 23, 2020 — Luxe Weavers