Abstract rugs are open to multiple interpretations and that is just one of the many reasons you should have one in your space. Although they hardly have a specific pattern or design, abstract rugs are very colorful, and they come in various forms and patterns.

This is why it can be quite tasking to know how to choose an abstract rug as you are besieged with all these various colors and patterns that can project various forms of feeling on anyone that comes visiting.

For instance, depending on the design, an abstract area rug made of grey and blue colors may come off as a stormy ocean to some, but the same abstract area rug may produce a calming feeling for some others.

The most exciting thing about having abstract rugs is that you decide how they influence the look of your room. You remain in control of your space.

You are also able to consider the colors in your space and what they mean to you. Do they give you a warm or cool feeling?

Many modern abstract rugs are made of either warm or cool colors or sometimes, a mixture of both. A room intended to give off calmness will blend smoothly with cool-colored abstract rugs. But if your room existing warm colors, you should stick with warm-colored abstract rugs.

Of course, it is best to use rugs that combine warm and cool colors if your space has an electric color.

When choosing a rug that you and guests would appreciate in your space, you must consider your lifestyle. You should also consider your sense of style and aesthetical values.  Here are some other things to consider.

  • Consider whether your rug will be placed in an area with lots of foot traffic such as the hallway or the sitting room. If you have little children or pets, you should choose a durable abstract rug that is easy to clean and has a fine synthetic blend.
  • Also, note that a dark-colored abstract rug will cover up stains.
  • Make sure you trust your instincts if you must buy an abstract area rug since one has the same artistic appreciation or sense of aesthetic value as you do.
  • While asking questions on which rug is ideal, nothing beats your self-choice. No one knows your style the way you do. So you shouldn’t buy a popular abstract rug if you don’t find it fanciful. You may start to regret your decision soon. Nonetheless, learn how to choose the appropriate abstract rug size.
A living room sample of how to choose an abstract rug size

How to Choose an Abstract Rug Size

Besides considering colors and personal style when choosing abstract rugs, you still haven’t mastered how to choose an abstract rug if you don’t know the modern abstract rug size that will fit your space.

Different types of abstract rugs for sale come in various forms, shapes, and sizes. And knowing the best rug size to buy can change everything. Using the wrong rug size can ruin the appearance of your home.  So, before you shop for one, you have to do a brief assignment, and that starts with knowing the correct measurement of the area you want to place your rug. This gives you a broad sense of the size of the rug to buy. Below are a few expert guidelines that will help you in choosing the best abstract rug size for your space.

  • In the family room, select a size that overlies at least the length and width of your furniture. For example, A 5x7 or a 6x9 rug is a good size to cluster furniture around for a cozier area. For an extended or larger space, select a larger size that outlines the perimeter of the space.
  • In the dining room, your abstract rug should be a bit larger than the dining table, at least to allow movement of the chair.
  • An 18 to 24 inches of flooring around the perimeter of the room not covered by the abstract area rug will be more appropriate if you have a wooden floor.
  • Tape the area you want to place your abstract rug with a painter’s tape to help you visualize perfectly or at least, give you a sense of the size of the rug you’d want in your space.

How to Choose an Abstract Rug Color and Pattern 

Now you know the sizes of abstract rugs for sale available out there, and those to look out for, you are almost ready to start shopping for one. Whether you must buy an abstract area rug that suits your style or a modern abstract rug that is compatible with the colors of your home, you must decide the color and pattern that goes well with your space. To do this:

  • You must first take a quick inventory of the color scheme in your space. To tie the look of the room together, you’ll want to select a rug that complements the most obvious colors in your room, at least two or three. If you go to a store, go with a piece of mobile furniture like a throw pillow and a color sample of your main furniture or wall colors. It is easier to visualize how these color patterns work together when there are references.
  • If the main furniture in your space, such as a sofa, is a solid color, strongly consider using an abstract area rug with solid colors. Also, use solid colors if your main furniture is made of elaborate designs or upholstered in abstract patterns.
  • The secondary color of an abstract rug’s color scheme should match the color of your sofa. Also, the third rug color of the scheme should match your pillows, drapes, wall color, or other features in the room like a painting, sculpture, or flower vase.
  • Because of the multiple color scheme of abstract rugs, it can serve as an anchor to the room, define the mood and establish intimacy. Use dark, rich colors to help accentuate a more intimate space, and use lighter colors if you want to make your space appear larger than it is. Spicy shades like orange or red create a warm feeling while cool colors create calm.

Although choosing a color that would fit perfectly might appear quite tasking, you should be happy to know that it is not rocket science. Abstract rugs with bold patterns or designs can be quite difficult to design around. However, there are other ways to master how to choose an abstract rug that fits your home décor goals. Here are some alternative tips for adding colorful abstract rugs to any room in your home.

A sample of how to choose an abstract rug for hardwood floors
  1. The most obvious piece of furniture in your space should be kept neutral: Adopt earthy colors like black, white, ash, grey, and brown, which are neutral hues, for the main pieces of furniture like your sofa. It is, however, important that you have a large area rug to accentuate your space.
  2. Pick a color from the several colors on the rug to match some accessories in your room: You are in charge of blending the several accessories such as a throw pillow, a flower vase, as well as a painting, with your abstract rug placed on the floor. To ensure you achieve this task, at least a color from your rug should match with the color of an accessory.
  3. Abstract rugs with rich supersaturated hues should be complemented with equally rich wall colors: Supersaturated abstract rugs are over-dyed. If you have the choice of using one, it is ideal to use a rich wall color such as a deep, warm gray or a bitter chocolate hue to blend both items. They will fit gorgeously in your space.
  4. Have a type of abstract rug in mind before you go shopping for one: Be honest with yourself about the type of area rug you want. Be sure you are not just picking one because of popular opinion. Whatever choice you make for the outlook of your space – traditional or modern, buy a matching rug to complement your space.
  5. Have fun with it: A rainbow hue does the trick in this tip. Match colorful rainbow colors of your abstract rugs with your flower vases, bold paintings, and other artworks in your home.

In a nutshell, an abstract area rug is no doubt a beautiful and fashionable home décor accessory if you get the color, size, and combinations well. With the guide above, however, you won't miss anything as you shop for the most fitting abstract rug for your space. Luckily, the Luxe Weavers abstract area rugs boast the finest of patterns, colors, and are available in different sizes. Check out our great selection of abstract rugs right away!



May 06, 2021 — Luxe Weavers