Deciding on the perfect rug for your home is never a walk in the park, especially when trying to coordinate area rugs in an open floor plan or adjoining rooms. Choosing the right area rug can transform a dull space into a vibrant haven, adding warmth and personality. So, how do you find the ideal rug that ties everything together? 

To begin, take a moment to observe and understand your room's overall style and color scheme. Consider whether a checkered area rug or a geometric area rug would best complement the space. From there, delve into the various aspects of rug selection, such as design, pattern, size, shape, texture, and material. Other factors to keep in mind are the practicality and maintenance requirements of the rugs. Remember, selecting an area rug is like finding the missing puzzle piece that completes your room's look. So, get ready as we embark on a decorating adventure with you.

Assess Your Room's Style and Color Scheme

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When trying to choose an area rug that complements your room's decor, the first thing to do is assess your room's style and color scheme. This will help you select decorative area rugs that harmonize with the overall look and feel of your room.

A. Determine your room's overall decor style

To determine your room's overall decor style, take a look at the furniture, accessories, wall paintings, and decor elements in the room. Is it modern, traditional, bohemian, Scandinavian, or a mix of different styles? Consider the lines and shapes of the furniture, as well as any decorative elements such as artwork or lighting fixtures.

B. Identify the color scheme

The color scheme of your room can greatly influence the area rug you choose. In choosing a rug color, look at the dominant colors in the room and consider complementing or contrasting them with the rug. If your room has a neutral color palette, you can use an area rug to add a pop of color or pattern to the space. If the room already has bold colors and patterns, a more subdued area rug may be a better choice to balance out the space.

Determine the Area Rug's Size and Shape

Once you have figured out your room's style and color scheme, the next thing is to determine the right size and shape. Doing this will help to ensure that the rug fits the space properly and enhances the overall aesthetics of the room.

A. Consider the rug's function

To determine the perfect rug shape and size, consider the function of the rug in the room. Do you want it to anchor the furniture, create a conversational area, or act as an accent piece? An anchor rug is typically larger and covers a significant portion of the floor, with the furniture placed on top to create a cohesive and unified look. On the other hand, accent rugs are smaller and placed strategically to highlight specific areas.

B. Measure the room and furniture

To determine the appropriate size for your rug, take accurate measurements of the room and the furniture you plan to place on or around it. Consider leaving enough space around the rug to create a visually appealing border. As a general rule, a larger rug that accommodates all the furniture within its boundaries creates a sense of unity and spaciousness.

C. Explore different rug shapes

Feel free to explore different rug shapes while trying to find one that complements the room's aesthetics. Rectangular rugs are the most common and versatile, fitting well in various room styles. Round rugs add a touch of softness and visual interest; square rugs can work well in rooms with symmetrical layouts; while runner rugs are great for narrow spaces like hallways.

Choose the Right Design and Pattern

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Choosing the right design and pattern for your area rug is essential when trying to match it to your room's decor. You’ll need to blend the rug's design with the room's style to add a stylish and eye-catching element to the space. Here are some useful tips:

A. Harmonize the rug's design with the room's style

To create a cohesive look, consider the existing furniture, wall colors, and overall ambiance. For a modern room, opt for a geometric area rug or others with minimalist patterns. In a traditional setting, area rugs with intricate designs and classic motifs can add an elegant touch. If you have a bohemian-style room, embrace eclectic patterns and vibrant colors that reflect its free-spirited nature.

B. Understand the impact of patterns on visual perception

Patterns can greatly impact the visual perception of a room. Larger patterns tend to make a space feel more intimate and cozy, while smaller patterns can create a sense of visual interest and depth. Consider the size of your room and the effect you want to achieve. 

C. Try out different design options

Decorative area rugs have endless design options available. Geometric and checkered area rugs usually feature different shapes and patterns that can effortlessly add modern or contemporary looks to your rooms. Floral patterned area rugs can also introduce touches of nature, royalty, and femininity. Abstract designs bring a sense of artistic flair and uniqueness. 

Select Suitable Texture and Material

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Another important factor to consider is the texture and material of the area rug. These not only affect the visual appeal of the rug but also its practicality and maintenance.

A. Consider the functionality and maintenance requirements

Here, you need to consider your lifestyle and the practicality of different area rug textures and materials. If you have children and/or pets, you may want to choose an area rug that is durable and easy to clean as it will be more exposed to stains. Polypropylene rugs or rugs with synthetic fibers or materials are more resistant to wear and stains, making them suitable for busy areas. Natural materials like wool or jute, on the other hand, provide warmth and texture but may require more maintenance.

B. Consider the room's traffic 

Take into account the room's traffic and specific needs. High-traffic areas, such as entryways or living rooms, may require an area rug with a more resilient material that can withstand heavy use. In bedrooms or areas where comfort is a priority, you might choose area rugs with softer and plush textures.

C. Explore different texture and material options

Explore and consider how different texture and material aligns with your room's decor and the practical needs of the space. For instance, shag rugs create a cozy and luxurious feel underfoot; wool rugs are known for their durability and softness; while Jute rugs are known for adding natural and a rustic touch to your space. 

Tips for Rug Shopping and Placement

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Shopping for the perfect rug can be overwhelming, but with the right tips and tricks, you'll be well on your way to finding the perfect rug for your space.

1. Research reputable rug retailers and brands

Researching reputable rug retailers and brands can help you make an informed purchase. Look for well-established brands or retailers. Luxe Weavers, for instance, has positive reviews and a good reputation for quality and customer service. When you shop from Luxe Weavers, you're investing in a rug that will last you for years to come.

2. Take advantage of rug samples or swatches

It can be challenging to visualize how a rug will look in your space just by looking at a picture online or in-store. Whether you’re settling for a checkered area rug, a geometric area rug, or any of the other decorative rugs, take advantage of rug samples or swatches to get a better idea of how they will look n your room. Many retailers offer samples or swatches that you can take home and test out before making your final decision.

3. Experiment with rug placement and layering options

Rugs can be used in a variety of ways to enhance your space. Experiment with different rug placement and layering options to find the look that works best for your room. For instance, layering a smaller rug on top of a larger one can add texture and depth to your space. You can also try placing a rug at an angle or using multiple rugs in a room to create different zones.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, a well-chosen rug has the transformative power to tie a room together, elevate its style, and create a welcoming atmosphere. Remember, choosing an area rug that complements your room's decor is a multifaceted process involving thoughtful consideration of the room's style and color scheme, as well as the rug's function, size, and shape. By exploring various area rug types, materials, and features while assessing your room's characteristics, you can confidently select a beautiful rug that enhances your space and reflects your personal style, creating a harmonious and inviting atmosphere.

May 30, 2023 — Ademola Ademiluyi