Are you looking to buy a fitting rug for your kid’s room? Well, you will need to consider more than beautiful patterns and stylish designs.

Other factors such as the softness of the rug material, your child's way of life, how often they'll use the room, ease of maintenance, and finally, how much you are willing to spend on that area of your home, are equally important.

Ideally, children’s rugs should be soft, have a fine weave and comfortable texture, durable, stylish, colorful, warm, beautiful, and easy to clean and maintain.

While you will find numerous options when you visit rug stores, finding children’s rugs with all of these attributes is not an easy task - but it is not impossible.

Below are some of the best kids' rugs ideas that can help you create that stylish and fascinating ambiance in your child's room.

What to Consider Before Choosing Kids Rugs

Two kids an a dog lying on an area rug

Some of the prominent issues with kids' room rugs are stains and the ability to withstand the strain that comes with frequent use. And as parents with a child, it would be best if you opted for a durable and user-friendly rug that can tolerate the frequent spills, stains, and wear.

Here are other things you may want to have at the back of your mind as you plan towards purchasing your kids' room rugs.

Your Budget Is Essential

As much as you want to decorate your children’s room with beautiful kids’ room rugs, it is also important to stay within your spending limit. Good quality rugs for a kid’s room are not necessarily the most expensive ones.

Think about your budget and cost out the alternatives.

It would be best to consider the cost of each rug, the rug's installation, suitability to your kids’ room, and most importantly, how well the rugs in question can pull of what you intend to achieve with the kids' space.

You can start by surfing through Luxe Weavers' affordable rug collections, find the one that best suits your intention, and offers value for your money.

Maintenance is Key

Buying a rug is one thing but keeping it in top shape is another. Ease of maintenance is something you should pay serious attention to before buying a kid's rug because it will be more susceptible to stain, spills, and wear. 

The best approach in this regard is to buy a user-friendly children’s rug that can accommodate your lifestyle and is not difficult to clean. 

The ease of maintenance would largely be dependent on the rug's material and how old your kids are. Therefore, beyond the cheerful patterns and designs, make sure the rug is not difficult to clean nor maintain, and while at it, learn how to clean Area rugs on your own.

Style and Design Matters Too

Besides being practical, any children's rug you want to put your money on should also adorn your home incredibly well. It must complement the feel and look that you aim to achieve with the kid's room.

One way to narrow your options is to find a rug that matches the general style, color scheme, and décor of your kid's playroom or bedroom. That includes the furniture, wall painting, wall frames, and other features of the room.

The Rug Material quality

Don't skip the quality-check part before hitting the buy button. A good quality rug will withstand the wear and strain from frequent usage by your kids to a great extent.

The rug would likely serve as the playing and sitting area for them, so you need to buy the one with high-quality material. High quality in terms of features and characteristics - must be durable, flexible, easy to maintain, stylish, and beautiful.

Wool rugs and other rugs made from natural fibers such as silk, cotton, jute, and so on will be an excellent choice in this regard. However, they are pricey. You may want to try out synthetic rugs that are equally beautiful and easier to maintain (with little lesser durability levels, of course).

How to Choose the  Best Kids' Rugs

A round rug at the center of a kid's bedroom

Once you have the above factors figured out, you will then need to deal with the factors such as size, shape, texture, and patterns.

  1. Size

The size of the rug matters a lot. If it is too small, it will not cover as much space as it should, making the room appear bland. On the other hand, a large rug will take the shine out of the room by covering too much space.

So how do you get the actual size?

For a nursery or small room, a small decorative rug at the center of the room will help create a focal point where the kids can sit, play, or learn.

If you would rather cover a bigger part of the room with a single bed, find a rug that covers about two-thirds of the bed size.

  1. Shape

Children's rugs, unlike the conventional sitting room rugs with definite shapes that abide by the furniture or room styling rules, can be chosen from a wide range of shapes. Kids' rugs can be round-shaped, car-shaped, flowers, and star-shaped. Some also feature alphabets, numbers, and so on.

Make sure to check out a wide variety of shapes and buy one that best mirrors your child's character while also complementing the theme and tone of the room's décor.

  1. Colors & Patterns

You can buy an area rug that fits and complements the pattern and hues of the existing room décor or buy one with contrasting features to what you already have to make it stand out and create a focal point in the room.

If the child’s room has a neutral theme, a colorfully patterned rug can add a bit of cheerfulness to the room, while a bold rug with moderate hues and patterns can help calm things down a little in a room with plenty of patterned items and colors.

The rug style and design can be educational elements, playful patterns, games, tracks, shapes, numbers, or any other thing to keep the child active and stimulated during their playtime on the rug.

  1. Rug Texture

The texture of the rug's material is equally as important as every other factor you may want to consider. The rug material is very important as most of the other factors depend on it.

Remember, the rug will not only serve as a floor covering to your kid's room but also provide warm and comfortable cushioning to their feet and body while walking or playing around cheerfully.

High pile fluffy woolen rugs are particularly good at providing a soft landing in case of a trip or fall. Flatweave rugs are also ideal because they do not trap dirt, dust, and food crumbs.

Natural fibers like wool, silk, and cotton are usually very soft and provide warm cushioning, while synthetic rugs are the easiest to clean and maintain.

Best Rug Ideas for Kids

A child play on an area rug in his playroom
  1. Embrace Patterned Rugs

Beautiful rugs are not only about bold and colorful hues. Most rugs, on the other hand, become even more fascinating when they have subtle patterns that complement the tone, style, and theme of the room's décor or match other geometric shapes in the room.

A playful and floral patterned kid's rug for girls would be an excellent choice if your female child's beddings carry similar patterns or designs. You can equally buy kids' rugs with sporty and gaming patterns or those with simple stripes for the boys.

  1. Rainbow-Themed Rugs for Kid’s Rooms

Multicolored or rainbow-themed rugs may look like a decorating risk or blunder in some parts of the house but your kid's bedroom or playroom is not of one them.

A rainbow-themed carpet can help restore harmony in your kid's room if it already consists of different color shades. It can also be used to adorn and light up a kid's room with neutral or dull hues.

Either way, a multicolored rug can be the perfect choice for your kid’s room if used in favorable circumstances or the right way.

  1. Smart Nursery Arrangement

A modern-Scandinavian style is what many parents are embracing lately, as it is versatile, clean, and practical. An arrangement that allows the playroom to grow along with the kids.

A bold colorful kid’s rug can inject more life into this already beautiful setting and drive away any form of dullness and boredom.

  1. Vibrant Kid’s Room

This features a lively and fascinating world of kids' rooms. It is a recent trend that uses diverse and colorful floor rugs to create customized rugs for bedrooms and playrooms.

These customized rug designs offer durability and flexibility. They are also easy to maintain and clean.

  1. Colorful Butterflies

Just like caterpillars growing into colorful butterflies, kids grow pretty fast too. From little toddlers to small kids to teenagers, all in the twinkle of an eye. Still, you can help them live and create beautiful memories with beautiful butterfly rugs.

Hand-tufted or hand-knotted butterfly floor rugs can be an excellent idea for your kid's playroom.

  1. Rugs With Multiple Shapes

Rugs with different shapes can serve as a learning opportunity for your little kids. Shapes like circle, oval, rectangle, square, star, and so on, can be used to teach kids about shapes.

Round or oval rugs are suitable for smaller rooms as they won’t overwhelm the bedroom and still provide lots of space for the kids to play on.

  1. Floral Patterned Rugs

Think about the kind of appeal that a floral patterned rug will bring to your kid's room. Buy rugs for kids with floral patterns and designs boldly printed on them as they can help you inject fun and depth to the room.

These rugs are not only a beauty to behold, but they also provide warm and comfortable cushioning for the kids.

Floral patterned kids’ rugs for girls would be perfect if you can find those with girlish colors like pink, lilac, etc.

  1. Learning and Fun

If you want your kids to learn while having fun on the rugs in their playroom, beautifully designed rugs with alphabets and numbers sign on them would be a very good choice.

You can place a floor rug with ABCs, shapes, numbers, and colors at the foot of the table so your kids can learn from them while having fun.

 More on Rug Materials for Kids Bedroom

We can’t overemphasize the importance of rug materials when it comes to buying rugs for kids. You need a rug material that can maintain its quality regardless of how much it gets messed up

. Your kid's rug should be a safe, soft, and sturdy one, easy to clean and maintain, and will remain in its position without costing a fortune.

Some of these materials below would make excellent choices.


Wool rugs are the best and most popular rug materials among rug lovers and homeowners. And that is for a reason - they are tender and sturdy.

Softness and tenderness provide warmth and comfort to the feet, while sturdiness withstands frequent usage, stains & spills, and regular cleaning for a long time.

Wool rugs, alongside other rugs made from natural fibers, are generally more expensive than their synthetic counterparts.


Jute is considered to be the safest among natural fabric materials due to its environmental-friendly nature.

It is also the least expensive of all-natural fabric material and very easy to clean and maintain.


Polypropylene, also called olefin, is a synthetic rug material that is admired for its sturdiness, beautiful appearance, and fleece-like feel.

Polypropylene rugs are inexpensive, easy to clean, and maintain, but can lose their color if exposed to direct sunlight. To make the most of Polypropylene rugs, you need to learn how to clean and maintain them.


Polyester is a stain-resistant fabric material with a non-slip abrasive nature - a quality that is absent in most other rug materials.

Polyester rugs are generally soft, warm, colorful, and easy to clean. They are a great choice for people who want the cozy feeling of a rug without straining their wallets.

Finding the perfect rug for your kid's room may not be a walk in the park, but with these ideas on how to go about it, the process will quickly become a fun-filled and fulfilling one.

Remember to think safety, think durability, think comfort, think maintenance, and user-friendliness in your search for your child's bedroom rug. You got this!


December 31, 2020 — Luxe Weavers